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  2. 04:19 <hipboi> about xbmc apparently the market of allwinner doesn't have a good communication with the software
  3. 04:19 <Turl> :x
  4. 04:19 <furan> oh I see. so the xbmc guys are mainly talking to marketing
  5. 04:20 <hipboi> furan: maybe one cedarx lib developer
  6. 04:20 <hipboi> i am not sure
  7. 04:20 <hipboi> but the fact is in allwinner nobody want to do extra job
  8. 04:21 <hipboi> if something can work, they don't want to improve it, update it
  9. 04:22 <hipboi> allwinner is very product oriented
  10. 04:22 <furan> yeah. xbmc will sell more allwinner cpus, which will result in more orders. but I am not sure that is evident enough, or if allwinner maybe already has too many customers right now
  11. 04:22 <hipboi> furan: yes
  12. 04:23 <hipboi> xbmc will sell more chips, but they can't see like
  13. 04:23 <L84Supper> too many customers? FAB problems?
  14. 04:23 <hipboi> they can't see it
  15. 04:23 <hipboi> they only see orders
  16. 04:23 <furan> makes sense
  17. 04:23 <hipboi> how many orders do you have?
  18. 04:23 <furan> someone should make a petition where people sign it saying they'll buy an allwinner device if allwinner helps the xbmc devs
  19. 04:23 <hipboi> if you have enough like 100k, you can get support
  20. 04:24 <furan> then they could see that they will at least get a percentage of that
  21. 04:24 <furan> don't think it would be 100k though
  22. 04:28 <Turl> OMX will be less maintenance, no merging and fixing weird player code into android
  23. 04:29 <Turl> I hope they actually see that one and it's not marketing speak from Eva
  24. 04:29 <Turl> even if its only for sun6i or w/e
  25. 04:30 <furan> what is OMX?
  26. 04:30 <Turl> OpenMAX
  27. 04:30 <furan> oic
  28. 04:30 <Turl> furan:
  29. 04:31 <Turl> from the same people doing OpenGL, OpenCL etc
  30. 04:31 <furan> nods
  31. 04:32 <hipboi> Turl: the android source code of allwinner breaks other platforms
  32. 04:34 <Turl> yeah it needs a lot of #ifdef hipboi
  33. 04:34 <hipboi> they don't like to change to fit the standard
  34. 04:34 <Turl> if they used OMX on the other hand, they wouldn't even need to touch the android framework
  35. 13:47 <hipboi> about xbmc, my workmate Chen xiaochuan
  36. 13:47 <hipboi> made a mistake about the #ifdef
  37. 13:47 <hipboi> which leads the lib uncompiled
  38. 13:47 <hipboi> so the checksum is the same
  39. 13:48 * specing prepares the gallows
  40. 14:00 <TomNL> so hipboi: they got newly compiled libs now
  41. 14:00 <hipboi> i am not sure if the new lib is sent to gimli now
  42. 14:01 <TomNL> ah ok, but there is still progress ongoing :)
  43. 14:05 <TomNL> let's hope j1nx and gimli still have some energy left to work with allwinner ;-)
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