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  1. Autopsy Log S-L-02
  2. Codename: Dan'te
  4. Forsteri (known previously as Servant in the galactic community) is fascinating case, that's to be sure. When you think that you researched everything about this specimen it suddenly shows something completely new.
  6. It appears avianoid in nature, its soft skin is covered by a layer of feathers. Worthy noticing is a mark on the left bottom side of the hips. It's a symbol, possibly indicating  affiliation with some sort of religious cult. It was drawn into a body by a usage of cutting tool, conceivably a laser. It's proven by apparent lack of scar tissue and burnt feather follicles in the proximity of the mark. It's similar to Nova Terran or Miorian "tattoo".
  8. Forsterians feet appear to be used mostly for walking, which is proven by their strong build and additional fifth claw next to one behind, presumably its function was to keep balance. Walking purpose of the feet are proven by their arms/wings. They appear to be a mix between avian wings and hands, homever their function was to also keep balance, as their internal and external stricture makes it impossible to fly or hover for prolonged periods of time.
  10. The organs are a tresure trove full of many solutions unfound in nature. Some scientists speculate that their structure was in fact altered with unknown purpose.
  11. Their heart appears to have slighty different structure than standard avian template and is more effective in pumping blood than said template.Forsterian blood appears to be standard hemoglobin variation present in most of the mammalian and avian species. What's especially worth noticing is their white blood cells which appear "overzelaous" as they remove every alien component in their organism, making them immune to possibly every disease, homever it makes it impossible for such things as blood transfusion and argumentation to occur. If we were able to modify these cells to only go "overdrive" on one specific type of "intruder" we might have a solution to zombie drone plague.
  13. Forsteri  muscles and bones look no different, compared to average avian.Its digestive system appears to utilise more powerful acid than others and their intestines appears to process food much more efficently, making it possible to draw nutrients for such things as rocks, wood and metal. Their liver homever appears much smaller, divinded into few small parts, suggesting that their diet was fixed, making it extremely hard and impossible to change it as other foods could prove lethal to them.
  15. Due to the lack of head we couldn't get information on their inteligence and cognition, sensory organs and structure of the beak.
  17. Head Scientist Lo'cra
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