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  1. <19:55:19> "Lord Slowey": yo this is fucking retarded
  2. <19:55:27> "Lord Demo": what?
  3. <19:55:27> "Lord Slowey": loma moop just calling out on all the admins
  4. <19:55:34> "Lord Slowey": dont join
  5. <19:55:37> "Lord Slowey": this channel
  6. <19:55:45> "Lord Slowey": like im being a bro here
  7. <19:55:51> "Lord Slowey": and feel kinda a snitch
  8. <19:55:57> "Lord Slowey": bit
  9. <19:56:23> "Lord Demo": ok wtf, yea u better hope i dont get dragged in there or im gonna probably start being pissed
  10. <19:56:41> "Lord Slowey": ohhh im pissed
  11. <19:56:53> "Lord Slowey": but here  something like this happened
  12. <19:57:24>  Your chat partner has disconnected.
  13. <19:58:03>  "Lord Slowey" rejoined chat.
  14. <19:58:14> "Lord Slowey": ok sorry
  15. <19:58:19> "Lord Slowey": then something like this
  16. <19:58:53> "Lord Slowey": loma : "ohh i was on server for like 1 month and get owner"  Me " Yea that was so retarded, That should have been demo"
  17. <19:59:05> "Lord Slowey": then all this rambling about you and about people they hired
  18. <19:59:11> "Lord Slowey": then saying i should have never been hired
  19. <19:59:21> "Lord Slowey": and just alot of bullshit going on
  20. <19:59:46> "Lord Demo": ugh, just don't get into it with them plz
  21. <19:59:49> "Lord Demo": its not worth it
  22. <19:59:54> "Lord Slowey": yea alright
  23. <20:01:29> "Lord Slowey": they just kept saying like some decision you made were not good. Then me was like "demo is following the ways you want decision's done. If demo wanted to make his own decision's this server will be alot better and alot more organized."  then they said u not fit for staff.    
  25. im just saying this because i dont want shit spread behind your back not knowing it. just trying to do right thing.
  26. <20:16:02>  Chat partner has closed the conversation
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