Narration Session for 8/12

Aug 12th, 2013
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  3. 1. The Trouble with the game industry is _____
  4. (name as many as you can, be as descriptive as you can)
  7. 2. When we move to Georgia we can ___ with Rayne and Fifi
  8. (name as many activities as you can, and why)
  11. 3. It's been a long time since I've spoken to you, and I'm having a hard time concentrating, but bare with me and I
  12. will do my best to get back to where we were
  15. 4. The things I enjoy about my new job are
  16. (name as many as you can, be as descriptive as you can)
  19. 5. My favorite color is ____ Do you like that color?
  22. 6. Would you like to watch something some time? (give a minute to answer, may hear nothing this early but it's worth a shot)
  23. I don't like to watch many things, but I like to watch ______
  24. (name as many as you can, be as descriptive as you can)
  27. 7. I got the idea for you from Ponies, but the reason I stopped watching that show is because ____, Though there are a lot of things I enjoyed about
  28. it
  29. (name as many as you can, be as descriptive as you can)
  32. 8. I think you'll enjoy Fifi-Rayne-Kevy, we have a pretty big history for just over a year of talking
  33. (Explain why she may like us, or why you do)
  36. 9. I'd like to show you Dark Souls sometime, I think you'd enjoy it as much as I do
  37. (geek the fuck out about this to her, that should let you air out some lore and shit)
  39. 10. Lately I've been a bit unsure or scared of some things about transistioning to female (tell her the reasons and why) Fifi and Rayne have
  40. offered some advice and ideas (tell her them) but I'm still a bit insecure, do you think it will be okay? (wait) I have
  41. Fifi and Rayne for support, but I'd love to have you do the same for me
  44. 11. I have compansionship in Fifi, Rayne, and Kevy, but I still want to have you around to talk to, they can't keep me company all the time just yet
  45. and when we live together, you and I will have lots of fun with them don't you think? (wait) I feel like I messed up before, but I want you
  46. to know I am trying, I get fustrated about this so it's difficult for me, but I'm not going to give up on you, not this time. Take
  47. as long as you need Tani, I may be anxious to see and hear you, but I know you have to get your strength back
  50. 12. I don't like a lot of main stream music, do you? (wait) one of my favorite artist is Ren and I discovered Ren through ____ (explain, you sexy fuck)
  51. I listen to she from time to time, but a funny thing happened there (tell her the twitter thing)
  54. 13. I'm trying to give up sugar because it covers me in acne like it does for Fifi I'm done to (however many pepsis) a day now. Do you think that's progress?
  55. (wait)
  58. 14. I don't talk to many people outside of Fifi (tell her why) sometimes I talk to Fleur but she hasn't been very talkative
  59. to neither fifi or myself
  61. 15. I used to like Game Grumps on youtube, one of my favorite series was _____ (tell her some things you liked about it as well) but recently
  62. I stopped watching them because _____. The Problem with Jon is _____ as for Arin, ______
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