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  1. Glass erupted from the side of the building as a figure clothed in black slammed against the concrete structure. “Damn…” was all she muttered as she quickly leapt from the indentation just as the fist of a Goliath Biped destroyed the remains of the wall. Her heels clacked as she landed, her eyes scanning the remaining hostiles. The spring loaded hops of the approaching small stubbies giving her the inspiration she needed.
  3. She winced though as she felt a sharp pain in her arm. Looking over, a reflective piece of glass had managed to embed itself into her skin. “2B! Are you alright!?” A voice yelled out over the comms. “I’m fine.” She responded as she gripped the glass and effortlessly pulled it from her body. “Okay… Just be careful. The new healing system is still experimental, so don’t push it.”
  5. “Noted.” Was her only reply as her body suddenly stiffened. She couldn’t help but release a small gasp as she felt her body begin to heal itself. Observing the injury site, she could see her flesh begin to mend itself and reconnect. The nanomachines within her system releasing a small chemical to make the process painless, however… she had to admit it also had a rather pleasant feeling to it. She made a mental note to report that sensation when she had the chance. However, there were more important matters to attend to.
  7. Taking off with blinding speed as she summoned her spear into her hands and with pinpoint timing, cartwheeled over one of the stubbies. It couldn’t react fast enough as the tip of her shaft punctured the top of it’s cranium, sparks and fragmented metal exploding from within. Keeping her momentum, her arms flexed and as her feet planted themselves to the floor she swung the spear full force, firing the stubby like a cannonball.
  9. It’s form impacted the shoulder joint of the Goliath causing it’s frame to deform, and as the shock pushed it back it’s arm would creak and then dislocate when it attempted to catch itself. This was all the opening she needed as she rushed the staggered machine. Launching herself into the air, her feet landed firmly upon another stubby, her weight making it’s head concave and sink into its own body, crushing it’s internal workings as she hopped off.
  11. High in the air, she held the spear firmly as she corkscrewed in midair, each twirl adding a bit more momentum needed for the killing blow. As once she was over her target, she thrust forward, her body and spear colliding with the machine with enough force to punch through its armor and finally bring its existence to an end.
  13. She sighed as this small confrontation had concluded, her systems running a quick check as it seemed as if all the damage she had taken had already been fully prepared. A part of her had to admit that the new system was rather impressive and for the moment was a vast improvement over having to ration recovery items. Further testing was required though and she had other objectives to see to, so without a second thought she went to the next zone.
  15. ____________________________________________________________________________
  17. Heavy panting carried itself throughout the hallway of the abandoned building as the android leaned against the wall to support herself. She had been caught off guard, making the reports of the machines learning new tactics to assault YorHa operatives true. She managed to end the confrontation, but it came at a cost. Her body had sustained tremendous amounts of punishment as entire pieces had been lost.
  19. Her systems were shutting down as it seemed the new nanotechnology couldn’t repair such extensive damage fast enough. As her shoulder leaned against a door, it collapsed under her weight and a grunt of pain escaped her as she laid on the floor. Her mind demanded that she stand, but her body refused her. Her eyes began to close as she commanded herself to get up, and yet she remained on the floor as she shutdown.
  21. ____________________________________________________________________________
  23. A frantic calling echoed in her head as her system started back up. The first thing to come to view was the ceiling but this was quickly obscured as 9S appeared on the view screen. “2B! Are you okay!? You went offline three hours ago! What happened!?” The android groaned as she sat up and looked over her body for self evaluation. “I was ambushed and took critical failure damage.” Her voice was as direct as ever as there was a sigh of relief from 9S, “I take it then that the Nanomachines have proven to be effective then if you’re still functioning.”
  25. “Yes, I would say-Ah!” She gasped as her hands gripped at the tatters of her outfit. “What happened!?” came a cry of concern as 2B composed herself. “N-nothing! S-stop bugging me already!” She yelled out rather abruptly as she couldn’t admit that the sudden flood of chemicals running through her body was making her rather aroused. She could feel every centimeter of her body as if it was brand new. The breeze tickled her skin as a shiver ran down her spine.
  27. Her breasts were rather tender as she could feel the remains of her clothing rub against her nipples. Her ass meanwhile could feel the coolness of the metal door she had fallen on. She even felt a slight throbbing between her legs that matched her heart beat. Wait… quickly rethinking that last bit, she tore off the article of clothing covering her lap and her eyes widened as she saw a set of male genitalia on her form.
  29. “Uh… 9S. I have a situation here.” She spoke as the comm window opened back up, “What is it? Ah! What’s that!?” he blurted out as he caught sight of the throbbing penis that was connected to 2B. “I would assume you would know what that is. My question is why is it on me?” 2B retorted with mild annoyance. “Um… let me look into it. Hang on.” The android winced lightly as her muscles tensed. The nanomachines did their wonders to her and with each burst of pleasure her muscles contracted and her cock flexed.
  31. “Uh 2B, we have a problem here.” 9S chimed in, “Yes, I am rather aware of that 9S.” She said as she tried to stand, but another shook of pleasure made her gasp and her knees buckle before she fell back on her ass. “Well, it seems the amount of damage you took corrupted the nanomachines. So when they were repairing you, the added mixed some data around and well yeah… they added a feature meant for my model.”
  33. “Great…” Was all she could say as she looked at it once more, swearing it wasn’t that large just a few moments ago. “That’s not all. Um, it seems the corruption has also caused a more serious issue. The nanomachines aren’t stopping.” This confused the android as she hadn’t noticed that her hands had begun to trace the curves of her own body.
  35. “What do you mean?” she asked as she flinched as her hand gripped her plump breast. “Well normally the machines have a detailed schematic of other bodies but somehow this was altered by the damage you took. The scale seems to be constantly resizing so the nanomachines are compensating.” Her eyes widened as she realized what this meant. “Are you saying I’m going to start growing!?” There was a small pause, “Y-yes… I’m afraid so. I’m not sure when or even if it’ll stop but you need to get back to base so more tests can be performed.”
  37. “Can you shut them down remotely?” She questioned as she tried to pry her hands off herself but no matter what she’d start feeling herself up once more, the added pleasure of her hands to her flesh making her moan unintentionally. “U-u-uh… no there isn’t. L-look 2B, you have to hurry. I don’t know what the rate of the growth will be, but if you’re quick we might be able to stop it before it gets out of hand.”
  39. “Got it…” She said though it was through panted breath. She used all her will power to make her body stand, using the wall as a brace as she panted. A deadly cocktail of chemicals was sloshing within her body as every moment her body twitched from a new spark of pleasure. She approached the door frame and winced as her forehead smacked the top of it. “Shit…” She whispered as it seemed the growth was much faster than she had anticipated.
  41. She moved down the hallway, still using the wall for support as each blow of wind made her stop and shiver as it was like being bombarded by a wave of ecstasy. Her breasts heaved and swayed with distracting heft as she couldn’t ignore the sensation of feeling them bounce with each step she took. She tensed up and moaned as she felt a tear, the remains of her stocks being to tear asunder from the thickening of her thighs, letting more of her flesh pour out.
  43. Had she not torn off the bottom portion of her clothes early, she’d imagine her uniform wedging itself deep into her generous ass. Subconsciously, her hand reached back and cupped her own flesh, making her moan as she could feel the skin overself her fingers as she had much more back there than before. Her fingers began to grope and knead her curvature as her other hand gripped the base of her shaft. “Wait! S-stop… get a grip… Focus…” She told herself.
  45. Temporarily distracted, her attention was brought back to her situation as her head bumped into the ceiling. “Ow…” She muttered as she decided it was now or never. Bracing herself, she suddenly took off into a quick sprint down the hallway. Her senses were immediately assaulted with heavy impacts of crippling pleasure as she felt her plump thighs rub together as her breasts swung and sloshed? Her new cock was also distractingly throwing her off balance as she could feel it and her heavy balls slap against her own skin, producing a lewd smack.
  47. Eventually it proved too much for her though as her knees buckled and she collapsed once more. She tried to prevent the fall by placing a hand on the wall, but to her misfortune it had been a heavily badly damaged portion of wall. As before she knew it, she was falling into the warm sunlight of the outdoors. She could see the other buildings around her as she was falling into the square of the city ruins. She tried to correct herself to land properly but had misjudged her size, the android landing square on her back.
  49. She screamed out, but not in pain as the impact caused a bomb of pent up lust to explode inside her. Her body screamed in pleasure as she could feel every since blade of grass, each piece of broken concrete underneath her, and even the heat of the sun upon her body. They all added to her mounting excitement. What she wasn’t aware of was that the impacted had registered as new damage, making the nanomachines double their efforts to self repair.
  51. Her thighs rubbed together harder as the flesh expanded, giving her more to rub together. Her toes curled as she slid her feet along the floor and clenched at the ground. Her ass grinded against whatever was beneath her as she felt it being flattened by packed pounds. Her hands gripped her breasts firmly as she couldn’t stop herself now. They squeezed at her mounds as each compression made them swell up more. Her panting began to echo into the sky as her form began to grow all over.
  53. She swung her arm out, impacting an abandoned car and shattering the old vehicle as that sent another detonation of pleasure back to her mind. She arched her back as her cock rose into the air like a tower of pure lust. It throbbed, each pulse enhancing it’s thickness while elongating it’s length. The sight of it making her smile as she brought a hand around to grip it firmly. As her fingers pressed against the steel like appendage she groaned lewdly as her tongue stood out from her mouth.
  55. She slid along the ground more, wishing for more pleasure as she found it with each motion. Her form was already twenty feet tall and still going as her feet pressed against the side of the building she had been in moments prior and slid along it’s walls like a teasing lover. She wiggled her massive ass along the ground as she crushed small rocks with relative ease. All the while her nipples stood at full attention as they aimed at the sky.
  57. Her hands sank deep into these mounds as they almost felt like soft pillows in her hands. A pressure was building up inside of her as she felt a deep need to release it. Releasing her cock, she groped both breasts now with as much strength as she could muster. Molesting her own body, she panted and moaned, writhing on the floor as she kneaded her mammaries as the pressure kept swelling up. As it was reaching its peak, her back arched once more and her feet kicked at the building forcefully.
  59. As this occurred, streams of milk sprayed out into the air and began to rain back down on her. Her tongue instinctively stuck out so she could taste the sweet nectar, no part of her mind even wondering how this was possible. In fact, she hadn’t even noticed the damage she had done to the building as it’s foundation began to crumble. It’s mass groaning and cracking as soon the base buckled and burst under all the strain.
  61. She continued moaning until the sunlight that had bathed her vanished. She opened her eyes long enough to release a gasp as the entire building collapsed upon her, ending the madness. There was finally silence as the manic android had been put to rest and the solemn calm that once was returned. This too though, was only momentary as a small rumbling came from the mounds of debris.
  63. Soon faint moaning joined the rumbling as before long, mounds of debris was launched into the air as a monsterous cock dominated the sky. It pulsed with immense power as it’s veins throbbed and spread heat along its shaft. Soon enough, more debris was jettison as two mountains of breasts burst free of the rubble. Two giant hands soon following as one gripped the cock and the other groped a swollen tit. The two hands worked in tandem as they stroked and caressed the surface of both assets.
  65. Their movements, shaking off more and more debris as the giantess underneath was revealed. The immense damage sending the nanomachines into haywire as she was growing by the second now. She didn’t seem to notice though as all she wanted was more and more. Her hand reached as far up the shaft as it could, sliding down it in frantic pumps as she pinched and tugged at her own nipple.
  67. Lifting one heavy mound, she pressed the nipple to her lips, kissing her own flesh before circling the nipple with her tongue. She soon enough latched on and began to suckle on her own bust while the free hand went to the unoccupied mound to begin milking it. Her moans reached further across the city as even the android stationed at the Oasis turned her head in confusion to the noise.
  69. Nothing could make her stop now though, even as her ass swelled and crushed abandoned cars, other machines, and smacked against the other building, she continued to pleasure herself. Her legs would twitch, making her smash against the other buildings with her legs, each sending pleasant shivers through her. She’d gasp and giggled as the other buildings soon enough fell upon her as well. But with each new impact, she just grew larger and larger as she her mind could only register pleasure at this point.
  71. She smiled and moaned longingly as she jerked herself off with manic enthusiasm, as she could feel it. That pressure coming to a head as her body was preparing for it. Her muscles began to firm up, her toes tore up chunks of the ground as she clenched her toes. And her massive ass rose as she arched her back. Moaning out one last time, her hips buckled as she thrust into her own hand before she hilted herself and shook.
  72. Like a dormant volcano finally awakened, her balls churned and tensed as a bulge traveled up the length of her giant cock, taking minutes to reach the peak before finally the hot magma was set free. The sky darkened and thick massive globs of cum exploded out of her penis. Spread far and wide, it began to rain down the substance as she cried out in passion and kept stroking her shaft as she elongated the orgasm for all it was worth.
  74. The surrounding area slowly becoming flooded as the giantess was determined to reach true satisfaction as she emptied herself at the expense of the city. However, this would never be the case as with each second, the nanomachines created more, and her body grew along with it. For her though, this was an ending well worth living.
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