King of Dinosaurs Tools/Info

Oct 5th, 2016
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  1. Dinosaur Notes
  4. Standing
  6. Far LP: 25 damage. Dino jabs upward. Kind of slow for a jab, but a great AA. Safe on block but whiffs on short characters.
  7. -Chains into:
  8. --Nothing
  9. -Cancels into:
  10. --MAX Cancel
  12. Close LP: 25 damage. Dino swipes in front of him. Short range but fast and pretty safe on block. Typical Close LP.
  13. -Chains into:
  14. --2LP
  15. --Auto-Combo
  16. -Cancels into
  17. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  18. --Ankylo Hammer (LP)
  19. --Giga Compy (EX)
  20. --MAX Cancel
  22. Far LK: 30 damage. A quick little kick forward. Reaches further than far LP but it inches Dino forward ever so slightly. A little unsafe on block.
  23. -Chains into:
  24. --Nothing
  25. -Cancels into:
  26. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  27. --Ankylo Hammer (LP)
  28. --Giga Compy (EX)
  29. --MAX Cancel
  31. Close LK: 30 damage. Stubby little kick forward but comes up off the ground pretty far. Nice n safe, kind of slow startup compared to other characters.
  32. -Chains into:
  33. --Nothing :(
  34. -Cancels into:
  35. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  36. --Ankylo Hammer (LP)
  37. --Giga Compy (EX)
  38. --MAX Cancel
  40. Far HP: 70 damage. Dino does a knife edge chop. This move does a TON of blockstun, and is safe on block. Decent range. Slow startup.
  41. -Chains into:
  42. --Nothing
  43. -Cancels into:
  44. --Dinner of Dinosaur (Both)
  45. --MAX Cancel (Cancel it after the hit confirms)
  47. Close HP: 70 damage. Dino swipes in front of him, similar to his close LP. Very quick startup.
  48. -Chains into:
  49. --Rex Head
  50. -Cancels into:
  51. --Zetsumetsu Hurrican (LP/EX)
  52. --Ankylo Hammer (All*)
  53. >>Note that the LP version's second hit will whiff, and is punishable by projectiles or certain specials/supers, so remember to utilize Ankylo Hammer's brake option to defend from this. Or just use HP.
  54. --Giga Compy (All)
  55. --Dinner of Dinosaur (Both)
  56. --MAX Cancel
  58. Far HK: 80 damage. Dino gives out a Mafia kick. Very short range and slow startup. Unsafe, too. Don't use this button.
  59. -Chains into:
  60. --Nothing
  61. -Cancels into:
  62. --MAX Cancel
  64. Close HK: 80 damage. Dino lifts his knee to the opponent. Deceptively tall hitbox. Slowish but safe on block.
  65. -Chains into:
  66. --Rex Head
  67. -Cancels into:
  68. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  69. --Ankylo Hammer (All)
  70. --Giga Compy (All)
  71. --Super Zetsumetsu Hurricane (Both)
  72. --Dinner of Dinosaur (Both)
  73. --Tyra Mosa Dread Carni Gaoh!
  74. --MAX Cancel
  76. Blowback: 75 damage. Dino whips his tail around and smacks the enemy. Safe on block.
  79. Crouching
  81. LP: 25 damage. Looks identical to his standing jab, but faster and with konger range. Still safe, but not as good of an AA.
  82. -Chains into:
  83. --5LP
  84. --2LP
  85. -Cancels into:
  86. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  87. --Ankylo Hammer (LP)
  88. --Giga Compy (EX)
  89. --MAX Cancel
  91. LK: 30 damage. Dino swipes his foot forward. Stubby, 'meh' quick, but hits low.
  92. -Chains into:
  93. --5LP
  94. --2LP
  95. -Cancels into:
  96. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane* (LP/EX)
  97. >>This prioritizes the 5LP it's cancellable into before the Hurricane, so while it technically doesn't cancel directly to it, you can input the motion and it goes through after a standing light punch.
  98. --MAX Cancel
  100. HP: 70 damage. Dino raises his head, moving forward a bit. Slow but great AA, hits anything in the air. Short forward range and very unsafe on block.
  101. -Chains into:
  102. --Rex Head
  103. -Cancels into:
  104. --Zetsumetsu Hurricane (LP/EX)
  105. --Ankylo Hammer (All)
  106. --Giga Compy (All)
  107. --MAX Cancel
  109. HK: 80 damage. Sweep. Dino hits with his foot, then his tail. Both hits do 80 damage, but only one can hit. Because it's a sweep.
  110. -Chains into:
  111. --Nothing
  112. -Cancels into:
  113. --MAX Cancel
  116. Jumping
  118. LP: 45 damage. Dino sticks his hand out horizontally, identical range to his standing LP. This does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  120. LK: 45 damage. Dino kicks down diagonally. This is a good jump in button, and hits overhead. This does 40 damage if shorthopped.
  122. HP: 70 damage. Dino does an elbow drop. Short range, slow startup, try not to use this unless contesting in the air. Even then, there are better buttons.
  124. HK: 70 damage. Dino does a drop kick seemingly horizontally to the opponent. This is a nice button, albeit a little slow to start up. Big hitbox and hits overhead on crouching opponents.
  126. Blowback: 90 damage. Dino attacks with a body splash. Dino's body becomes the hitbox, so it has decent range, but hits mid. Up to you, really.
  129. Command Normals
  131. Rex Head: 70 damage. Dino headbuts his opponent. Slow startup but decent range, decently safe, and hits overhead. Good confirm from close HP and HK, too. MAX Cancellable after the hit connects.
  133. Yucatan Punch: 75 damage. Dino reels back and slams a punch upward. This is supposed to be an AA, but the slow startup makes it hardly worth it. Just use cHP or far LP.
  136. Normal Throws
  138. Dyna Bomb: 100 damage. Normally I don't cover throws, but this one is weird. Dino throws his opponent over his head and gets a wallbounce. This can cross Dino up when he's facing the corner, so be careful so you don't switch sides on accident. From what I can tell, you can't convert off of the wallbounce this gives you. This may change in the future.
  141. Specials
  143. Zetsumetsu Hurricane: A command grab. Dino scoops his opponent up and does a massive piledriver. This is very short range, but has a short startup and does devestating damage.
  144. LP: 160 damage.
  145. HP: 160 damage. This version is slower but Dino has autoguard during the startup.
  146. EX: 180 damage. Dino jumps forward a bit before grabbing his opponent.
  148. Assault Raptor: A command grab. Dino leaps at his opponent and bites at them before leaping off. Most normals that cancel into specials cancel into this, but do not directly combo from this. You can use Assault Raptor to tech chase, but if the opponent jumps, it will whiff.
  149. LK: 118 damage. Dino leaps about 1/3rd of the screen
  150. HK: 118 damage. Dino leaps about 50% of the screen.
  151. EX: 160 damage. Dino leaps to wherever his opponent is onscreen at the moment Assault Raptor is input. While the grabbox for Assault Raptor is big, the opponent can escape it by jumping or moving back (if the character is fast enough). This version gives hard knockdown.
  153. Ankylo Hammer: Dino swipes forward a number of times. The first hit has about 40% screen reach. Ankylo Hammer has a brake option, which stops the swipes at different times depending on the version.
  154. LP: 68 damage. Hits twice, the second swiper having shorter range. The brake applies only after the first swipe.
  155. HP: 117 damage. Hits three times and gives hard knockdown with a slower startup. The brake only applies after the second swipe.
  156. EX: 141 damage. Hits three times and gives Dino a wallbounce, which he can convert off of. Be careful that you don't accidentally switch sides in the corner. This version does not have a brake.
  158. Giga Compy: Dino nibbles at the opponent's feet and tosses them over his head to the other side. Despite its appearance, Giga Compy is not a command grab or a low, and can be blocked standing or crouching. Hitgrabs are weird.
  159. --LK/HK: 100 damage.
  160. >>(Changed from 120 in v1.02>v1.03)
  161. --EX: 160 damage. Faster startup.
  164. Supers
  166. Super Zetsumetsu Hurricane: Exactly what the name says, just a high damage Zetsumetsu Hurricane. Dino runs forward about 25% of the screen to grab the opponent, but its better to be close as possible.
  167. Standard: 240 damage.
  168. MAX: 350 damage.
  170. Dinner of Dinosaur: Dino charges forward, chomping in front of him. Should his opponent get hit, they suffer a series of attacks. The opponent can fall out if they jump into it, but won't get stunned in the middle of the super.
  171. Standard: 190 damage, does 5 hits, last hit doing the most damage.
  172. MAX: 354 damage, does 6 hits, with Dino slamming the opponent to the ground with a hard knockdown.
  174. Tyra Mosa Dread Carno Gaoh!: Dino's Climax. Dino hops forward with his head and pulls his opponent in a series of slams before charging them into a wall. If the initial hop misses, Dino does not pursue more hops. This super does 450 damage.
  177. King of Dinosaurs, or Tizoc as he was formerly known, is your textbook fighting game grappler. Big guy with moderately big normals, command grabs, the works. His combo potential isn't great, but comboing stray hits into Zetsumetsu Hurricane is probably a good place to start.
  179. Being as big as he is, Dino is pretty slow, his forward dash being slower than some characters' walking speed, some of his normals may completely miss on shorter characters, or even standard characters (Looking at you, j.LP.) Be aware of his shortcomings due to him being so darn big.
  181. Thanks to his command grabs and decent damage potential with them, even if you don't have a huge combo, you can still land a nice hit followed by a command grab or wall bounce. I'd say he can fit anywhere on a team appropriately, taking advantage of the lack of meter and building it for teammates, or taking advantage of te meter for additional wallbounces and higher combo potential.
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