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Jan 19th, 2017
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  1. XXIX Jon. I: Cities of Wrythe and New Richmond (19 January 2017)
  3. Upon the elevation of Wrythe and of New Richmond to city status earlier this month, Our Imperial Majesty hereby grants to each the honour of a mural crown upon their arms.
  4. To clarify, a City is simply a certain type of Town. All laws applying to Towns also apply to Cities, unless explicitly stated otherwise.
  5. The Town Court of a City shall be known as the City Court.
  6. The election for a City’s Mayor established in Paragraph 4 of the Cities Act 2016 shall be known henceforth as a Mayoral Election; although it may only take place at the same time as and alongside a Local Election, a Local Election per se is only for a Representative.
  7. Furthermore, in accordance with Section B of Article V of the Austenasian Constitution of 2011, we hereby give formal notice of three weeks that a Local Election and a Mayoral Election will take place on 9 February later this year in Wrythe and in New Richmond. Until 26 January later this month, any willing subject (or, in the case of aspiring Representatives only, any non-residential subject who fulfils the criteria set out in Paragraph 10 of the New Richmond and Shineshore Act 2014) may stand for election to run for the office of Representative or of Mayor of their City, and may use the time between 26 January and 9 February to campaign to persuade the subjects of their City to vote for them. On 9 February 2017, all subjects willing of Wrythe and of New Richmond shall go to ballot stations organised by their respective City Council to cast a vote for who they wish to be their Representative and for who they wish to be their Mayor. Votes shall be delivered to, counted and verified by Our Imperial Majesty in our capacity as Secretary-General, and the results sent to the incumbent Representatives of each City. On 10 February, the results of the Local Election shall be announced in each City by the individual who was its Representative or Acting Representative before the Local Election; the victors of each vote shall become each City’s Representative or Mayor respectively.
  8. Proclaimed at Wrythe this nineteenth day of January, during the fourth year of our reign, in the year of the consulship of Adam Rex and Victoria Hathawia Comitessa Sidneae, anno mundi 7525.
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