Resilient Session 6

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  1.         TheResilientGM  At Dawn, squads around you begin their routine. Many flood the Mess Hall, others begin their warmup PT, jogging around the camp. More tired figures return from their patrols, and get their rest. As per regulation, those not on active duty simply report to the Staff offices where they may be assigned patrols or mandatory training.
  2.         TheResilientGM  Koeln, presumably, has done just that - he is gone, having taken his gear with him.
  3.         Kass_Yonova     "Huh, wonder where the Sarge went."
  4.         Kass_Yonova     REDACTED
  5.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Activate."
  6.         TheResilientGM  The skies have been busy, something you know to be the case thanks to your efforts on Bolfem Archipelago. It is a relief to many that an increase in Aeronautica support is now available.
  7.         TheResilientGM  The servitor lifts itself off the ground, and stands, staring blankly at the tech-priest's work station.
  8.         Kass_Yonova     As Kass rises he yawns and gets up to stretch, pulling on his tunic and body-armor. "Anyone seen my boots? They seem to have grown their own pair of feet and scampered off." Kass checks under his cot and doesn't see them.
  9.         Schneider       wakes up and throws a boot at Hector. "Time to get up buddy"
  10.         TheResilientGM  Hector slowly shifts in his cot, mumbling something unintelligible.
  11.         TheResilientGM  He suddenly jumps up, in a panic.
  12.         TheResilientGM  "The mutant, look at what he's done!" he point at one of Yonova's boots... it appears to be moving, almost living.
  13.         Animus  remains sleeping
  14.         TheResilientGM  From inside, however, you notice the end of a tail popping out.
  15.         Gru_Persay      checks his tools and cleans off his work station.
  16.         Schneider       grabs the tail and tanks it out from under the boot.
  17.         TheResilientGM  The small ferret-like creature squeals in protest.
  18.         Kass_Yonova     "Emperor's teeth," Kass swears, he heads over to where his boots are. "Damn thing needs to find a better home than my damn foot wear.
  19.         Schneider       throws it at Hector. "Hey here's another one of the bastards."
  20.         Kass_Yonova     Kass takes his boot and upends it to expel any other foreign matter. "Well that's one." He continues looking for the other.
  21.         TheResilientGM  Hector hits the poor animal mid-air with his helmet, launching it to the other side of the room, where it crawls atop Meat.
  22.         TheResilientGM  The servitor doesn't react.
  23.         Schneider       laughs at Meat.
  24.         Schneider       "Well this is a start to a good day."
  25.         Kass_Yonova     "Would be better if I could find my other damn boot." Kass grumbles.
  26.         Gru_Persay      checks his internal systems and mechadendrites. Afterwards, Gru performs maintenance n Meat.
  27.         TheResilientGM  The small mammal jumps off, spooked by the approaching tech-priest, and bolts towards the exit, never to be seen again.
  28.         Schneider       "Maybe one of the little bastards stole it?"
  29.         Kass_Yonova     "A whole boot? They're too tiny for that."
  30.         Schneider       "You saw it dragging your boot off. Maybe another one drug it off too."
  31.         Animus  yawns and sit up
  32.         TheResilientGM  A Commissar in his ornate Prithian tunic enters your tent, suddenly.
  33.         Animus  blinks at the man, then salutes
  34.         Schneider       snaps to attention. "Sir"
  35.         Kass_Yonova     turns the Commissar and salutes, his other hand still holding his one boot.
  36.         TheResilientGM  The Commissar shoots a glares at the Psyker, before turning to look at the Guardsmen.
  37.         TheResilientGM  He spots Yonova holding half his footwear.
  38.         Animus  get up out of the bunk and proceeds to dress
  39.         TheResilientGM  "How is it, Guardsman, that you think you will be able to perform your duties to the Emperor when you're missing standard Munitorum gear?"
  40.         Kass_Yonova     feels himself going even at more attention, if that's even possible. "I'll fight without my boots if it comes down to it, sir. I am currently searching for my gear as of now."
  41.         TheResilientGM  "With me, Guardsman" he turns his back on you, and walks a few meters outside your tent.
  42.         Kass_Yonova     follows the Commissar outside the tent, keeping his one boot in hand.
  43.         TheResilientGM  He turns to face you once more.
  44.         Animus  gets fully dressed and starts inspecting his staff out of boredom
  45.         TheResilientGM  "I don't want to know what it is you were up to," he points to a chewed up, slobbered-on mess of a former boot near the campfire you lit during the night.
  46.         TheResilientGM  "But care of regulation gear is taken very seriously..."
  47.         TheResilientGM  he reaches inside his coat,
  48.         Kass_Yonova     Kass quickly looks over to the boot, before looking back to the Commissar.
  49.         TheResilientGM  he hands you a parchment, "Orders for you and your men. Don't let me catch you so unprepared again."
  50.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye, sir." Kass salutes the Commissar before taking the parchment.
  51.         Gru_Persay      heads outside the tent.
  52.         TheResilientGM  The Commissar turns and leaves as suddenly as he arrived.
  53.         Schneider       looks down at the chewed boot. "I know how to handle this. Come on Hector let's get this sorted out."
  54.         Kass_Yonova     "Well that was fun," he says as he picks up his other boot, chewed all to hell, and heads back into the tent. "Where are you going Otto?"
  55.         TheResilientGM  "Yep..." he replies, grabbing his gear.
  56.         Schneider       heads off in the direction of the Jaeger's tents. "Gonna go make sure we don't have to deal with the little bastards"
  57.         TheResilientGM  Hector follows close behind.
  58.         Kass_Yonova     "Right...just don't blow someone to bits in the process." Kass sits on his cot, throwing his boots on the side of his cot, before reading the squad's orders.
  59.         Gru_Persay      says to Kass "What does it say?"
  60.         Animus  listens in on the conversation
  61.         TheResilientGM  Otto and Hector are requested to join the Northern Outposts. They are to remain on Guard duty from Noon until sunset. Enginseer Prime is left in charge of the Aeronautica landing zones. Yonova is himself given orders to report to the Medicae Ward.
  62.         Animus  And me?
  63.         Kass_Yonova     "Seems our Psyker has nothing to do. Cogboy, you're in-charge of the Aeronautica landing zones. I'm to report to the Medicae Ward, and Otto and Hector have guard duty. Hey Vikk, looks like you're free, you lucky feck."
  64.         Animus  What is a man to do with free time?
  65.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Follow."
  66.         Kass_Yonova     "Well have fun, gonna need some new boots before anything. Vikk, since you have all the free time, run over our medical supplies and make sure it's all organized, then do whatever." With that Kass heads towards the Quartermaster.
  67.         TheResilientGM  Vikk looks through the equipment and goes through a checklist.
  68.         Gru_Persay      heads over to landing zone.
  69.         Animus  stands there, wondering what to do
  70.         TheResilientGM  Koeln arrives at the squad's tent, in full gear.
  71.         TheResilientGM  As soon as he walks in, his expression changes, realizing he's alone with the Psyker.
  72.         Animus  doesn't look up from his staff
  73.         TheResilientGM  "What have you done to them, mutant?"
  74.         Animus  "They have received orders."
  75.         TheResilientGM  "I see..." he approaches his bunk and removes his armor, starting with his helmet.
  76.         TheResilientGM  "Care to share what the orders were?"
  77.         Animus  "I believe the techpriest has been places in charge of the Aeronautica landin zones, the medic is in the Medicae ward and the rest either have guard duty or are free."
  78.         TheResilientGM  "What... about me?" he finally finishes removing the bulky gear and gets comfortable.
  79.         Animus  "I don't recall them saying anything about you."
  80.         Animus  stands and exit the tent in the direction of the quartermaster
  81.         TheResilientGM  You arrive at the Quartermaster's Warehouse. Several NCOs fill out requisition forms inside for their squads. It's a busy day.
  82.         Kass_Yonova     sighs and approaches one of the NCO's.
  83.         Kass_Yonova     one of the QM's*
  84.         Gru_Persay      says to his squad mates "Didn't expect to see you all here."
  85.         TheResilientGM  "Name, Rank, Assigned Com--" he stops mid-sentence as he looks up at your... predicament.
  86.         Animus  turns to Gru," Think they will have books here?"
  87.         Kass_Yonova     "Kass Yonova, Coporal, 3rd Company. We seem to have a rodent problem, and obviously I need a new pair. Mind helping me out, here?"
  88.         TheResilientGM  "Alright... hand them in. We'll get you a new pair. No need to fill out a form."
  89.         Gru_Persay      "Possibility. It will be very limited selection."
  90.         Animus  nods
  91.         TheResilientGM  He places a pair on the service table. "Do you need them fitted? Try 'em on."
  92.         Kass_Yonova     "Thanks." Kass tries them on and finds them too tight. "A size larger, if you have it."
  93.         Gru_Persay      disables Utility Mechadendrite.
  94.         TheResilientGM  He takes the pair back, and puts up another. "Two sizes larger's all I got. Give it a try."
  95.         Schneider       comes up to Kass. "We won't have to worry about the rodents any more."
  96.         TheResilientGM  An explosion is heard to the South. An alarm is sounded.
  97.         Kass_Yonova     tries on the bigger pair, they do fit, but there's quite a lot of room in the toes. "It'll have to do, thanks."
  98.         Gru_Persay      "...What was that?"
  99.         Kass_Yonova     Kasss eyes Shneider after hearing that explosion, "how won't they be a problem?"
  100.         TheResilientGM  The NCOs and staff around you flood outside to have a look.
  101.         Schneider       smiles. "Trust me, what are our orders for today any way?"
  102.         TheResilientGM  To the South, by the Aeronautica hangars, a large plume of smoke rises.
  103.         Kass_Yonova     hands the parchment to Otto as he finishes securing his boots.
  104.         Gru_Persay      leaves the QM to investigate.
  105.         Kass_Yonova     "Guard duty for you, at noon."
  106.         Gru_Persay      see the smoke at the hanger and immediately starts to run.
  107.         Animus  would attempt to get the quartermasters attention
  108.         TheResilientGM  "You best be with someone, mutant."
  109.         Kass_Yonova     "He's with my squad."
  110.         Animus  points in the direction of Kass and Schneider
  111.         Animus  "They have me on a leash."
  112.         TheResilientGM  "I see... and what does your mutant want?" he asks Yonova, clearly avoiding having to talk to the Psyker.
  113.         Kass_Yonova     Kass sighs and stands up. His boots now comfortably on. "What did you need to requisition, Animus?"
  114.         Animus  "I would really appreciate a book."
  115.         Kass_Yonova     "A book..."
  116.         Animus  "If I could."
  117.         Kass_Yonova     looks to the Quartermaster, "do we even have reading material besides the uplifiting primers?"
  118.         TheResilientGM  "Oh, sure..." he walks back, looking over a crate.
  119.         TheResilientGM  He brings up a stack of papers from a crate "ON THE LANDING AND DEPLOYMENT OF PRITHIAN VII KORPS". He opens one up, and shows you the all-too-familiar parchment given to you aboard your transport vessel. The instructions you read over and over, again and again, week after week, prior to deployment: where the landing zones would be, what bases were to be set up, expected enemy emplacements...
  120.         Animus  "Perfect."
  121.         Gru_Persay      +Kass, we need medical assistance at the landing zones."
  122.         TheResilientGM  "They're taking up space here, and we're not allowed to burn them until the Munitorum clears it..."
  123.         Animus  takes the stack and returns to the tent
  124.         Schneider       goes up to the Quartermaster. "Ya got any laser sights in today?"
  125.         Kass_Yonova     +On my way. Vikk?+ Kass starts jogging towards the landing zones.
  126.         Gru_Persay      +Kass, Medical assistance at the landing zones.+
  127.         Animus  sees the smoke and walks towards the landing zone
  128.         TheResilientGM  "No, but... you're 3rd Company?" he asks, checking a dataslate.
  129.         Schneider       "Yeah."
  130.         TheResilientGM  He taps on a crate to the side of the table. "This one's yours."
  131.         Schneider       grabs it and opens it up.
  132.         TheResilientGM  "Trooper... Schneider, Otto..." he says to himself as he writes on the attached form.
  133.         TheResilientGM  +What the hell was that?+ Vikk asks, you can hear shifting, as he adjusts his microbead.
  134.         Kass_Yonova     +An explosion at the landing fields. Need you to grab the med-gear, including my narthecium and meet me there.+
  135.         TheResilientGM  +On it+
  136.         Schneider       grabs the box and turns to the psyker. "Hey buddy! I got ya a present."
  137.         Animus  "Do you?"
  138.         Kass_Yonova     As Kass arrives, and catches his breath, he surveys the damage of the landing fields.
  139.         Schneider       hands him the box. "Yup! Lots and lots of books just for you!"
  140.         Schneider       "Don't say I never did anything nice for ya."
  141.         Animus  looks at him sceptically
  142.         Animus  "Is that so?"
  143.         Schneider       opens the box and pulls out a handful of Guardsman's Uplifting Primers. "See look at all these books."
  144.         Animus  takes the crate awkwardly " Thank you very much."
  145.         Schneider       "You're welcome ya weirdo."
  146.         Animus  does his best normal human smile
  147.         Schneider       heads off with Hector to the airfield.
  148.         Animus  stops at the tent then makes his way there
  149.         Gru_Persay      +There was a crash between two aircraft. Some of crew members appear to be alive. The aircrafts are still on fire.+
  150.         Animus  +Any way I could help?+
  151.         Kass_Yonova     +How many injured?+
  152.         Gru_Persay      +Unknown number of injured. We need to put out the fires first.+
  153.         TheResilientGM  You all arrive on the scene. The fires still burning, some of the maintenance crew attempt to drag out some of the wounded out of the wreckage.
  154.         Schneider       heads over to the station he and Hector are supposed to guard over.
  155.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk, help them get the injured in a line, time to run triage." He takes the narthecium from the aide and equips it as he helps some of the injured down.
  156.         Animus  "Should I try and lift wreckage?"
  157.         Gru_Persay      "There is still crew members inside the ships."
  158.         TheResilientGM  Vikk runs over to the aiding crew and has them clear out a section of a hangar where they bring in the wounded.
  159.         Gru_Persay      "Moving the wreckage will cause more harm then good."
  160.         Kass_Yonova     +Well get them clear then! Conscript some milling troopers if you have to+
  161.         TheResilientGM  +It's pretty bad, boss+ Vikk says, you can see him run back and forth between the wounded in the hangar. He would be audible without the help of a commbead, if the fire weren't roaring near you
  162.         Gru_Persay      "01000001 01001100 01001100 00100000 01110011 01100101 01110010 01110110 01101001 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110011 00100000 01101101 01101111 01110110 01100101 00100000 01100001 01101110 01111001 00100000 01100100 01100101 01100010 01110010 01101001 01110011 00100000 01101111 01100110 01100110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01100101 00100000 01101100 01100001 01101110 01100100 01101001...
  163.         Gru_Persay      ...01101110 01100111 00100000 01110011 01110100 01110010 01101001 01110000 00101110"
  164.         Kass_Yonova     +I can see that, where the hell are the FPE crews?+ Kass calls as helps a man with some pain-killers.
  165.         Animus  help try to rescue people from the wreckage without using his abilities
  166.         Gru_Persay      activates his mechadendrites and starts chanting.
  167.         Gru_Persay      commands Meat to follow and moves toward the wreckage.
  168.         TheResilientGM  The Fire Response teams make it to the scene, finally, and help in the efforts.
  169.         Gru_Persay      assists in helping the wounded out the wreckage.
  170.         TheResilientGM  The fire is nearly entirely extinguished, though the heat inside the vehicles continues to cook the few who remain inside.
  171.         Global  [LordLicorice] BOOP BEEP, MOVIE IN TEN MINUTES
  172.         Gru_Persay      rips the bay open of the aircraft.
  173.         Gru_Persay      +I need assistance in moving the injured+
  174.         TheResilientGM  Vikk rushes to the vehicle with a few volunteers.
  175.         Animus  joins in
  176.         Gru_Persay      "Start moving the injured. I have to open the other aircraft."
  177.         Gru_Persay      checks around for any injured around the aircraft.
  178.         Global  [LordLicorice] MOVIESIIIGN! HAUSU
  179.         TheResilientGM  One of the service technomats is under the grounded vehicle. His legs are crushed and he is unconscious.
  180.         TheResilientGM  Near the destroyed machines, beneath a layer of flame-resistant foam, lies a guardsman gasping for air.
  181.         Gru_Persay      +Kass, I have an unconscious personnel under a vehicle. He's legs are crushed+
  182.         Animus  pulls him to safety
  183.         Gru_Persay      +He may need an amputation+
  184.         Kass_Yonova     +Right, I'm on my way, five seconds.+
  185.         Kass_Yonova     Kass finishes up on the person he was currently helping and runs over to Gru.
  186.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Come. Here."
  187.         Kass_Yonova     As he arrives he sees the man, legs crushed under the vehicle. He quickly runs over and kneels surveying the guy.
  188.         TheResilientGM  The servitor approaches his master.
  189.         TheResilientGM  The legs are crushed into a gory mess, just below the knee. The bleeding isn't profuse, however, the pressure and heat of the wreckage being sufficient to collapse and cauterize his arteries.
  190.         Kass_Yonova     "This is going to suck buddy, but you're damn lucky considering." Kass says more to himself than anyone. He sets to work.
  191.         Gru_Persay      "How does it look?"
  192.         Kass_Yonova     "He'll need new legs, but he'll live." Kass says over the whirring of his chain-knife and the noise of flesh and bone being rended.
  193.         Animus  carries the man to the nearest medicae personnel
  194.         Kass_Yonova     after finishing his amputations, he sprays some synth-skin on the stubs to negate any new bleeding. +Vikk! Help me get this one in! Bring a stretcher!+
  195.         TheResilientGM  +On it... feck! We just lost another one... on my way+
  196.         Gru_Persay      yells aloud "Anyone not moving debris or controlling the fire. Start for searching and assisting the injured."
  197.         Animus  +should I start moving debris?+
  198.         TheResilientGM  Vikk arrives with the stretcher and a couple of volunteers.
  199.         Kass_Yonova     helps the unconscious man into the stretcher with the help of a volunteer, he then motions for them to take the man into the hangar.
  200.         Gru_Persay      +Let the servitors and techno-mats handle it. Unless, they need help with.+
  201.         Animus  continues to help look for injured
  202.         TheResilientGM  The servitors and technomat crews scramble to clear debris, and place everything back in order. A hangar has been converted into a triage center, where Vikk instructs volunteers on how to be of use applying pressure to wounds, or holding bandages together while he works on the injured.
  203.         Kass_Yonova     After making sure the legless crewman is stable he heads over the hangar's vox-unit. He tries to reach the Medicae Ward.
  204.         TheResilientGM  "Medicae" the answer comes in.
  205.         Gru_Persay      "Meat. Move. Debris."
  206.         Gru_Persay      searches for any remaining injured.
  207.         TheResilientGM  Meat joins in unison with the other servitors, clearing the landing fields of dangerous debris, and pushing the wreckages aside into a service hangar.
  208.         Kass_Yonova     "This is Corporal Kass Yonova. I'm currently at the landing fields where there's been an accident with some Arvus troop transports. I've already set up a triage in one of the hangars, and started treating the wounded, but I could definitely use some help down here."
  209.         TheResilientGM  "Do you have a medicae grade? Wait for trained medicae personnel!"
  210.         Kass_Yonova     "I'm an SMO, under CMO Feldmann's tutelage."
  211.         Animus  sighs and sits down, tired
  212.         TheResilientGM  "We have personnel on it's way, SMO Yonova."
  213.         Kass_Yonova     "Thank you." He hangs up the mouth-piece, rubs his face, and starts doing some rounds, checking on the worst-cases first and working his way down.
  214.         Gru_Persay      commands 8 servitors to continue with the daily routine maintenance. Gru commands Meat and the remaining 7 servitors to meet him in the service hangar.
  215.         TheResilientGM  Vikk approaches Yonova and pulls him aside.
  216.         Gru_Persay      inspects the damage on the two vehicles.
  217.         Kass_Yonova     "What is it, Vikk?"
  218.         TheResilientGM  "We have 3 critical, and 5 more being stabilized..." he lowers his voice, "we also have an officer... he's not going to make it."
  219.         Kass_Yonova     "How long can the 3 critical's wait?"
  220.         TheResilientGM  "Two of them will be gone in half hour. The third can't breathe without assistance."
  221.         Kass_Yonova     "And the officer?"
  222.         TheResilientGM  "As good as gone, I'm afraid. Severe chest cavity... shrapnel... nasty business."
  223.         TheResilientGM  "Oh, and... he's not Prithian. Couldn't understand a word he was saying."
  224.         Kass_Yonova     "I'll see to the officer, I want you to see to the breather, keep him going, get one of the volunteers to keep assisting his breathing if you can. I'll make this as quick as possible."
  225.         Kass_Yonova     Kass quickly approaches the officer.
  226.         Kass_Yonova     "Can you understand me?"
  227.         TheResilientGM  The man mumbles. You can't understand his accent. It's not the Vonayan you've become used to, of that you're certain, but it is a dialect of Low-Gothic.
  228.         Animus  +any way I could be of assistance?+
  229.         Kass_Yonova     +Is there anyway you can translate what this man is saying?+
  230.         Animus  +I could give it a shot+
  231.         Animus  walks over to Yonova
  232.         Animus  "To be honest i can't promise anything."
  233.         Kass_Yonova     "Whatever you can do."
  234.         TheResilientGM  Animus's mind taps into the officer's. They lock eye-to-eye and all expressions of pain leave the man's face.
  235.         Animus  struggles to stay concentrated
  236.         Kass_Yonova     feels very awkward suddenly.
  237.         TheResilientGM  It isn't perfect, but Animus can see an image of an entire company standing at attention before the officer. They appear to be onboard a vessel... it then jumps to an argument between officers, the colors and uniforms unfamiliar... a parchment from the Deparmento Munitorum is handed to the officer. It separates his Company from the rest of the regiment... Finally, you see his meeting with
  238.         TheResilientGM  a Prithian General, and his attempt at arriving on the Prithian HQ. Animus lives throw the horrifying experience, feeling the pain of the officer as the side of the vehicle punches through his chest.
  239.         TheResilientGM  The vision then breaks,
  240.         TheResilientGM  the officer draws his last breath, and dies.
  241.         -->|    Sgt_Eberstark ( has joined #resilient
  242.         Animus  falls back, with a cry of pain
  243.         Kass_Yonova     "Ah feck." Kass looks him over. Noting the now dead officer. "Animus?"
  244.         Animus  "Well that was an experience" Animus grunts out and struggles to his feet
  245.         TheResilientGM  At this moment, the medicae personnel promised to Yonova finally arrive at the makeshift triage center in the hangar.
  246.         TheResilientGM  Vikk briefs them, pointing to the more serious injured, and helping with carrying the more stable victims to the Ward proper.
  247.         Kass_Yonova     takes the Psyker's arm and has him sit down. "What did he say? Did he say anything?"
  248.         Animus  'Well I saw this man standing in front of a lot of men, on some sort of ship i think. then there was a argument between people i don't recognize
  249.         Schneider       ++Are you guys still busy with that explosion? We got new orders++
  250.         Kass_Yonova     "Between people? Were they soldiers? Officers?"
  251.         Animus  " He was then handed a parchment that says something about his company being excluded, he met with a Prithian General, after that not much else."
  252.         Animus  "Normal soldiers I believe."
  253.         Kass_Yonova     "Right, well I'll have you report to your superior, and the Colonel about it, when you don't look like shit."
  254.         Kass_Yonova     +Koeln!+
  255.         Animus  smiles "It can take a bit out of you."
  256.         Animus  "Mind if I head back to the tent?"
  257.         TheResilientGM  +Yes... sir+ the trooper is clearly short of breath
  258.         Kass_Yonova     +Get your charge back to our billet, he's pretty exhausted. We're in a hangar on the landing fields, shouldn't miss it with all the personnel around it.+
  259.         Kass_Yonova     "Koeln will take you back, none of us can at the moment, so sit tight. Also...thank you for trying, can't say I was comfortable with what you did, but it seems like it was something good."
  260.         Animus  "I appreciate you not shooting me in the head."
  261.         Animus  smiles
  262.         TheResilientGM  +Sir... Commissar has a few of us on indefinite PT+ he coughs, out of breath
  263.         Schneider       and Hector reach the rest of the squad. "We're needed back at our billet."
  264.         Kass_Yonova     Kass pinches the bridge of his nose. "Your "watcher," is currently running around, so you'll just have to rest here for now."
  265.         Kass_Yonova     "Yes, your welcome, hopefully I won't have to try later on, either."
  266.         Animus  sighs " Well what a better place then a hospital?"
  267.         Kass_Yonova     Kass simply nods, and moves on, helping where he can.
  268.         Sgt_Eberstark   +This is Sgt. Eberstark, your new NCO. I'm headed to the designated tent now.+
  269.         Kass_Yonova     +Who? Uh, no one is currently there, sir. Most of us are currently at the landing fields.+ Kass says, as he helps wrap a man's wound.
  270.         TheResilientGM  The last of the wounded are stabilized and taken to the Medicae Ward. The hangar is returned to its normal functions.
  271.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Get your gear ready and meet me there in T-5, then. We have new orders.+
  272.         TheResilientGM  ++Sergeant Eberstark, please report to the Easter Quarter. Geriatto's Company has arrived.++
  273.         Schneider       +Yes Sir+
  274.         Kass_Yonova     "Vikk! Help me get the bolt-magnet back to our tent, we gotta grab all our shite!"
  275.         Animus  " No rest huh?" Aminus stands and heads to the tent
  276.         TheResilientGM  "I'm going to collapse at this pace, boss..." Vikk says, out of breath.
  277.         Gru_Persay      orders the Servitors to continue repairs on the wreckage, then return to routine duties.
  278.         Gru_Persay      commands Meat to follow him.
  279.         Kass_Yonova     "I know the feeling. Just keep going."
  280.         Kass_Yonova     Once there Kass gets his gear, and helps Vikk with his.
  281.         Animus  gathers the little gear he has, and one uplifting primer booklets
  282.         Sgt_Eberstark   [WAITING INTENSIFIES]
  283.         TheResilientGM  The squad meets up just outside the mustering fields in East Quarter.
  284.         Animus  remains silent
  285.         Kass_Yonova     "Reporting, Sergeant!" Kass salutes.
  286.         Schneider       "Gru good job on those upgrades. The rifle works like a charm."
  287.         TheResilientGM  Vikk falls in beside Yonova and salutes.
  288.         Sgt_Eberstark   "At ease, no need to bother with the salutes when the officers aren't around. Name, rank, specialty."
  289.         Kass_Yonova     Kass Yonova, Corporal, Medic, SMO Grade.
  290.         Gru_Persay      "Gru Persay, Tech-priest, Engineer Prime."
  291.         Schneider       "Otto Schneider, Jaeger."
  292.         TheResilientGM  "Vikk Cannard, Trooper, Medic's Assistant."
  293.         TheResilientGM  "Hector Sigmund, Trooper, Spotter"
  294.         TheResilientGM  "Trooper Koeln, sir! Umm... designated executioner to the mutant!" the young guardsman awkwardly salutes.
  295.         Animus  tightens at that
  296.         Animus  Animus psyker
  297.         Animus  "Animus psyker...or mutant, whatever you prefer."
  298.         Sgt_Eberstark   raises an eyebrow. "Well, if you can keep an eye on him..."
  299.         Gru_Persay      facepalms at Koelin's response.
  300.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Anyway, this is Trooper Siegbert, Vox Operator."
  301.         TheResilientGM  The Vox Operator gives you a quick glance before turning back to adjust his Vox.
  302.         Sgt_Eberstark   "We've been attached to a Captain Geriatto. Some company of greens, and they can't speak intelligible Low Gothic. We're to whip them into shape and get them acquainted with Prithian customs and procedures. Otherwise, they're useless."
  303.         TheResilientGM  "I thought this was a Prithian base..." Hector comments
  304.         Sgt_Eberstark   "They're still in our regiment. Some Munitorum fuck-up."
  305.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Colonel didn't tell me what their homeworld is, but he did give me the orders himself."
  306.         TheResilientGM  Hector shrugs
  307.         Animus  remembers the officer's memories
  308.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Any questions?"
  309.         Animus  raises his hand
  310.         TheResilientGM  Inside the Mustering fields, you can hear the calls of the various NCOs and the unison replies of their men.
  311.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes?"
  312.         Gru_Persay      disables Utility Mechadendrite.
  313.         Animus  "Do these men happen to be wearing light brown and orange uniforms?"
  314.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Haven't seen them yet. We'll find out."
  315.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Why?"
  316.         Animus  "Well sir, there was a crash over at the landing pads, and there was an officer who we couldn't understand."
  317.         Sgt_Eberstark   "What?"
  318.         Animus  "I used my psykic abilities to enter his mind and get any information we could out of him before he died."
  319.         Kass_Yonova     "Horrible way to go."
  320.         Sgt_Eberstark   "That... have you reported that?"
  321.         Kass_Yonova     "I was going to have him report it to his superior, until we were mustered."
  322.         Animus  "Well I am trying to now."
  323.         TheResilientGM  A transmission comes into your commbeads. You don't understand anything, other than the broken attempt at 'Eberstark'.
  324.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Yes, this is Sgt. Eberstark.+
  325.         Animus  mutters something about being interrupted
  326.         Sgt_Eberstark   "No need for that. Kord, patch him through to Company Command."
  327.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Keep the sorcery to a minimum."
  328.         Animus  shrugs
  329.         Gru_Persay      "My first day in-charge as an Engineer Prime and everything goes wrong."
  330.         Animus  "well, it can only get better!"
  331.         Gru_Persay      "The Omnissiah must be displeased with me."
  332.         TheResilientGM  "Sir, Command is saying we are to attach with the Company. There has been a delay with the Captain's arrival." Kord reports
  333.         Schneider       "My day went pretty good."
  334.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes, yes, I know. Just let the psyker tell them about the crash."
  335.         Sgt_Eberstark   "In the mean time, we're meeting up with them."
  336.         Kass_Yonova     "Captain? The officer who died had a Captain's insignia."
  337.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Emperor's testes... Well, he shoul have a replacement."
  338.         Kass_Yonova     "I should hope so, sir."
  339.         TheResilientGM  As you enter the Mustering fields, the Company's junior officers call the men to attention. They all snap into neat formations as if ready for inspection, and fall completely silent.
  340.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Who's in charge here?"
  341.         TheResilientGM  One of the Junior officers, a Lieutenant, approaches your squad.
  342.         TheResilientGM  "Atteliere", you gather, is his name. Other than that, he repeats some sort of question regarding "Capitano Geriatto"
  343.         TheResilientGM  Yonova is able to make out that the Company Command was to arrive separately and join in after meeting Colonel Schoenfeld.
  344.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Anyone understood that?"
  345.         Kass_Yonova     "According to Lt. Atteliere, Company Command was supposed to meet here with the troops after talking to Colonel Schoenfeld..."
  346.         TheResilientGM  "How long are we supposed to wait for this 'Capitano' anyway?" Hector asks, annoyed.
  347.         Kass_Yonova     "I believe their Captain, was the Captain who died earlier, sir."
  348.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Tell them we're here to meet them and get them acquainted with our doctrine."
  349.         Kass_Yonova     Kass tries to communicate what the Sergeant just said back to the ELTEE.
  350.         Animus  mumbles to himself "I don't like this."
  351.         Global  [LordLicorice] GEDDIN
  352.         TheResilientGM  A trooper enters the mustering fields, wearing the supply-convoy colors. He approaches your squad.
  353.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes?"
  354.         Gru_Persay      starts chanting to the Vox.
  355.         TheResilientGM  "Sir. You have orders to assist the securing of our Northern supply lines" he hands you a parchment from 3rd Company command. It has an attachment from the Colonel's office.
  356.         TheResilientGM  It simply reads. "Giaccobbo is dead. Slammed into the pavement in the Aeronautica base. Carry out this assignment, and put that company to use at your discretion. Attached are your orders."
  357.         Sgt_Eberstark   reads the orders
  358.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Looks like we got command of this company."
  359.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Company, we are to secure the Northern supply lines!", he points North.
  360.         TheResilientGM  The Lieutenant stares at the aide who's just arrived, hoping for news of his commander.
  361.         Kass_Yonova     "Oh boy."
  362.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Your Captain is dead. I am assuming command."
  363.         TheResilientGM  The Lieutenant looks down for a moment, a blank look on his face.
  364.         Sgt_Eberstark   "My condolences, but we need to get moving, for the Emperor."
  365.         TheResilientGM  He turns around, and forms up with his men, calling over the other officers. It takes a while, but they eventually seem to understand their lot on this world: officers or not, they are under Prithian command. Their authority goes as far as you, their de fact Command Squad, will permit.
  366.         Sgt_Eberstark   "What kind of equipment does this Company have?"
  367.         TheResilientGM  "Standard equipment, Signore. We were to receive specialized training and equipment, but were taken here instead. No combat experience."
  368.         Sgt_Eberstark   "So I heard. Well, remember your training, use grenades, and don't be afraid to take cover."
  369.         TheResilientGM  "Si, comandante-sergente!" he salutes
  370.         Sgt_Eberstark   returns the salute
  371.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Now, move out."
  372.         TheResilientGM  The Junior officers call out orders, and the NCOs echo them. The formation moves as one out of the field and onto the main road.
  373.         Animus  "Some of them might be great commanders someday."
  374.         Gru_Persay      stops his chanting and says "Praise the Omnissiah."
  375.         TheResilientGM  One Platoon breaks off, and leads the formation -presumably the late /Capitano's/ command unit.
  376.         Kass_Yonova     "If they survive." Kass comments as he adjusts his pack and follows the Sergeant.
  377.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Move out, we're taking center. Get ready, we're to face wherever the heaviest resistance is."
  378.         Animus  "Gru?"
  379.         Schneider       "So are we getting transports for this or are we huffing it to the ambush spot?"
  380.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Think it's just gonna be old-fashioned marching."
  381.         Gru_Persay      "Yes, Animus?"
  382.         TheResilientGM  Eberstark's orders outline the battle plan. They are to meet with a forward-supply depot which has gone into radio-silence. Several convoys have been hit, and supplies cut off. Patrols have been lost. As a result, the aeronautica will be dropping in prefabed structures and automated defenses at key locations along the supply lines which the Enginseer Prime is to set up, and the reserve
  383.         TheResilientGM  company are to man and hold.
  384.         Schneider       "That's going to be a long 22 km."
  385.         Animus  "Could you upgrade my data-slate to translate foreign languages?"
  386.         TheResilientGM  By the exit, several servitors await their master's orders - the crew which will set up the defenses the Colonel so desperately needs.
  387.         Gru_Persay      "It's possible, but I would need the dictionary for each language. However, it will just make educated guess without the proper dictionary."
  388.         Kass_Yonova     "Growing an army of servitors, Gru?"
  389.         Gru_Persay      "PRAISE THE GOD MACHINE!"
  390.         Animus  "That would be fine, I would really appreciate it."
  391.         Gru_Persay      "We would have to return to HQ before I could do an upgrade."
  392.         TheResilientGM  ++Company Comman-- erm... Auxiliary Company, this is 3rd Company Command++
  393.         Sgt_Eberstark   +This is Sgt. Eberstark. I have taken command of Auxiliary Company.+
  394.         TheResilientGM  ++Proceed along the main supply route. Be ready for an all-comms failure at kilometer 22. Emperor be with you.++
  395.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Sir.+
  396.         Sgt_Eberstark   +All units, prepare for comms failure at click 22.+
  397.         TheResilientGM  +Signore+ the acknowledgment comes in
  398.         Kass_Yonova     +Affirmative.+
  399.         Schneider       "You can see the guys we popped too on our way out!"
  400.         TheResilientGM  "What are you talking about?" Vikk asks
  401.         Kass_Yonova     "Popped to?"
  402.         Schneider       "Yeah when Hector and I were on guard duty some sharpshooters tried to shoot us. We made sure they didn't shoot anyone ever again."
  403.         Schneider       "Yeah when Hector and I were on guard duty some sharpshooters tried to shoot us. We made sure they didn't shoot anyone ever again."
  404.         Kass_Yonova     "Already putting your Jaeger stripes to use, huh?"
  405.         Schneider       "Yup. Looks like the guys on the mainland aren't push overs like the ones on the island."
  406.         Sgt_Eberstark   goes over the maps given to him, trying to figure out where to put the troops
  407.         Schneider       goes over to the squad leader. "They mostly stay in the woods and snatch guys from there. From what I've heard they're like ghosts."
  408.         TheResilientGM  The auxiliary officers set up a formation of two main columns and rearguard of a few platoons.
  409.         TheResilientGM  Another few platoons bypass your leading squad, forming a vanguard in front.
  410.         TheResilientGM  If nothing else, marching drills are fresh enough for them to form up into suitable formations.
  411.         Animus  skims his book as he walks
  412.         Schneider       and Hector keep watch for anything along the road.
  413.         TheResilientGM  You notice around you, that in order to make up for the barrier in dialects, the auxiliaries have assigned "spotters" who observe you and your movements, relaying the information to other platoons in order to maintain a cohesive formation.
  414.         Sgt_Eberstark   "These guys are surprisingly competent."
  415.         Gru_Persay      inspects the servitors for defects and faults.
  416.         Kass_Yonova     "At least when it comes to moving in formation. We'll see what happens once the shooting starts, sir. I hope they at least know how to take cover."
  417.         TheResilientGM  The road up ahead is joined by a parallel of light wooded areas and shrubbery. Schneider is able to spot a small trail of smoke in the sky from behind one of the treelines ahead.
  418.         Schneider       holds his hand up for the column to stop. "Smoke up ahead."
  419.         Animus  "sergeant, could I speak to you privately whenever you have the chance?"
  420.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Relay that."
  421.         Sgt_Eberstark   raises an eyebrow. "In a minute."
  422.         Animus  nods
  423.         Schneider       "Want Hector and I to scout ahead Sir?"
  424.         Gru_Persay      commands to the servitors to stop.
  425.         TheResilientGM  The confused auxiliaries halt, and look around, concerned. Those on the flanks push inward, ruining the formation, lasguns pointed in an undisciplined matter at every angle.
  426.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes, go."
  427.         Sgt_Eberstark   heads to the flanks and yells at them to correct their muzzle discipline
  428.         Animus  "may i go?"
  429.         Schneider       motions for Hector to follow him.
  430.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes, go with him."
  431.         Animus  follows Schneider
  432.         TheResilientGM  The auxiliaries waste no time at all, and quickly reform, more concerned with their fate should the Prithian commander than the previously-concerning surroundings.
  433.         Schneider       sneaks off into the woods heading towards the smoke.
  434.         TheResilientGM  Up ahead, the scouting Jaegers are able to move close to the source of the smoke. It's a camp.
  435.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Keep that pointed at the woods, not your comrades!"
  436.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Finger OFF the trigger until it's time to fire!"
  437.         TheResilientGM  Despite the language barrier, their commander's force of will and presence are enough for the corrections to quickly spread through the ranks.
  438.         TheResilientGM  There is movement. 5 men at least. Their uniforms are not unlike the Prithian standard, though they appear to be less-regulation and accented with furs and other such adornments.
  439.         Schneider       whistles like a Prithian bird of prey.
  440.         TheResilientGM  The sound is mirrored by those in the camp. Several raise magnoculars to spot the source of the call.
  441.         Schneider       steps out of the bushes and waves. "How's it goin guys?"
  442.         TheResilientGM  "Heeyyyy!" they call. "What the hell are you doing here? Joining our patrol after all?"
  443.         TheResilientGM  They have near them, two corpses in enemy colors. One seemingly hacked to death.
  444.         Schneider       "Nah my squad is finding out what happened to our supply column."
  445.         Schneider       "At about the 22 km mark voxes go silent, they might have a jammer or some shit. You guys been out that way?"
  446.         TheResilientGM  "Ugly shit, Schneider... no comms after a certain point. And anything not inside an armored box disappears. No interference on the comms, either. Just silence."
  447.         TheResilientGM  "Comm-beads, too. Local frequencies... all of it" another adds.
  448.         Schneider       "Huh, I'll have to ask our cogboy."
  449.         Schneider       "Hear anything about our men vanishing?"
  450.         TheResilientGM  "It's been happening on and off for the last few weeks. Recently, supply trains are loosing infantry escorts without exception. Our own patrol radius was reduced as a result."
  451.         Schneider       "Why haven't they sent us out? If we can track badgers we can track men."
  452.         TheResilientGM  "I think you're /it/!" they laugh.
  453.         Schneider       laughs. "True enough I doubt you bastards could find your own asses!"
  454.         Animus  "Any weird phenomenons other than men disappearing?"
  455.         TheResilientGM  ++First drop on its way++
  456.         TheResilientGM  Ahead, you see a formation of valkyries, flying North.
  457.         TheResilientGM  ++Location beacons will activate when you're in medium vox-range. Transmissions linked to your vox frequencies.++
  458.         Schneider       "How far is your patrol going out?"
  459.         TheResilientGM  "We're headed up another 15km"
  460.         Schneider       nods "You guys wanna ghost us for a while make sure no one sneaks up on us?"
  461.         TheResilientGM  "We can only go so far. Our route takes us West a few kilometers up."
  462.         Schneider       "Alright let me know if you see anything on the vox."
  463.         TheResilientGM  "Will do" the Lead replies, putting out their fire.
  464.         Schneider       "You guys might wanna keep those fires low I could see you guys from a ways and I'm guessing so can everyone else."
  465.         TheResilientGM  "Area around here's pretty clear. Watch traps, by the way. Don't get too close to the road's edge."
  466.         Schneider       "Roger, thanks for the heads up. I'll see you guys back at base then."
  467.         TheResilientGM  The Jaeger Lead nods.
  468.         Schneider       heads back to the squad.
  469.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Report."
  470.         Schneider       "We're all clear it was just a squad of Jaegers. The area is pretty clean according to them just stay away from the sides of the road."
  471.         TheResilientGM  Koeln appears restless, he joined the rearguard, and then the vanguard. And now he's formed up with the Commander once more. The auxiliaries appear to grow rather irritated by him.
  472.         Schneider       "They'll let me know if they find anything as well. We should be good for the next few km."
  473.         Kass_Yonova     Kass runs over and grabs Koeln, pulling him away from the auxiliaries, "shouldn't you be watching over your charge?"
  474.         TheResilientGM  He straightens up, as if standing at attention, "Yes, sir. Of course."
  475.         TheResilientGM  A few auxiliaries let out muffled laughter.
  476.         Kass_Yonova     nods, and gently shoves the young trooper towards the psyker. "Well get to it, trooper."
  477.         TheResilientGM  "Eyes on the mutant, sir!" he acknowledges
  478.         Gru_Persay      "Koeln, where is the Psyker?"
  479.         Schneider       "He's with me."
  480.         Gru_Persay      "I know that, but did he know?"
  481.         TheResilientGM  "Of course I did. A guardsman's duty never leaves his attention, tech-priest."
  482.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Keep moving North to the fortifications.+
  483.         Schneider       "Oh hey Gru what can cause all communications to halt? No jamming no nothing just stopping."
  484.         Kass_Yonova     "Just keep your orders in mind Koeln."
  485.         Gru_Persay      "It's probably caused by a piece of tech from the Dark Ages."
  486.         Schneider       "So should we blow it up?"
  487.         Gru_Persay      "NO!"
  488.         Kass_Yonova     "The cog-boy'll probably shoot you first."
  489.         Schneider       "Oh okay okay we're capture it then"
  490.         Gru_Persay      "The Adeptus Mechanicus could benefit from it."
  491.         TheResilientGM  ++Auxiliary Company, what is your position? First set of defenses deployed, and awaiting the Enginseer's attention."
  492.         Animus  glaces at Koeln
  493.         Sgt_Eberstark   +On our way now.+
  494.         Animus  "sergeant?"
  495.         Sgt_Eberstark   "All right, we'll take a minute before we move out."
  496.         Sgt_Eberstark   takes the Psyker away from the rest of the troops
  497.         Sgt_Eberstark   "What is it?"
  498.         Animus  "I'm sure you are wondering why I am even assigned to this squad."
  499.         Schneider       "We should get movin'"
  500.         Sgt_Eberstark   "I probably don't want to know."
  501.         Animus  "As the commanding officer I would like you to know, I am ordered to exterminate an enemy psyker that has been identified in this area."
  502.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Emperor protect us... Is he responsible for the jams?"
  503.         Schneider       "Cool, I get to kill a psyker I've never killed one of those before."
  504.         Animus  "I wouldn't know, but it is a possibility"
  505.         Sgt_Eberstark   "What kind of powers do you have, by the way? I'll need to know how to best put you to use."
  506.         Animus  " I specialize in Telekinises and Telepathy
  507.         Animus  " i can send things flying at our enemy and control them."
  508.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Good. That will be useful."
  509.         Animus  " And also, my comrade seems to be....skittish to say the least, I would appreciate you reminding him not to shoot me as soon as i attempt to help."
  510.         TheResilientGM  Hector: "Hey, Schneider. Have a listen on the Jaeger frequencies. Seems they're getting a ping"
  511.         Sgt_Eberstark   "I'll do that. If you don't seem to be... possessed, I'll tell him to stand down."
  512.         Schneider       switches over to the Jaeger frequency.
  513.         Animus  " Thank you." Animus return to his position
  514.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Of course."
  515.         Sgt_Eberstark   moves back to position +Break's over, get moving.+
  516.         TheResilientGM  ++About a kilometer beyond the abandoned village. From here, we're receiving a ping. Thought it might be the sort of thing you were after.++
  517.         Schneider       ++Roger I'll tell my squad leader we'll check it out.++
  518.         Schneider       "Sarge we got something
  519.         Kass_Yonova     motions towards the company NCO's get the column moving, as the Sergeant ordered.
  520.         Schneider       Up ahead is an abandoned village and about a click beyond that is where they're picking something up."
  521.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Relay that to the Company."
  522.         -->|    Totally_not_a_possessed_Sgt_Eb ( has joined #resilient
  523.         TheResilientGM  "Sir" Kord replies and relays the information
  524.         |<--    Sgt_Eberstark has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  525.         |<--    Totally_not_a_possessed_Sgt_Eb has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  526.         TheResilientGM  The formation starts moving again, officers and NCOs shouting and repeating orders down the chain of command.
  527.         -->|    Sgt_Eberstark ( has joined #resilient
  528.         TheResilientGM  Some 15 minutes later, the formation reaches an abandoned village by the side of the road - the landmark the Jaegers informed of.
  529.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Jaeger, move up."
  530.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Everyone else, watch for hostiles in the buildings.+
  531.         Animus  "Should I go with him?"
  532.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes."
  533.         Animus  nods and follows
  534.         TheResilientGM  The formation halted once more, the men on either side of the formation appear uneasy.
  535.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Stay calm, men. The Emperor protects.+
  536.         TheResilientGM  One of them pushes into the formation too much - a comrade auxiliary pushes him back. A fight breaks out between the two of them.
  537.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Stop that, now! Maintain formation!"
  538.         TheResilientGM  The men are instantly separated by their comrades, and the two fall back into formation, an expression of deep regret on their faces.
  539.         Kass_Yonova     keeps an eye out, his lasgun in a readied position just in case.
  540.         TheResilientGM  The village has been abandoned for some time, Hector and Schneider pass by the old well on the northern-most part of the village, and find a ferret-like animal on a wooden stake - a marker left by the Jaegers.
  541.         Schneider       begins to search the village for anything of use and to make sure no one is waiting for them.
  542.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Is it clear?+
  543.         Schneider       finds and deactivates several traps. +Should be clear just stay in the marked areas.
  544.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Relay that."
  545.         Schneider       hands several dead ferrets to Hector. "These should be good for dinner."
  546.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Company, advance! Stay in the marked areas!+
  547.         TheResilientGM  The formation advances forward at a steady pace.
  548.         TheResilientGM  "Ping... I got a ping!" Hector exclaims
  549.         TheResilientGM  He runs in a northerly direction, following the signal, away from the group.
  550.         Schneider       "What is it?"
  551.         Schneider       follows behind Hector.
  552.         TheResilientGM  Then, you hear it, too.
  553.         Animus  follow Hector
  554.         TheResilientGM  It is faint, but audible, especially as it cuts through the voice transmissions of others.
  555.         TheResilientGM  "The mutant runs!" Koeln hurries after the Animus
  556.         Animus  sighs
  557.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Private, stop calling him a mutant.+
  558.         TheResilientGM  +Sir, he's--+
  559.         TheResilientGM  +...yes, sir.+
  560.         Animus  +appreciate that+
  561.         Sgt_Eberstark   +We may be facing actual mutants that pose a threat soon. Don't mix them up.+
  562.         TheResilientGM  He slows his pace, to a less agressive one, and joins the Psyker up.
  563.         Schneider       keeps his long las at the ready as he follows Hector.
  564.         Kass_Yonova     "What makes you think it's mutants, Sarge?"
  565.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Not for this engagement, but, well... You never know. These people have corrupted minds, since they rebelled. Their bodies may be corrupted as well."
  566.         TheResilientGM  The pings fluctuate in tone, but are ceaseless.
  567.         Kass_Yonova     "Makes sense, I suppose."
  568.         TheResilientGM  They are strongest when facing a North-West direction.
  569.         Schneider       "Any idea what it is?"
  570.         Animus  "turrets?"
  571.         TheResilientGM  The pings suddenly stop. In their place a prerecorded transmission plays.
  572.         TheResilientGM  ++Confirm you read transponder message. Confirm with command "Acknowledge transmission"++
  573.         Schneider       whispers, "Don't say a damn thing until we find out who that is."
  574.         TheResilientGM  The message loops several times.
  575.         TheResilientGM  The ping then resumes once more.
  576.         Animus  "Its prerecorded."
  577.         TheResilientGM  You notice a cycle. The pinging, the message, and the pinging again.
  578.         Schneider       "But is it from us or the enemy."
  579.         TheResilientGM  Several Valkyries fly overhead.
  580.         Animus  "well, we could take a risk."
  581.         Schneider       "You could, we're staying here until we figure it out."
  582.         TheResilientGM  "Airdrops had transponders. And we're near the area. We could confirm and see if anyone -or anything- reacts." Hector suggests
  583.         Schneider       "Good point, let's try that for now."
  584.         TheResilientGM  Hector: +Sarge, we've received what appears to be the expected locator pings from the airdropped outposts. Permission to confirm signal?+
  585.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Granted.+
  586.         TheResilientGM  Hector turns to Schneider and gives him a nod.
  587.         Schneider       "Let's move."
  588.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Transmit to Siegbert, so he can relay back to Command.+
  589.         Animus  follows
  590.         TheResilientGM  +Acknowledge transmission+ Hector confirms the signal.
  591.         TheResilientGM  The looping message stops.
  592.         TheResilientGM  ++Welcome, //ENGINSEER-PRIME GRU//. All systems active and ready for servitor-assisted assembly++
  593.         Schneider       breathes a sigh of relief.
  594.         TheResilientGM  Off to some distance, a plume of red smoke rises behind a wooded area.
  595.         |<--    Sgt_Eberstark has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  596.         TheResilientGM  ++Proceed to location.++
  597.         Schneider       "Let's go check it out shall we?"
  598.         Animus  "why not."
  599.         TheResilientGM  Hector nods.
  600.         Schneider       moves closer to the outpost.
  601.         TheResilientGM  Advancing through shrubbery adjacent the road, you appear to find the source of the smoke. You spot the outline of several pre-fab buildings and some tarantula turrets on the perimeter.
  602.         TheResilientGM  It isn't much, but it is a surprising setup for an outpost. It is testament to the importance the Colonel is putting on his supply line.
  603.         -->|    Sgt_Eberstark ( has joined #resilient
  604.         Sgt_Eberstark   +All unites, double time!+
  605.         Schneider       "When we get there put that smoke out anyone else in the area will see it and come check it out."
  606.         TheResilientGM  The formation begins to move, at normal pace at first.
  607.         Schneider       heads out to secure the site and cover up the smoke grenade.
  608.         TheResilientGM  But then, noticing the movements of their command squad, mirror their pace.
  609.         Kass_Yonova     Kass keeps pace with the Sergeant, making sure the column is keeping up.
  610.         TheResilientGM  It doesn't take long before the Company arrives at the objective. Once Gru is within a certain range, the outpost appears to spring to life, with comms systems powering up, and lights shining bright.
  611.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Tech-Priest, you know what to do."
  613.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Defensive formations, everyone. Form a perimeter around the habs while they're being built.+
  614.         TheResilientGM  The facility itself addresses the tech-priest.
  615.         Gru_Persay      disables the message.
  616.         Kass_Yonova     "How many of these do we have to setup, Sarge?"
  617.         Schneider       looks around the outpost.
  618.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Ask the Enginseer"
  619.         TheResilientGM  The Auxiliaries quickly set up a perimeter, some of them using rocks and logs to form barricades and cover. Others even dig in using shovels to create foxholes and dirt-mounds. They have run drills like this often... and recently.
  620.         Animus  looks for books
  621.         Gru_Persay      jacks into a console and starts directing the servitors.
  622.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Good, good."
  623.         TheResilientGM  The servitors spring to life all of them working as one to first set up the defense turrets.
  624.         Kass_Yonova     "Well, the pre-fabs look comfy enough."
  625.         Schneider       goes over to Kass. "I got a bad feeling about this. These guys have the equipment to fuck up armor. I don't know how long these guys could hold them off."
  626.         Sgt_Eberstark   finds a place to dig in
  627.         TheResilientGM  Animus finds a prayer book to the Omnissiah.
  628.         Kass_Yonova     "It does seem fecky, but orders are orders. At least the automated turrets will help, right?"
  629.         Animus  gives gru the book "Found this, you might have some use for it."
  630.         Kass_Yonova     Kass shrugs before taking a swig from his canteen.
  631.         Gru_Persay      reads from the book "Strike the first rune upon the engine's casing employing the chosen wrench. Its tip should be anointed with the oil of engineering using the proper incantation when the auspices are correct. "
  632.         Animus  stares at him blankly
  633.         Animus  "right."
  634.         Schneider       "Only two chimeras and about half a dozen men from an entire supply column came back from one of their attacks and one of the chimeras was barely functioning. They way the guys sounded these aren't their normal troops."
  635.         Gru_Persay      places the book on the console and thanks Animus.
  636.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Probably not."
  637.         Sgt_Eberstark   sighs
  638.         Gru_Persay      "Strike the second rune upon the engine's casing employing the arc-tip of the power-driver. If the second rune is not good, a third rune may be struck in like manner to the first"
  639.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Wish it was. Those fucks barely had uniforms. It'd be best if the new guys had an easy first engagement."
  640.         Animus  wanders over to the sergeant
  641.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes?"
  642.         Animus  "Any updates?"
  643.         Kass_Yonova     "Not much we can do about it, Otto."
  644.         Kass_Yonova     "We'll just need to keep our head's on straight."
  645.         Schneider       shrugs. "I just don't like it is all."
  646.         Kass_Yonova     "More like you miss that Flamer, Melta combo you used to have."
  647.         Kass_Yonova     "Why'd you become a Jaeger anyways? Can't burn things when you're just a sharp-shooter."
  648.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Not really."
  649.         TheResilientGM  An auxiliary lieutenant approaches Sgt. Eberstark. He seems to be asking for permission...
  650.         Schneider       shrugs again. "It's what Hector and I did back home. Some Jaegers were hunters some are poachers. Hector and I were exterminators for one of the big companies."
  651.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes, speak up."
  652.         TheResilientGM  "Pattuglia" is the word he repeats again and again.
  653.         TheResilientGM  He draws on the ground with his foot, a perimeter.
  654.         Kass_Yonova     "He seems to want to send patrols around the perimeter, sir." Kass looks at the Lt for confirmations. Making circular motions with one hand, and leg walking with the other.
  655.         TheResilientGM  The man nods.
  656.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Wait for the Jaeger to return. He'll lead them."
  657.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Schneider, return to base, we need you to lead some patrols.+
  658.         Schneider       +On it boss.+
  659.         Schneider       heads over and meets the auxiliaries.
  660.         TheResilientGM  "Attenzione! Mi segua di pattuglia!" the Lieutenant calls as he approaches his men.
  661.         |<--    Sgt_Eberstark has left (Quit: - A hand crafted IRC client)
  662.         -->|    Sgt_Eberstark ( has joined #resilient
  663.         Schneider       attempts to help the soldiers put together a patrol but ends up putting the two soldiers who fought earlier together.
  664.         TheResilientGM  The lieutenant seems to have misunderstood the order entirely. He sets off out of the outpost with a platoon, leading his "pattuglia".
  665.         Schneider       yells at the to try and stop them.
  666.         Kass_Yonova     "Aw hell." Runs after Otto.
  667.         TheResilientGM  The men wave Schneider over, as if to encourage him to join their Lieutenant on patrol.
  668.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Lieutenant, halt!+
  669.         Schneider       +Sarge want me to go with them?+
  670.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Yes, you should be leading them."
  671.         -->|    Schneider_ ( has joined #resilient
  672.         TheResilientGM  A branch suddenly breaks with a loud snap. A dreadful trap springs, hurling a tree held by nothing more than a rope right at the auxiliary patrol.
  673.         Animus  +should i tag along?+
  674.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Probably best that you don't. You're one of the few edges we have on the enemy.+
  675.         |<--    Schneider has left (Ping timeout)
  676.         =-=     Schneider_ is now known as Schneider
  677.         Sgt_Eberstark   +That, and you're not as well trained for this sort of thing as him.+
  678.         Schneider       shouts at the top of his lungs "GET THE FUCK DOWN!"
  679.         TheResilientGM  The majority of the auxiliaries are able to get out of the way, though one attempts to dodge a second too late. He isn't hit with much force, but it is enough to launch him over. He falls on his forearm, snaping it in half, the bone bulging out.
  680.         Schneider       "Hector get searching!"
  681.         Kass_Yonova     picks up his pace after seeing the trap spring. He runs over to the wounded guardsman.
  682.         TheResilientGM  "MERDA! RAMO PUTTANO DI MERDA!"
  683.         Kass_Yonova     +Vikk! Get over here!+ Kass tries to calm the man down. "Will you shut up and calm down."
  684.         Kass_Yonova     Kass looks at the wounded man's squad-mates motioning them to help him calm him/hold him down.
  685.         Animus  +What if the encounter my target?+
  686.         TheResilientGM  Vikk rushes over.
  687.         TheResilientGM  The auxiliaries around him hold him down and try to calm him as Vikk preps his kit.
  688.         Kass_Yonova     Kass unfortunately can't reset the bone, but he can keep it wrapped and clean until the man can get back. He does it so well in-fact the trooper doesn't seem in too much discomfort. Probably also helps that he's full of pain-killers as well.
  689.         Kass_Yonova     "Your comrade needs to keep his arm from moving. I've applied a splint to help it along. He'll need more advanced treatment back at base when we can get him back there."
  690.         |<--    Schneider has left (Ping timeout)
  691.         TheResilientGM  They nod along, and seem to clarify to one another what is being said. Their collective understanding arriving at the right information you try to pass along. They help him up, and take him to one of the prefabs.
  692.         Kass_Yonova     "Take it easy with him! Don't jostle him too much!" Kass yells after them.
  693.         TheResilientGM  Animus senses an oddity. It's nothing clear, and it's very faint, but his training lets him know something isn't quite right. While not an immediate danger, it's enough to confirm to him that the intel was right. His objective is based on valid concerns of rogue psyker activity.
  694.         Animus  + sergeant, I can definitely sense a rogue+
  695.         Animus  +We aren't in immediate danger though+
  696.         -->|    Schneider ( has joined #resilient
  697.         Sgt_Eberstark   +Keep that kind of intel off comms.+
  698.         Sgt_Eberstark   orders his vox operator to relay that to the rest of the command squad
  699.         Kass_Yonova     Kass makes his way back to the Sergeant. "Rogue psyker?"
  700.         TheResilientGM  Kord relays the information.
  701.         Animus  "I'm going to need to rest."
  702.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Get some rest."
  703.         Sgt_Eberstark   "It's what Animus is here to kill."
  704.         Animus  finds the nearest bed and sleeps
  705.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Be careful, and don't be afraid to fall back to our perimeter."
  706.         Kass_Yonova     "Oh joyous day." His comment is dripping with sarcasm.
  707.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Keep that medkit ready."
  708.         Kass_Yonova     "Aye, sir. Shall I walk the perimeter?
  709.         TheResilientGM  Hector sets up a fire.
  710.         Schneider       "Gonna make dinner Hector?"
  711.         TheResilientGM  "Yyyyepp" he unslings his bag and unhooks his prey.
  712.         |<--    Animus has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.91 [Firefox 32.0.3/20140923175406])
  713.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Be careful. If you see anything... paranormal happens, run back here as fast as you can."
  714.         TheResilientGM  He skins the animals, neatly, and cleans them out.
  715.         TheResilientGM  Hector: "Hey, sarge, you going to have yourself a portion?"
  716.         Kass_Yonova     "You got it, Sarge. I'll run faster than a kid getting chased by a badger back home." Kass motions for Vikk to join him, as he walks the perimeter.
  717.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Uh... sure."
  718.         |<--    Schneider has left (Ping timeout)
  719.         Gru_Persay      joins the others near the campfire.
  720.         TheResilientGM  The auxiliaries make use of the prefabs and set up a watch
  721.         Sgt_Eberstark   "So is everything being set up?"
  722.         -->|    Schneider ( has joined #resilient
  723.         Gru_Persay      "Hey, Hector. I'll try some of that... meat."
  724.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER"
  725.         TheResilientGM  The servitor approaches.
  726.         TheResilientGM  Hector looks at it, and at Gru. Smile wide on his face.
  727.         TheResilientGM  He bursts into laughter.
  728.         Schneider       sits down with Hector and eats.
  729.         Gru_Persay      "No, not you. Meat. Work."
  730.         TheResilientGM  "MASTER, YES"
  731.         TheResilientGM  "Chow's ready. Come and get it!"
  732.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Do all your servitors have names?"
  733.         TheResilientGM  One of the auxiliaries seems to catch on and approaches the group.
  734.         TheResilientGM  "Not you, damnit!" Hector protests.
  735.         Gru_Persay      "Just him. I didn't pick it though."
  736.         TheResilientGM  He waves the man off, who returns back to his squad.
  737.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Who did, then?"
  738.         Gru_Persay      starts to eat Hector's cooking.
  739.         Sgt_Eberstark   takes a tentative bite
  740.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Pretty good."
  741.         Gru_Persay      "It was given to him by one of the Techpriests."
  742.         Gru_Persay      "I'm not sure how he got his name. Something about eating a Noble's arm or rare pet."
  743.         TheResilientGM  Hector: "Thanks, sarge" he nods
  744.         Sgt_Eberstark   "Interesting."
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