Maid for your cock (Maidplay, GAY, ball play, edging) wip

Sep 11th, 2017
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  1. I'd tease her a whole lot
  2. I'd grope her cute little buns whenever she passes by, making sure to spread those cheeks wide before giving them a light slap to signal her to get back to work
  3. I'd keep my eyes on her the whole time too, and I'd make sure she knows I'm watching
  4. I'd do everything I can for her to keep her back turned to me, just so I can have my fill
  5. And whenever she turns around, either to signal or tell me that she's finished with what she was doing, I'd make a show of readjusting my hard cock inside my pants
  6. Of course, I'd wear something tight, and no boxers, just to make sure she can see every single inches
  7. I wouldn't say anything, simply looking at her eyes following my hand and then go up and down my length a few times, before she'd cough, shake her head and get back to work
  8. I'd open the bottom drawer of my desk and pull something out, a little toy I'd have bought not too long ago
  9. Something I'd love to try
  10. Some sort of harness with very specific abilities, all powered by unicorn magic
  11. A harness made not only to enhance pleasure, but also to stop the 'lucky' mare from coming, under any circumstances
  12. "Come here,"
  13. I'd say
  14. I'd command
  15. She'd turn, and I'd notice the blush already there
  16. She'd be used to it by now, she'd understand exactly what I have in mind, and me calling for her could only mean one thing...
  17. Or so she'd think
  18. I'd watch her getting closer and closer, sheepishly making her way to my chair, her eyes fidgeting between my grin and my hungry pride
  19. And I'd stop her right before she'd start to sit down between my open legs
  20. "Wait, not yet,"
  21. The eager little thing was already raring for a taste
  22. But that'd come later
  23. "Turn around,"
  24. She'd blink, once, but obey
  25. I'd place my hands on her ass and push, feeling my length give an eager throb as I see and feel her plump cheeks give way under my digits
  26. I'd stroke all the way down her legs, then her cutie marks, then go back to her perfect round cheeks, and spread them again
  27. She'd give me a groan, finally
  29. And I'd see it, her need already coming out of its hiding place
  30. "You love this, don't you?"
  31. The only response she'd give me would be a low whimper as my thumbs pushes deeper between her cracks, squeezing the buns as I spread and spread and spread, enough to make her little ponut wink in need
  32. "Answer me, slut,"
  33. I'd slap, harder than before
  34. 'Y-yes, I love it,'
  35. Another slap, causing her to gasp this time
  36. "'Yes I love it', who?"
  37. 'M-master, I love it, master,'
  38. Of course I wouldn't be mad at her
  39. Not for this kind of thing
  40. She's always had a hard time thinking as I played with her
  41. Then I'd lower my hands, slowly, my thumbs rubbing the insides of her cheeks all the way down to the most... sensible parts of my little mare
  42. And I'd notice she stopped breathing in anticipation
  43. "Good girl,"
  44. I'd say that just as I move my hand to grab at her small, dropping plums
  45. She'd whimper again, but not in pain
  46. I'd wrap my fingers around her little balls and my smile would grow even wider as I see her hardening shaft throb in response and in sync with her heavy breaths
  47. I'd gently squeeze them, roll them in between my fingers, press my thumbs into them
  48. 'M-master,'
  49. She'd start
  50. But her voice would die in her throat as I'd let go of one of her jewel to give her small pecker some much needed attention
  51. And a moan would come out
  52. "What is it?"
  53. I'd give it a pump, then another one, all the while tending to his little nuts, pressing them against his crotch and caressing them with my fingertips
  54. 'Please,'
  56. Her legs would start wobbling, and I could already feel her juices start to drip out of her
  57. "Such a dirty girl,"
  58. My hand would go all the way up her shaft and cup her flare, making sure to smear her liquid need across its expanse
  59. She'd tremble, and her front legs would give up, pushing her upper half down as she does her best keeping her ass presenting to me
  60. "What is this?"
  61. I'd squeeze her tip and he'd moan again
  62. "You look like a mare ready to be bred, just look at this,"
  63. My hand would leave her balls to give her ass another slap
  64. 'Nnh~!'
  65. "Is that what you are? Is that what you want?"
  66. 'Y-yes!'
  67. Slap
  68. "That's not what I asked!"
  69. 'Yes master! I'm your mare, breed me, please! Please master, please breed your mare!'
  70. I wouldn't think I'd ever been so hard before this moment
  71. But I'd have a plan, and I'd need to stick to it
  72. She'd whimper in need as my hand would part from her throbbing shaft, to rest on her balls and smearing her pre against them
  73. I'd reach for my desk and grab the harness, before bringing it to my target
  74. It'd take me a moment to get it right, and she'd try to lean her head forward and between her legs to get a good look at what I'd be doing, but the skirt would be in the way
  75. 'W-what is that--'
  76. She'd gasp as I'd finish my fumbling and tighten it, securing and separating her little plums from his scrotum
  77. "That,"
  78. I'd activate the device and give his balls one last squeeze, and he'd scream in surprise as it starts vibrating and pulsing
  79. "That means you're mine,"
  80. 'W-w-whyyyy-Nghh~!'
  81. Damn, I'd think, they weren't kidding when they said it'd increase pleasure
  82. She'd give a long, drawn out moan as I'd trace the length if her shaft with my fingertips
  83. But I'd have other plans for her mouth
  84. "Come on slut, turn around,"
  85. It'd take her a moment to find the strength to stand up
  86. But she'd do it
  87. Good girl, I'd think
  88. The sight of her dazed gaze would make me throb again
  89. I'd think of letting her take care of my pants, but I'd be way too horny for that
  90. So I'd drop them
  92. They'd instantly come flying, and she'd look at my pride spring free from them, bobbing up and down as if it was the most beautiful thing she's ever seen
  93. And she'd lick her lips, as if it was the tastiest thing she'd ever seen
  94. Now free from any clothes, I'd sit back down, and my hand would instantly find its place on her face, palm and fingers cupping her cheek
  95. "You'll have to get it real wet if you want me to breed you, slut,"
  96. Her eyes would finally leave my tip to find mines, and she'd nod
  97. 'Yes master, anything, please--'
  98. I'd let go of her cheek and stroke my way up, until it rests on her scalp, and I'd clench my fingers around a fistful of her mane
  99. She'd whimper again at my dominant act, the scenario of what was going to happen already flowing through her mind
  100. Not that I'd give her much time to do so, my hand would already give her mane a sharp tug forward
  101. And using my second hand to angles my shaft, I'd bring her soft lips to it
  102. She'd submit without even blinking, her lips parting to grant me access and tongue coming out to meet my erection
  103. And a content sigh would leave her lips the moment my skin would make contact with her tastebuds
  104. "That good, huh?"
  105. Another submissive whimper, and a slight nod
  106. And that'd be all I'd need to decide to push another couple inches inside, pulling her head down, and down, slowly, giving her the time to taste and slather it
  107. Before I'd bring it back up, and up, and up, too up for her as she'd try and push back down and away from my grasp, proving again how eager she is
  108. But her lips would finally separate from my cock
  109. Then, still using the hand gripping my base, I'd slap my shaft against her muzzle, smearing her saliva as well as my scent across her face
  110. Marking her
  111. But I'd need more, so I'd pull her down my shaft and push her snoot in between my balls
  112. She wouldn't need any directives, her tongue would already be out and lapping at them, lips puckering to kiss and suckle at them
  113. "Good girl,"
  114. 'Mmh~,'
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