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Dec 7th, 2016
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  1. To:
  3. Cc:,,,,,,,,,,, Jennifer Schaffer <>,,
  5. Subject: Sexual Assault at Stanford
  7. Message:
  8. Dear Mr Tessier-Lavigne,
  10. I am writing to express my shock and disappointment at the recent revelations regarding Stanford's treatment of sexual assault victims.
  12. Bribing victims of sexual assault at Stanford in exchange for their silence is abhorrent. So is Stanford's continued refusal to adopt institutional change, instead opting to rely on settlements and concerted legal pressure to silence those mistreated by the Title IX process.
  14. Furthermore, I am outraged that Stanford continues to exert intense institutional pressure to silence its critics in faculty and beyond. Faculty have a fundamental right to freedom of speech, even when inconvenient to their employer.
  16. Stanford has a duty to address the issue at hand and treat survivors of sexual assault seriously. We have asked for a new campus climate survey, supported by 90% of students, which was ignored. We have rallied time and time again for institutional change, and we are ashamed of our University when we read that Stanford's proposed settlement agreement makes a point of ruling out any institutional change. Instead of tackling the issues at hand in good faith and with faultless transparency, Stanford chooses to hide behind hired legal goons to try and bury a story.
  18. We're not going to let that happen.
  20. CC:
  21. Greg Boardman, Student Affairs
  22. Ralph Castro, Office of Alcohol Policy and Education
  23. Chris Griffith, Dean of Students
  24. Debra Zumwalt, General Counsel
  25. Rachel Aumann, Student Life
  26. Susan Fleischmann, Office of Community Standards
  27. Catherine Glaze, Title IX Coordinator
  28. Lisa Lapin, University Communications
  29. The Fountain Hopper
  30. Members of the Media
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