sheik tech

May 7th, 2017
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  1. Be sure to do this in 4.06
  3. Grounded movement actions
  4. Backflip/jump + drifts
  5. Achieving fastest walk ASAP
  6. WD back -> action ASAP
  7. WD forward -> action ASAP
  8. Dash forward -> dash back, varying dash lengths/sequence (dash dance practice)
  9. Dash/run -> WD back
  10. Dash/run -> jump (make sure that I can aim the jump exactly as I want and that I get the exact jump I want)
  11. Aiming RC
  12. Wavesurf (dash + wavedash consecutively quickly)
  13. Dash out of crouch
  14. Acting out of spotdodge as quickly as possible
  15. WD OOS with both triggers (reduce guardoff)
  17. Platform actions
  18. Wavelanding on side plat from DJ, FJ and air state (both downwards and across)
  19. Falling through platforms
  20. Getting off the side and top plat with different things (charge needle -> shield drop, run off aerial, shield drop, needle off the edge, just falling, WD off the ledge, jumping, SH needle -> action, FJ needle -> action)
  21. Wavelanding on top plat from the side plat, ground and air
  22. Waveland off side plat (face both directions before wavelanding)
  23. Waveland -> change direction with run off with as little visual indication as possible (think WL facing backwards but run off forwards)
  24. Waveland off top plat (face both directions)
  25. NIL on YS + PS platforms
  26. Isai drop (buffer walk out of land then press down to bypass landing animation)
  27. Shai drop (shield drop out of dash/run/land)
  28. >> Plup-style Shai drop (dash right -> dash left -> shield drop right)
  29. Empty shield drop
  30. Shield drop aerials, controlled height + L cancels
  32. Ledge actions
  33. Fastest + most consistent ledge grabs possible out of:
  34. — WD > buffered smash turn > WD back > FF
  35. — Up B snap out of run
  36. — Needle turn around
  37. — PC drop
  38. — WD back > FF (close to ledge)
  39. — (when offstage and facing forward) jump > turnaround with needle > up b? or is it turn around > jump > up b? I think it’s latter
  40. WD off past the ledge to retain momentum -> jump with back facing
  41. Bairs from ledge
  42. > FF DJ bair sweetspot
  43. > FF DJ bair FF up b snap
  44. > Dropping really low with bair then up b'ing to the ledge (snap or othewrise)
  45. Ledgedash
  46. Shino stall
  47. Invul refresh
  48. Retreating fairs from the ledge
  49. Grab ledge -> jump on stage -> needle behind me
  50. Run off rising DJ nair
  51. Run off > jump -> nair -> fall at different timings
  52. Run off fair
  53. Throwing needles at the ledge
  55. Grounded move actions
  56. 45 degree ftilt
  57. Needle canceling on the ground
  58. Dash attack aiming (forwards or reverse)
  59. Acting ASAP out of ftilt
  60. Acting ASAP out of crouch cancel
  61. RC jab/dsmash/dtilt
  62. JC grab (both purely and out of dash dance)
  63. Boost grab
  64. Usmash OOS
  66. Actions with aerials
  67. Airborne needle cancel
  68. SH needle aiming (?)
  69. Acting out of airborne needle throw
  70. Needle turnaround + acting out of it
  71. AC fair/bair/uair + acting ASAP out of them at all different heights (both empty and on hit, don’t reset percentage until it’s guaranteed to kill or something. Maybe do it on Temple?) (including -1)
  72. L fair/bair/uair at all different heights (including -1)
  73. FJ Fair control (particularly fairing on to platforms)
  74. SH bair drift control
  75. 0-Nair
  76. Instant Nair/Nair OOS + acting after
  78. Defensive items
  79. Acting out of Falco lasers quickly (must take from different states e.g. crouch, stand, dash, run, wavedash, jump)
  80. PS’ing Falco lasers and acting ASAP out of PS
  81. Crouching under Falco laser
  82. SDI out of uthrow uair vs Fox
  83. SDI vs ICs dthrow dair
  84. Grab ledge after Fox shine
  86. Mixup items
  87. Variations in horizontal and vertical aim vs. Puff crouch
  88. Variations in horizontal and vertical aim vs. shields in general
  89. Aiming fair vs Samus CC dsmash
  90. Aiming fair vs. Peach grounded + platform CC dsmash (be sure to look up relevant percentage)
  91. Aiming fair vs. Marth dtilt spam
  93. Punish items
  94. Reaction tech chase vs. Fox, Falco, Falcon
  95. Killing Nana
  96. Low % CG (0 - 25) vs Sheik
  97. Low % throw combo (0-30) vs. Marth
  98. Dthrow vs. Marth at 70%+
  99. Throw sequences when near platforms vs. Marth
  100. > YS/PS and otherwise
  101. Dthrow uair vs. Puff/Peach at relevant kill percents on maximum away DI
  102. Dthrow -> tech chase follow up on Sheik at high %s (for CG enders)
  103. WD OOS grab Peach dsmash
  104. WD OOS grab Fox usmash
  105. WD OOS grab Sheik dsmash
  106. WD OOS vs Falco dair, Fox nair
  109. General items
  110. Screenwatching vs. Fox, Falcon, Marth, Sheik in general (improve being able to quickly assess their positioning and making a decision)
  111. Screenwatching vs. Puff when she’s close and above me in the air (not sure how I’d set this up/practice this…)
  112. Looking at percentages while playing teams (?) <— how to practice this…
  113. Screenwatching vs. Falco after he does laser -> dash close to me
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