An Accident on the Farmstead (Regard's, Anon Short)

Mar 8th, 2016
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  1. >You are Felix Graham, current owner and proprietor of the Graham Family Farm
  2. >The farm has taken a hit with profits recently, but nothing you haven't dealt with before
  3. >Ever since those ponies came on the market, the labor force has been strong while staying extremely cheap
  4. >But the damn things can't go to long without messing something up or crying or some shit
  5. >Sitting at your oak desk, you fill out order forms for some supplies you have been needing
  6. >You run your fingers through your greying hair and scratch you beard stubble
  7. >You need to shave sometime today
  8. >Putting your signature on a few more forms, you hear a knock on your door
  9. "Come in" you say without looking up
  10. >"Mr. Felix, Sir?" One of your human employees steps in
  11. "I'm rather busy, what's the problem?"
  12. >It's not like you expected this day to go smoothly anyway
  13. >You set the pen down and give your employee your attention
  14. >"There's been another accident, on the east field"
  15. >Go-fucking-figure
  16. "God damn it, can't we go a day without something stupid going wrong?"
  17. >It had to be the east field, too
  18. >It's a long-ass walk from your building
  19. >You stand up and stretch your legs, and open the drawer of the desk
  20. >Inside is your simple Colt .357 revolver
  21. >Black metal with a wooden grip
  22. >Might as well prepare for the worst
  23. >It's not one of your family heirlooms, you only use it when you need to take care of farm business
  24. >Taking the box of bullets by the gun, you load a single bullet into the gun and slide it between your belt
  25. "Alright, let's go, then" You say as you put on your hat on your head and a leather vest over your red flannel shirt
  26. >Your employee opens the door for you and you both make your way down the steps and outside into the summer hear
  27. >You look down a bit so your hat shields your eyes from the sun and trudge along the dirt path
  28. >Going past the fields, you make sure your ponies are working the fields correctly
  29. >Some are plowing the fields with plows, and some follow behind them with seeds and burying them in the dirt
  30. >Others hoe the fields to bring up weeds
  31. >They look up at you, and take extra precaution to make sure they're doing the job right with worried expressions, fearing they be next to be punished
  32. >You've been having to punish them less, which means you've been doing it right
  33. >Some more obvservant ponies notice the gun at your side, and know what's going to happen. They simply look down and avoid eye contact
  34. >You've done this several times before
  35. >It takes you about 20 minutes of walking to reach the eastern side of your farm, and you're rather irratated at the effort
  36. >You're getting old, and you haven't a son to give the farm to
  37. >Another problem for another time
  38. >Coming up at one of the field, you begin to hear talking and some grunts of pain
  39. >The pony in question comes into view. A Grey pony with a black, rounded mane and Treble cleft ass-mark thing. Lying in the dirt
  40. >You think she had a bowtie before, but you took that shit off when you got her
  41. >Some other ponies are beside her, you hear them begging for her to get up
  42. "Go on! Shoo! Get back to work!" You wave your hand at them, and the skimper off
  43. >You think you hear one whisper "Celestia be with you" or some shit
  44. >Religous mumbo-jumbo
  45. >The injured pony was tethered to an overturned cart, which was filled with heavy grain and seed bags
  46. >Looks like she was taken out of the harness
  47. >you see that a wheel has broken off
  48. >'Goddamn, those carts are expensive' you think to yourself
  49. >That means more paperwork
  50. >The grey pony gives small grunts of pain and you notice her ankle is a bit twisted and bruised
  51. >You look to your employee
  52. "So how'd this happen?" you say, blood pressure rising. You rub the bridge of your nose with your fingers
  53. >You hear the exausted pony muttering "im sorry, im sorry, im sorry" in between breaths
  54. >"Well, from what I was told, the pony was bringing the grain over to be planted, when she lost her balance and stepped on that rock there. Must've twister her ankle pretty bad. She fell over, bringing the cart with her."
  55. >You give out a sigh, looking at the rock that your employee pointed to
  56. >You walk to it a pick it up from the dirt, its a bit bigger than your hand
  57. >You step in front of the pony and crouch by her
  58. >The ankle looked rather messed up, been twisted in just the wrong way
  59. >Like hell are you paying for someone to fix this animal up
  60. "You see this rock? Miss..." You don't remember all of your pony's names
  61. >"O-Octavia... Melody" shes says, looking ahead of her
  62. "Octavia, look at me when I'm talking to you"
  63. >Her eyes drift to you
  64. >"I've been just so tired late-
  65. "This rock ruined your life, You see?"
  66. >You hold it in front of her, she sees
  67. "This mistake ruined your life. Now I can't pay for you to be fixed up. So you know what needs to happen"
  68. >She looks at you with a feared, tired expression
  69. >"You don't have to... I can get up"
  70. >She lays on her legs, and tries to hoist herself up
  71. >Between gasps of pain, it takes her a few tries. But she staggers up with the twisted leg bent
  72. >"I can get up... I can work" She looks down to the ground, not wanting you to see her pained, tearful look
  73. >You remain stoic
  74. >You look around and spot some ponies staring
  75. "What are you guys looking at! As you were!"
  76. >They return working
  77. >You take the revolver from your belt and open up the cylinder to make sure the bullet's in the right position
  78. >"I can work... Please don't"
  79. "I can't fix you, and you're no good to me injured"
  80. >You raise the gun to her head
  81. >"Look at me when I'm talking to you"
  82. >She looks up, and stares at the gun pointed point-blank at her fore head
  83. >Her eyes are puffy and red, pupils the size of peas
  84. >"I'll do anything... please, I beg you"
  85. >You click the hammer back
  86. >"V-Vinyl... I'm so sorry." She starts muttering
  87. >"I love you... Vi-"
  88. >
  89. >You fire a single round
  90. >Octavia's legs immediatly buckle straight up and her body falls to the ground and slumps to the side
  91. >The sound rings in your ears a bit, and echos in the distance. You hear disturbed birds caw away and fly off
  92. >A thin stream of blood trickles out of the small hole in Octavia's head and goes around her now greying eyes, staring lifelessly to noowhere
  93. >You look back to your employee, who removes his hands from his ears
  94. "Take care of the body the same as the others, get some other men to take the cart the the shed to be fixed. I'm going to go back to finish the paper work"
  95. >You look around, The ponies continue to work, albiet a bit slower
  96. >You take the path back to your office and resume filling out order forms.
  98. >A few days later, your phone rings to your annoyance and you pick it up
  99. "Graham Family Farms, this is Felix Graham speaking." You say as routine demands
  100. >Hey, listen, this is going to sound odd, but I think you own a pony I’m looking for.”
  101. >Oh great, one of THESE guys.
  102. >You would've hung up then and there and be done with it, but you decide to hear what this one has to say
  103. "The blue one? Yellow hair?"
  104. >"No"
  105. "What about the green one, with blue hair?"
  106. >"Not that one either. I'm looking for a pony called Octavia. Octavia..."
  107. >He pauses, you know who he's talking about
  108. >"Octavia Melody"
  109. "What the hell you need her for? These ponies arn't cheap, you know" You say, trying to end this conversation quickly
  110. >“Yes, I know. Look, it’s very important to me.”
  111. "Yeah I have an 'Octavia Melody' I bought it about three years ago"
  112. >"You bought her-"
  113. "It"
  114. >"It... three years ago. Did you sell it off or-"
  115. "No, It had an accident a few days ago"
  116. >“Well, how bad are we talking?”
  117. "It twisted her ankle stepping on a rock, broke one of my carts. There wasn't anything I could do for it"
  118. >“That bad, huh?”
  119. "Yeah that bad."
  120. >“So there’s no chance she’s-”
  121. >This fucker's persistant. You don't have time for this
  122. "I shot the fucking thing, so no, there's no chance it'll 'get better'. Do you have a problem with how I discipline my slaves?
  123. >“No, you’re right, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t tell you how to discipline slaves, I’m sorry.”
  124. "That's right, now if you're done, I have work I need to get to."
  125. >“...Thank you for your time.”
  126. >You hang up the phone
  127. "Arsehole" you say outloud
  128. >You sign off another paper
  130. The end.
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