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  1. [22:16:37] +Xayah: are you Union Caboche?
  2. [22:17:59] Onion Caboche Cry: No
  3. [22:18:06] Onion Caboche Cry: this is his mortal enemy
  4. [22:18:14] +Xayah: and who is that
  5. [22:18:29] Onion Caboche Cry: I’ll tell you if you battle me
  6. [22:18:44] +Xayah: I would but I'm hiding my teams due to OMPL
  7. [22:18:51] +Xayah: so I'm not dumb enough to risk something like that
  8. [22:19:08] +Xayah: also considering I'm like 99% sure you're Officer Grumpig, there's little point
  9. [22:19:13] Onion Caboche Cry: Battle me with a sample team then
  10. [22:19:21] +Xayah: nah, that's a waste of time
  11. [22:19:32] Onion Caboche Cry: Officer Grumpig is still better than you
  12. [22:19:39] Onion Caboche Cry: At ZU
  13. [22:19:52] +Xayah: I believe that, I'm not really all that great
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