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  1. This is currently a solo run server, I will create staff forums when we reach a substantial amount of players in my discord server!
  2. Join my new discord!!
  5. While you are on my property, here are a few rules:
  6. 1) Friendly Fire is on, but it is just to make the game slightly fairer, e.g you might accidentally kill someone while trying to kill an SCP. This is a reasonable scenario, however, excessive team killing will be punishable.
  7. 2) Camping in the Outside Remote Warhead Detonation room is not allowed.
  8. 3) Verbal abuse towards Staff/Members in the server will NOT be tolerated.
  9. 4) Facility guards are FREE TO CHOOSE whether or not they shoot or handcuff D class personnel.
  11. The main rule is to be a good sport and have fun!
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