Secrets of the Warships Series, Part 3 [untypeset]

Sep 18th, 2015
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  1. Secrets of the Warships, Collection Series, Part 3 Translation
  2. From
  4. >[Secrets of the Warships, Collection Series, Part 3]
  5. [Table of Contents]
  6. >[A Day for the Shipgirls - Type 93 Oxygen Torpedoes nanodesu!--3 (Manager: Kodaka Masatoshi)]
  7. >[A Day for the Shipgirls - Girl in the Box, nanodesu!--17]
  8. >[A Day for the Shipgirls - Shipgirls - Origins--27]
  9. [The Nakajima Zero]
  10. >[Akitsu Maru's Observation Diary (note: Done by Refrain at --31]
  11. >[Hoppou's Reppuu Quickly This Way Comes --41]
  12. >[Maruyu's Observation Diary --45]
  14. >[A Day for the Shipgirls - Type 93 Oxygen Torpedoes nanodesu!]
  15. >All ships, advance at Combat Speed!
  16. >Starboard, 30 degrees, enemy fleet sighted!
  17. >Guns to starboard, ready--!
  19. >Well, shit..
  20. .>No hits whatsoever.
  21. >As expected, what we need are bigger guns! And when I say Big I mean Battleship Big!
  22. >Eh
  24. >Oy, oy
  25. >We have a weapon stronger than any gun a Battleship can mount, you know.
  26. >Eh? >Tenryuu onee-san! You've appeared again!
  27. >[Why are you in a swimsuit?]
  28. >[Because it's summer!]
  29. >What, what?
  30. >What is this weapon that's more powerful than a battleship gun?
  31. >A weapon that can sink any warship in one hit.... hmhmhm
  32. >That's the type 93 oxygen torpedos!
  33. >Eh? The Type 93 Oxygen Torpedos?
  34. >We use it all the time?! [nano desu]
  36. >In fact, the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo has 23 times more powder stuffed into it than a 46cm Shell.
  37. >Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo, Model III
  38. >[46 cm Main Gun]
  39. >[since it has its own propulsion, that level of explosive power would be insufficient.]
  40. >Ehhhhh, that's amazing! [nanodesu!]
  41. >These Type 93 Oxygen Torpedos can sink a battleship in one hit--it's a sure-kill weapon! (note: has a type 93 oxygen torpedo sank a single battleship lmoa?)
  42. >That's why! You destroyers are existences built solely around these torpedos!
  43. >Eh?!
  44. >What?!
  46. >What's that about?!
  47. >Tenryuu onee-san!
  48. >Explain it to us~
  49. > you guys want to listen, huh.
  50. >Well then, I'll teach you all about how powerful the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo truly is!
  51. >Let's start with the circumstances imposed by the Washington Naval Disarmament Treaty of 1921.
  52. >[Washington Naval Treaty, Tonnage Allowances]
  53. >[Japan - 300000 tons]
  54. >[Bongs/Claps - 500000 tons]
  55. >As a direct result, Japan's tonnage was limited. As such, the IJN could not expect the Battleships to be the sole participants in combat.
  56. >[Eh?!]
  57. >[How unfair nanodesu (note: Japanese industrial capacity was a fraction of that of the UK and the United States--in essence, the treaty meant that the British and Americans were cutting their own warship production to accomodate Japanese industrial capacity, not vice versa, something Japanese negotiators were acutely aware of when they agreed to it.)]
  58. >And so at this time, the IJN worked on developing aircraft carriers, using the newly-developed carrier planes to attack.
  59. >Moreover, they also worked on a long-range torpedo that could allow Heavy Cruisers to take on far stronger Warships.
  61. >The weapon encompassing this strategy is the Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo.
  62. >[Type 93 Torpedo Model 1 Subtype II
  63. Diameter - 61 cm
  64. Length - 9 meters
  65. Weight - 2.8 Tons
  66. Warhead Capacity - 492 Kg
  67. Maximum Range - 40 km]
  68. >[Engine Room]
  69. >[Oxygen Tank]
  70. >[Fuse]
  71. >[Unpainted Head - combat use]
  72. >[Black Rubber-Capped-Head][Used by Carrier Planes]
  73. >[Red Rubber-Capped Head - practice only]
  74. >In order to be able to combat Battleships at their engagement ranges,
  75. >A new model long-range torpedo capable of matching Battleships in range was developed.
  77. >In order to be able to both spot and attack the enemy,
  78. >[Spotted!][Heavy Cruiser]
  79. >[Can't see][Destroyer]
  80. >[Enemy Ship]
  81. >It was decided to mount these new model long-range torpedos on the taller Heavy Cruisers!
  82. >The completed Type 93 Oxygen Torpedos were superior in performance to contemporary foreign torpedos.
  83. >[Range- 5.5 km]
  84. >[Range - 5 km]
  85. >[Range - 33 km]
  86. >The American Mk. 17's range was 5.5 km. Germany's G7 could only reach 5 km.
  87. >In comparison, the Type 93's range was 33 km!
  88. >Six times as powerful!
  89. >Six times!!
  90. >No other torpedo could compete.
  91. >Due to a lack of this kind of torpedo, foreign heavy cruisers generally didn't mount torpedos [since it'd be meaningless]
  92. >Ohhhh--
  94. >Another specialty of the Type 93 was that it was also larger!
  95. >and faster!
  96. >It is 30% longer than foreign torpedos! Its payload is 70% larger!
  97. >It's speed was some 8-10 knots faster than foreign torpedos!
  98. >Type 93 - 52 knots
  99. >Mk 17/G7 - 45 knots
  100. >And stronger!
  101. >[Type 93 Mod. 1] - Length 9m, Payload 500 kg
  102. >So large
  103. >[Mk. 17 / G7] - Length 7M, Payload 300 kg
  104. >With 5x the Range and more firepower, it was stronger than any other torpedo!
  105. >Impressive, huh! Since they were torpedos designed to take on battleships from long range.
  106. >Amazing nanodesu!
  107. >So amazing!
  108. >Originally it was planned to develop super high-speed torpedos just for you destroyers
  109. >but development failed [ahahaah]
  110. >Ehhhhh
  112. >But since the Heavy Cruiser torpedos were already very fast
  113. >They were simply ported over for Destroyer usage. You guys can use them too!
  114. >But the Type 93 is really large!
  115. >So in order to allow you to mount large torpedo tubes, you were all built significantly larger than foreign destroyers....
  116. >Eh?
  117. >And stronger!
  118. >Eh
  119. >The traditional role of a Destroyer fits its name--ships designed in order to destroy smaller gunboats and torpedo boats.
  120. >But you all are destroyers with weapons that can take down battleships.
  122. >Moreover, a side effect of this torpedo's development was that it barely left a wake, making it very hard for enemy vessels to detect.
  123. >The USN greatly feared these, and came to call them "Long Lances".
  124. >Long Lances!?
  125. >How do you guys feel?
  126. >The Type 93 Oxygen Torpedo is strong, huh?
  127. >, it's really amazing.
  128. >For it to be that strong
  129. >The nickname of "Long Lance" is really cool too! ....nanodesu.
  130. >If they were mass produced, perhaps we could all have done more on the battlefield.
  131. >Eh!
  132. >Eh?
  134. >Tenryuu onee-san!
  135. >What's that about?
  136. >You guys!
  137. >In reality
  138. >Japan could only produce 70 of the vital torpedo tubes in one year.
  139. >Eh?
  140. >Torpedo Tubes?
  141. >70 of them?
  143. >70 Tubes/Year --> 25 Destroyers commissioned in a year
  144. >IJN
  145. >From that level of production, only 25 Destroyers could be commissioned in one year.
  146. >Ehhhhhh
  147. >100 Destroyers Commisioned in a Year
  148. >USN
  149. >1/14th of the USN?!
  150. >100 to 25....
  151. >Just a quarter...(note: maybe that'll make them realize who was stooping down for whom by making tonnage ratios 5:3 in 1921)
  152. >What should we do....?
  153. >In a certain sense, The Type 93s were not utilized often. After all, the dimensions had already been designed.
  155. >Next up!
  156. >Eh?
  157. >There's something very important I need to tell you.
  158. >Huh?
  159. >Due to the 1931 Naval Disarmament Treaty, The Shiratsuyu-class destroyers designed after the treaty could carry Type 93 Torpedos; in contrast, those constructed before the treaty are incapable of carrying Type 93s.
  160. >[1930]
  161. >[Before After]
  162. >[Shiratsuyu-class]
  163. >[Fubuki-class]
  164. >That is to say, you Special-types, being older than the Shiratsuyu, are incapable of carrying the Type 93s!
  165. >Wh...
  166. >Then what was the point of saying all that?!
  167. >But you might be able to get it remodeled in the future.
  168. >I can't carry 'em either!
  169. >I like this kind of Tenryuu as well!
  171. >[A Day for the Shipgirls - The Girl in the Box, nanodesu!]
  172. >A-amazing....
  173. >Impressive nanodesu....
  174. >W...where does it go....
  175. >Even Akagi is shocked...
  176. >Attention all hands,
  177. >What appears to be Abyssals have appeared in the Naval District Waters! Battleships and Heavy Cruisers, battle stations!
  179. >Thanks for the meal
  180. >Ah!
  181. >H-h-h-hold on! Yamato, you don't have to go!
  182. >Eh?
  183. >Yamato, just keep eating!
  184. >Eh?
  185. >But--
  186. >The Admiral Said so...!
  188. >Well then, another bowl, Houshou-san.
  189. >Of course.
  190. >Hm?
  191. >Tenryuu onee-san!
  192. >Tenryuu onee-san!
  193. >Why doesn't Yamato onee-san naeed to deploy?
  194. >Why?
  195. >Ah....
  196. >Because she is the Girl in the Box (Literally: Hakoiri Musume / 箱入り娘, the Girl in the Box.
  197. >Girl in the Box?
  198. >Girl in the Box....what?
  199. >You sillies, it means she's an Ojou-chan!
  200. >I...I knew that, that's what I meant
  201. >No....not exactly...
  203. >The Yamato-class's construction was incredibly expensive--just a dent would be a disaster, so there was little wish to allow her to sortie.
  204. >[Just to sortie her required a substantial amount of money...]
  205. >So that's what it means to be the Girl in the Box?
  206. >So that's what it means...
  207. >But for a battleship to be such a bother once damaged....
  208. >Isn't it kind of strange...?
  209. >Like a Hikkimori
  211. >Yamato's construction cost was approximately 150 million...
  212. >Enough to build 15-20 of you destroyers.
  213. >Ehhhhh
  214. > that so!
  215. >I didn't know....
  216. >It cost 3-4% of the National Budget to build!
  217. >3-4% of the GDP? How much is that?
  218. >I kind of understand why the Admiral wants to keep her as the girl in the box.
  219. >I don't know nanodesu.....
  220. >well at any rate, it's expensive...
  222. >At the time of construction, a bowl of Soba noodles costs 16 Sen and a loaf of toast cost 20 sen.
  223. >With the cost of one Yamato-class you could buy about 900 million 3 thousand 7 hundred bowls of Soba.
  224. >900,003,700 bowls...!
  225. >You could also buy 750 million loaves of toast!
  226. >750 million...?
  227. >Ehh-ehhh--
  228. >If we were to eat Soba noodles 3 times a day...we could keep eating for over 800000 years....?!
  229. >If I ate toast 3x a day...
  230. >680000 years?!
  232. >That's why it's a huge price tag.
  233. >It's approximately how much the entirety of the JSDF gets in a year.
  234. >The cost of the Kongou was 10 million yen. I heard that even with reconstruction her price tag comes up to 40 million [she's about 20 years old though.]
  235. >[Ohhh~it's rude to call people old]
  236. >Eh?
  237. >The Nagato cost 43 million. Comparing that with the Yamato, you now understand, right?
  238. >[Translator's note - since inflation wasn't taken into account, it would be incorrect to say that Yamato is equal to 15 Kongou.]
  240. >To be so different even though they're battleships....
  241. >150 million
  242. >100 million
  243. >50 million
  244. >A heavy cruiser costs about 30 million. The Shoukaku-class cost 85 million.
  245. >The point is that Yamato simply isn't the same as the other battleships.
  246. >That's why there were a lot of problems when the Diet was trying to make budget estimates.
  247. >Once the estimates were announced, rumors surfaced that "The Japanese are taking a ridiculous amount of money to make battleships." Because the international community found out,
  248. >The Diet passed that portion of the capital budget in the guise of one 35000-ton Battleship and 4-5 Destroyers and Submarines.
  249. >The difference seems too large!
  250. >As expected, it was a secret weapon!
  251. >So did she sortie?
  253. >Well...some 4 years after completion
  254. >Yamato had yet to go onto the front lines....the battle at Leyte was her maiden battle. >What?
  255. >Eh!
  256. >You're kidding!
  257. >Yamato onee-san spent four years without deploying to the front lines?!
  258. >She cost 4% of the National Budget!
  259. >That's just a waste!
  260. >Ahh...ahh...
  261. >Althoguh she didn't go to the front lines, she took part in operations.
  262. >And she regularly trainer herself, harder than the other battleships!
  263. >Oy!
  264. >Yamato!
  265. >What is it?
  267. >Girls in boxes have their own problems.
  268. >In order to make sure that she was always ready for the front, she undersent rigorous training!
  269. >[Even harsher than Yamashiro the Oni and Hell Kongou!]
  270. >Ah?!
  271. >The results of her training are these!
  272. >No~~
  273. >Look! Those muscles are the fruits of training! That is how a warship should look!
  274. >Did I make a mistake?!
  275. >I just want to head to the front lines....
  276. >[It's always like this...]
  278. [A Day for the Shipgirls - Shipgirls - Origins]
  279. >Question~ question~
  280. >Why is it only Kongou onee-san who speaks in Katakana (note: Fuck fourth walls)? Why are you blonde? (Note: surely they mean brunette)
  281. >Dess?
  283. >Then I'll respond. I am the last of the foreign-made ships, born in England.
  284. >My sisters and the otehr warships
  285. >were all built based on the most newest techniques of the day.
  286. >That is why I started out as the first ship of the Combined Fleet.
  287. >So respect me.
  288. >Respeck yo
  289. >Ayyy respeck nanodesu
  290. >Hold on? Doesn't the first also mean the oldest....?
  291. >G...grandma/Obaa-san?
  292. >That's right! Grandma/Obaa-san!
  293. >She's an old grandma, since she was launched in Meiji 40---
  294. >Ahhhhhhh~
  295. >No need to be that detailed!
  296. >[Explanation: being born in Meiji 44 means she was 30 in the Second World War]
  298. >[Was it this mouth that said such rude things?]
  299. >[Battleships are scary]
  300. >[Aaaaauuughhhh]x2
  302. Page 33-42 were translated by Refrain
  305. [Hoppou's Reppuu Quickly This Way Comes]
  306. >Hoppou, you sure love that Reppuu!
  307. >D....don't take!
  308. >I won't take it. What do you like about it?
  309. >[A spy that snuck into the Naval District]
  310. > feels really strong....but I don't really know the rest....
  311. >Well now, if you don't know, do you want to know?
  312. >I wanna know! I wanna know!
  313. >[Zero Fighter (Development Started in Showa 12)] ---> [Reppuu (Development Started in Showa 17)]
  314. >Very good.
  315. >You know that the Reppuu was developed after the Zero, right?
  317. >The head of development was the father of the Zero, Jiro Horikoshi! The original plan was to make a plane that could go faster, climb faster, and carry more weapons while maintaining a comparable level of mobility!
  318. >At the beginning there were many problems. It was only when someone simply suggested that it outperform its rival, the Shiden Kai II, that it was completed.
  319. >[A7M2 Reppuu Proto - Intended to be Adopted as the Local Fighter Reppuu Model 11]
  320. >After production, the exterior went through multiple renovations and improvements!
  321. >[High-altitude fighter A7M3J Reppuu Kai (concept)]
  322. >...However, the war ended just as the first of the planned mass production modeled neared completion.
  323. >Even if it had been finished, I wouldn't be able to launch it flight deck is too short.
  325. >Coming from the port side! There seems to be something heading this way!
  326. >T-that's...
  327. >Ma....Maruyu?!
  329. >In the end, she ran aground.
  330. >[It really is Maruyu.]
  331. >[Maruyu...]
  332. >[It truly is Maruyu.]
  334. [Maruyu Observation Diaries]
  335. >I am the perceptive spy Hoppou.
  336. >[Ah, Hoppou, are you playing a scouting game again?]
  337. >Today's target is that submarine over there.
  338. >[Why is she following me...]
  339. >[Maruyu, what would you like for Lunch?]
  340. > there something you want?
  341. >What?! I've be caught?!
  342. >I....Identify yourself! You strange submarine!
  343. >Eh....! Ma....Maruyu isn't strange!
  344. >...she really is strange.
  345. >[Where are you looking?!]
  346. >Maruyu isn't strange! Just a little small!
  348. >Isn't it strange enough that you're an Army Submarine?
  349. >K....Kiso....
  350. >Your small size aside, with no torpedo tubes you're just a transport, right?
  351. >[note: the Navy also possessed transport submarines without torpedo tubes.]
  352. >You're Army too? Like that girl?
  353. >Transport? Why?
  354. >Well....that....
  355. >[I want to know too.]
  356. >Because the Army's transports were virtually all lost.... (thanks Mogami)
  357. >and the Navy wouldn't let us borrow any escorts or transports...
  358. >[note: the escort the Army created is Akitsu Maru]
  359. >So they decided to make themselves a transport....
  360. >About that, I'm sincerely sorry.
  362. >Look, I'm just like a submarine, right?
  363. >[I-type Submarine #168 - Length 104m, Maximum Width - 8.2m, Displacement - 2440 tons submerged]
  364. > shape.....
  365. >[(Type 3) underwater Transport Vessel Maruyu, Yu-I Model: Length - 41.4m, Width - 4.7m, Displacement - 370 tons submerged]
  366. >[no problem, you're just like us!]
  367. >So small!
  368. >Even so, we were made! A normal submarine requires about a year at the minimum, while I was born in 11 months, from design all the way to completion!
  369. >Because you were built with a modular design, your production process was qutie different from other ships.
  370. >Modular?
  371. >The Navy's submarines start as a skeleton, after which parts are attached in a drydock.
  372. >[Why'd you say it for me!]
  374. >In a modular design, the ship is built as several pieces that are stiched together.
  375. >This is an impressive skill, since it allows for mass production. On the other hand, the ship's structural integrity is negatively affected.
  376. >Built via the same technology as Locomotives and Boilers.
  377. >Eh...? Is my strength bad?
  378. >Don't worry about it, you're just a transport.
  379. >I had never seen her design before, so on our first meeting I was like "who the hell are you?"
  380. >[I'd never heard anything about you.]
  381. >When Maruyu went to Manila during her maiden operation, Kiso laughed at her, saying "What are you, a submarine?"
  382. >Maruyu is Maruyu! An Army Submarine Transport!
  383. >Wasn't my response on the nicer side? I heard others straight up tried to shoot or ram you.
  384. >Scared off by Navy Patrol Ship Gunfire
  385. >Thought as an enemy and rammed by Army Transports
  386. >Ah! Those were messed up!
  387. >Since we didn't know the Navy's signalling codes, we didn't respond and they ended up shooting at us or trying to ram us.
  389. >There were even individuals who saw you after you ran aground and called the police.
  390. >Mmm.....
  391. >That's, um....because....our sea maps were too crude...
  392. >Are you actually a submarine?
  393. >I....I'm a real submarine!
  394. >Really? I heard your way of submerging was just sinking.
  395. >T-that's not true! It's a misunderstanding!
  396. >At the beginning we couldn't submerge while moving....and at that time I did really understand how to control the valves...
  397. >Normal Submarines can submerge while moving
  398. >Submerge--
  399. >Maruyu submerge as soon as she stops.
  400. >We submerged so quickly that even the Navy was shocked! I ate a bit of seabed, but I really submerged!
  401. >....she actually just sank....
  403. >But! The new models can crash dive too!
  404. >[Yu-1001 with a well-trained crew and new valves]
  405. >Mm, that's really normal.
  406. >Our submarines can dive deeper too.
  407. >Uuuu....auuu....
  408. >M....Maruyu can also dive really deep!
  409. >Diving Test Pool
  410. >Eh? Really?
  411. >It's no problem! I can dive up to 100m deep!
  412. >Eh?! 100m...?
  413. >Oy...oy, are you going to be okay? Don''t, it's really dangerous you know!
  414. >I-8's safe diving depth is 100m. It's said that this is the safest.
  415. >I--am--going--to--dive--!
  417. >H....Hold on.....
  418. .>Ah....
  419. >...Hachi, you want to go down there and heck....
  420. >*cough cough* S-seughheeee.....
  421. >Maruyu's intended depth is 100m, and it's said that in tests she dove as deep as 110m. But when submerged, it's said that water as thick as udon noodles rushed in.
  422. >Activate Pumps
  423. >Wait on the seabed during the day in dangerous spots
  424. >Used to moving at night
  425. >I ken dive dat deep......
  426. >Really now! Being so hasty...
  428. >I know you're always trying hard...
  429. >So I feel that you are best as you are right now.
  430. >Mm!
  431. >Maruyu....will do her best!
  432. >That way I can keep bullying you.
  433. >That....I can't laugh about that....
  434. >Well then....I'm going to make a new curry this time around, want to come?
  435. >Eh, uwaaah, Maruyu loves curry!
  436. >Nice! Well then, let's all go!
  437. >[I heard someone say Curry so I am now here]
  438. >I want some too!
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