Discord Wars Pokemon Stadium 2 Rental Rando Rules.

May 30th, 2020
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  1. 1. It must be streamed.
  2. 2. It must be done in one attempt. If you try another day, you have to start fresh.
  3. 3. Console/Emulator is fine
  4. 4. You must use to randomize your pokemon
  5. 5. You must screen region your Pokemon team that you are randoming on your stream so that we can verify you're randoming them each time. It should look like this -
  6. 6. You must use the team you random until they game over, then you must randomize a new team. ( You must also show yourself randomizing the first team of the stream.)
  7. 7. If you get a team you think will fail, you must lose a battle to force the reset. You cannot reset till you get a feasible team.
  8. 8. Berries are allowed
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