Speedy Speed 2016 Plans

PvtCinnamonbun Dec 31st, 2015 249 Never
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  1. Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition – I want to beat Radge’s 1:14:25 Dante NG Normal at least; from there, I’ll see if I want to keep going and get a time within 30 seconds of Glaedr or even beat him. I love the hell out of this game but I am scared of burning out and turning my experience and memories sour.
  3. Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition – Vergil NG Devil Hunter can go sub 1:10:00. After that I’ll probably stop running Vergil and do Nero/Dante runs and see how low SE can push that category. I do want to get really goddamned good at this game though so expect me to put some serious hours in (not all related to speedrunning).
  5. JumpJet Rex – Get WR in Adventure Normal. I have the strats, I just need to grind for it.
  7. Fairy Bloom Freesia – This game looks realistic for NG Normal/NG Easy speedruns. I’ll keep playing and see what potential it has.
  9. System Shock: Enhanced Edition – I honestly have no clue how low this game can go now that mouselook and a non-random reactor code exist, and that excites me. I’ll do a reroute and see what I can shave off then go hard for at least a sub 30:00.
  11. Tekken Tag Tournament 2/UMvC3/Fighting Games in general – Get back into the groove.
  13. Doshin the Giant – 1:10:00 Tower of Babel construction. This is going on SDA for the meme.
  15. Sonic Unleashed – ILs are going to come back but probably not be a focus. I miss going really fast.
  17. Gimmick! – Eventually. This game kicked my ass hard but I still love it and Aquas has convinced me that you can improve from being awful at this.
  19. Super Mario 64 – I want to learn at least 16 Star and get sub 20:00.
  21. N/N+/N++ - Revive interest in these games.
  23. Chroma Squad – There’s a route now so this might not suck.
  25. F-Zero GX – Be at least not completely terrible at this.
  27. Thief Gold – IDK something goofy like All Main Heists would be fun as hell.
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