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  1. [21:57] <@DBN006> City N wasn't sleeping quietly this evening and neither were the two of you. Astra and Destructive Blue had been assigned to investigate the disappearances of several residents near the city's abandoned areas. Hours of work now had them chasing the False Hearts kidnappers. It might have been hard to find them if not for the glow of industrial lights powered by generators.
  2. [22:11] <@DBN006> Looks like they'd turned a small park into an arena using cement dividers stacked high around it. There was a makeshift platform for the nefarious trio to stand on as nearby thugs, Yakuza judging by their clothing, would occasionally shove one of their kidnapping victims into the arena.
  3. [22:11] <@DBN006> "Fight! Survive! Evolve!" they would chant, and then the screaming would start.
  4. [22:18] <Mr_Rage> Even coming this close to a fight had the little creature rankled. Those icy blue teeth sat on edge, a low growl deep in her throat and all three tails lashing against the ground impatiently. Despite looking like she belonged there, Destructive Blue chomped at the bit to make this day a whole lot worse for the barbarians standing on the outside of the ring.
  5. [22:21] <Yayifications> Astra glances about, a cybernetic visor obscuring her eyes for the time being as she scouted the makeshift arena from afar, trying to make sense of what was going on. Once she realized, she grit her teeth. Looking to her partner she asked, "Well, how do you think we should approach?"
  6. [22:25] <@DBN006> "Pathetic! Do none of you have the survival instinct needed to wake your Renegade? That one next," the False Heart agent spoke, pointing to a businessman clutching his briefcase. He was pulled from the group and shoved in. "Fight! Survive! Evolve!"
  7. [22:26] <Mr_Rage> "Ragh!" Looks like that answers that, Astra, the teen girl bounding forward!
  8. [22:28] <Yayifications> "Right then," the blonde older woman leaps forward and protracts a large cybernetic blade from her synthetic arm, rushing towards the arena with blinding speed. "Want a fight huh? How about this?"
  9. [22:29] <@DBN006> "Up the street," one thug warns as another pulls out a gun. Looked like something automatic, rattling as it sprayed bullets in Blue's direction. They had masks on so they'd need to be delt with harshly. "Get that one!" Shots from a handgun sail past Astra.
  10. [22:36] <Mr_Rage> Oh dear. Gunfire only seems to spur the little monster on, horns swelling, her skin taking on a blue-grey tinge as the nodules of Renegade crystal respond to hostility. Gnashing her teeth, Destructive Blue's arms swell thick as a gorilla's, claws ripping out divots of asphalt on her initial charge.
  11. [22:37] * Yayifications dodges the bullets with relatives eyes, moving faster than one could blink. By the time the thug firing at her could pull the trigger again, her arm blade was already slashing at her attacker.
  12. [22:38] <@DBN006> One of the Yakuza thugs actually screams, soon followed by the kidnapped citizens as they scatters, falling or climbing down the platform in a desperate rush to get away. One dead Yakuza tumbles, another twisting to smash Astra with a bat as the automatic weapon the other has finally clicks empty.
  13. [22:52] <Yayifications> Katrina jukes out of the way of the bat, delivering a sweeping kick to hopefully bring her attacker onto his feet, hoping her initial display of power would cause the rest to scatter. They didn't have time for this small fry.
  14. [22:53] <Mr_Rage> The Chimera clambers up onto the platform, bellowing out a tone that taps into the most primal parts of the brain: a predator is here. Those bright blue eyes dart this way and that, seeking out the False Hearts members with single-minded focus. Hostage rescue... wasn't exactly in her purview.
  15. [22:57] <@DBN006> One False Heart flees from the Blue menace followed by the uninjured Yakuza strongmen. That left them with two False Hearts and an assortment of Gjaums in the makeshift arena. "You came to the wrong neighborhood UGN scum."
  16. [23:06] <Yayifications> "This is the part where we'd demand you surrender your captives," she eyes the False Hearts coldly, "but I'm pretty sure you won't have that without a fight, so let's get to it, then."
  17. [23:09] <@DBN006> "I love it when they're eager," the one on the left says with a grin. His entire right arm changes into a twisted black arm ending in monstrous claws dripping blood. The woman next to him creates a pair of swords, wielding them with something close to actual skill.
  18. [23:16] <Mr_Rage> Destructive Blue belts out a growl, pouncing for the Gjuam with abandon. Just like the Doctor taught her, monsters are to be dealt with before they hurt others.
  19. [23:17] <Yayifications> Astra leaped forth almost in tandem with Blue, covering her blind-spot precisely as she struck forward with her bladed arm.
  20. [23:18] <@DBN006> The Gjaum seems unprepared for Blue's assault, almost docile after their easy meal of squishy civilians. The playground that had been turned into their arena was painted with gore. Looks like none of their attempts at forced evolution had been successful.
  21. [23:20] <Mr_Rage> Let's see if they can live up to their own chant. Where is it now, monsters? Come on! Evolve! Fight! --well, that might be what Rokuro would say, were he here to witness Ai in action.
  22. [23:23] * Yayifications seems to remain calm and relatively composed. As much as an Overed can, anyway. She's clearly not the sort of person who gives into the pressure of being under fire. She seems to be watching Ai's back as much as her own.
  23. [23:26] <@DBN006> By the time the Gjaum are put down only the False Heart with the monstrous arm is left, his companion having fled earlier. The arm seems to be weighing him down as he lays on the ground, the blood once pouring from his claws barely a trickle now. "So you...stopped one operation," he panted, still trying to get back to his feet.
  24. [23:44] <Mr_Rage> "One?" The Chimera perks up, reaching one of those powerful arms to grab the operative by their own mutation, clicking her teeth. "Bring back to the station?" Destructive asks of Astra, quoting some movie or another--but her heart's in the right place.
  25. [23:46] <Yayifications> "May as well," the older woman looks him over with a firm nod, "It sounds like this op is one of a set, and he may have more intel to extract."
  26. [23:48] <@DBN006> There isn't much fight left in the guy, mutant arm already changing back into something more normal as Blue hauls him around. They'd have to get a crew out taking care of the escaped civilians and anything they may have seen.
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