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SCP Server Details

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  1. FF=ON
  3. Teaming: Allowed only with Dclass, Chaos, and SCPs. Teaming with facility guard as a chaos or dclass will get you BANNED.
  6. Default Ammo (999 for each class)
  7. 914 In hand
  8. Custom Announcements
  9. Servernamevar
  10. laterjoin
  11. keepitems
  12. betterdisarming
  13. friendlyfireautoban
  15. What the plugins do:
  16. Default Ammo : Gives 999 ammo for every class.
  17. 914 in hand : Upgrade your items while they're in your hand, to prevent keycard stealing.
  18. Custom Announcements : Plugin admins use to mess around with cassie's text to speech.
  19. servernamevar: the plugin people use to customize their server name
  20. laterjoin: if you join 120 seconds after the game starts, you get spawned to a random class still.
  21. Keepitems : keep every item after you escape as a dclass or scientist
  22. betterdisarming : handcuffed people cannot use doors or elevators, if you get handcuffed as a dclass and escape, you become an ntf, vice versa with scientist.
  23. friendlyfireautoban: Bans people for 3600 seconds after 4 kills, removes all your guns from your inventory at 3. I recently switched from FF OFF to FF ON, so this will help with mass-team killers.
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