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  1. >Kendou stared down at the bowl of beef stew on her tray
  2. >It looked appetizing enough but she wasn't feeling very hungry at the moment
  3. >Her matchup against 1a's class president,  Momo had ended in what felt like a cheap victory, with the team she was responsible for leading just barely winning their round
  4. >The fact that her excitable friend (and crush,  admittedly) Tetsutetsu was too busy at the moment to say hi wasn't helping her feel any better either
  5. >Recently she had begun to feel a glimmer of hope that her affections for the steel boy were mutual. It seemed like he was always finding ways to spend time with her and even flirting in his own loud and awkward manner
  6. >But, he hadn't confessed or asked her to go do something outside of school yet, and she wondered if he really was interested in her
  7. >She had thought that maybe he would've used this night as an excuse to get closer to her, but so far he was spending all of his time with his good friend and rival Kirishima
  8. >Perhaps it was possible that boisterous hothead was just being overly friendly with her, like how he was with the other students
  9. >'Wouldn't be surprising,' she thought sadly >Kendou had come to accept that while she knew she was an attractive girl, she also knew she could be rather intimidating
  10. >Her ambition for knowledge and success, her assertive attitude, and her style of fighting with her quirk often left many guys feeling like they couldn't keep up with her. So none of them had  ever tried too
  11. >This was why she was fond of Tetsu in the first place. He was always so fearless, and his fight against Todoroki that day proved to be no exception
  12. >Kendou felt her cheeks grow hot and as she recalled the way he had looked charging headfirst into Todo's flames. His look of sheer will, and the guttural battlecry he let loose during that time had caused her to become dripping wet. He was such a Chad.
  13. >What was she thinking anyway? A guy like that probably wanted someone more feminine and demure to balance out his own strong masculinity
  14. >Someone like Momo. Not a tomboy like Kendou.
  15. >She stared off at his silver hair and broad shoulders. Tetsu had an arm slung around his red haired copy and "bro" Kirishima
  16. >It seemed the later was having some kind if insecurity about his quirk and Tetsu was busy giving him a pep talk
  17. >She sighed audibly. She didn't know why the scene made her feel a pang of jealousy. Maybe it was because Kirishima seemed a little-
  18. >"Oi, what the fuck are you mooning about?"
  19. >Kendou looked down towards the source of the words and was surprised to find Bakugou sitting alone a few feet away, poking at his own beef stew angrily
  20. >"Eh? N-nothing I was just-"
  21. >"You were just standing in my space and  noisily pining after Metalhead because he won't pay any attention to you. I know."
  22. >"W-What?!" she blurted out loudly
  23. >"Shut up, God you're noisy. And you heard me. It's disgustingly obvious how much you two want to hump eachother. Now go be annoying somewhere else."
  24. >Kendou turned bright red and and stared at the spiky haired blonde with incredulity.
  25. >"Excuse me?! How incredibly rude, I have half a mind to teach you some manners the same way I do Monom- wait a minute, did you say two? And eachother?"
  26. >"Lay one of those overgrown man hands on me and I'll explode your ass into next week. And yeah I did. Tetsu clearly wants to fuck you. How have you not figured that out yet? Are you stupid?" Bakugou sneered at her.
  27. >"I'm not stupid! And n-no, I haven't...I didn't think he'd like a girl like me. I'm too tough and strong-willed for any guy to like me that way." she scowled
  28. >"God quit your bitching. Are all women this conceited and dumb?" he muttered to himself >"He couldn't shut the hell up about you today earlier. He was practically shouting about how hot he thinks you are in front of everyone. Something about being smart, levelheaded, and cheery. It was gross. I don't see it if you ask me ."
  29. >Kendou's eyes widened at his words, her heartbeat starting to pick up a bit. She ignored his last comment and asked, "You don't think he's just being friendly?"
  30. >Bakugou growled in irritation that this class 1b extra was still bothering him over something so pointless
  31. >"Look," he scoffed at her, "if he's anything like how shitty hair acts it can be hard to tell but...  there is a difference...I think..."
  32. >"What's that supposed to mean?" Kendou questioned
  33. >"Nothing." He replied quickly, "And if you don't mind I'd like to finish this shitty beef stew in some goddamn peace and quiet!"
  34. >Kendou made a move to leave before she paused, and eyed Bakugou curiously, "by the way, why are you sulking over here all by yourself?"
  35. >"Huh?" he grunted
  36. >She continued, "Is it because Kirishima, your only friend, is too busy to 'pay any attention to you'?" she teased
  37. >"Shut the hell up!" Bakugou snarled, "it's none of your goddamn business! Now fuck off!"
  38. >Kendou sauntered away laughing, in a much better mood now than before and a smile of newfound determination on her face
  39. >She slid up to Tetsutetsu and grabbed hold of his hand, pulling him away from his fellow  hard-head before he could get a word in edge wise
  40. >When she glanced back at Kirishima she saw him grin at her with a thumbs up, and heard him mutter to her the words, "4th floor. First room on the left next to Bakugou's. It's empty."
  41. >She smirked cheekliy to herself. This was going to be fun
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