Xenos Hunters Session 43

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  9.         antoine After Bellerophon's imprisonment the Kill Team returned to the XII Crusade Army Headquarters, three generals are discussing their strategies over a holo table. When Navarre enters they have a messenger run over, "My lord, the generals have graciously accepted your wish to join the joint planning session."
  10.         Navarre "Good." Not like they had any choice in the matter. But, the Imperial Fist in his black deathwatch armor approaches the generals, to join in on the planning. "What of the Inquisitors and fleet commanders? We'll be using combined arms for this fight and everyone should have an ear and voice here."
  11.         antoine You see the generals stiffen as a techpriest of some description join them, his body covered in the holy symbols of his office and god. He carries a staff with the machine god skull fixed atop it. The eye sockets are vox emitters, too pure to speak high gothic he speaks binary into the rear of the skull which then translates into "The Legio requests the presence of the honored Techmarine...
  12.         antoine ...Omniel of the Death Watch Chapter."
  13.         antoine The general with the slouched hat replies, "G'day my Lord. I will request the presence of the Marine liaisons and an Inquisitor."
  14.         Omniel  looks up from where he sits, and stands promptly, stepping forward. "Techmarine Omniel, reporting." He offers a salute.
  15.         antoine The Storm Crusaders congregate around their brother once more, "As-Salāmu `Alaykum Sinbad. Will the little sisters be joining us in the operation?"
  16.         Sinbad  "Good question, Brother. I have been secluded in prayer. Shall we go as one to see their aims?"
  17.         antoine A Salamander marine soon approaches the holotable, "I am brother T'lon, I will be the fleet liaison.". Man in loud colours, wearing an ostentatious gold and gem encrusted skullcap join the group, "The Inquisition was requested?" he asks.
  18.         antoine Brother Faisal replies to Sinbad, "Let us go then, it would be good to join the sisters in combat once more."
  19.         Sinbad  nods, and walks off with his Brothers
  20.         Navarre "Yes. If we are to take this fortress, we'll need to all work together. After surveying reports from first contact before, it has come to my attention that there are Iron Warriors on this world. Or reports of it."
  21.         antoine "There have be sporadic reports but the fleet auspexes have not provided concrete evidence of their disposition or strength." replies T'lon.
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  23.         Navarre "Still, it's something that I find... unsettling." He points to the man representing the INquisition. "Does the Inquisition have the resources to deal with a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors?" By resources, he means the feared killers of the Imperium. The Temple Assassins.
  24.         antoine "If we did, would that be a request for our sanction of such a task brother Navarre?"
  25.         Navarre "It is. A grand company is something different. Remove the warsmith, and the company will be without a head. It would still be dangerous, but removing one of Perterubo's lieutenants would be a grand victory."
  26.         antoine "Then I will convene with my colleagues later to discuss that task."
  27.         Navarre "Fair enough. Brother T'lon, can our orbital assets create a vox network to link our forces?"
  28.         Anselm  is kneeling, separated from the others, speaking with his serfs.
  29.         antoine "That is possible, the warp anomalies require us to be, creative, in our adjustments but we should be able to provide solid vox coverage."
  30.         Navarre "Good, good." Navarre nods. "Now comes the difficult part. We have here a fortress with three defensive lines. We have our task, to take the traitor and break him, but we can only do that via breaking each line. That task..." He turns to the generals. "We need sappers."
  31.         antoine The Kreiger general replies through his gasmask, a muffled "I have sappers."
  32.         Navarre "Good, good. T'lon, would you know what armour the Salamanders brought with them?" He looked around. "We need someone from the Dark Sons, as well. We're going to need to make sure that all imperial forces are on the same page."
  33.         antoine "I speak for both chapters brother."
  34.         antoine "We have predators, whirlwinds, rhinos, a landraider conveying our Captain into battle and vindicators."
  35.         Navarre "Good. We'll need to make use of whirlwinds and vindicators to shatter the first line. Leave the second line to the sappers, and the kill-team will take the third. As for no-man's land..." He turns to the generals. "Do you have enough artillery and defensive positions to fend off any charge?"
  36.         antoine The Tech Priest joins in, his binary speech converted to High Gothic, "Techmarine Omniel, the Legio has decided its deployment. I would have you review it. Transferring now." A snake-like mechandrite extends to the techmarine to interface with.
  37.         antoine The Kreiger general replies again, "We have sufficient guns and have entrenched ourselves."
  38.         antoine The slouched hat General adds, "My 4th Light Horse would be able to cut through enemies lines if the barbed wire was removed in sufficient quantities."
  39.         Navarre "Sufficient qualities? Hmmm..." The imperial fist taps an armored gauntlet against his chin. "Hmmmm... I do not like the idea of sacrificing soldiers, but I'm sure there's someway to remove the wire without risking undo life..."
  40.         Navarre "Do we not have an armored regiment to support us? Perhaps they could go out and remove the wire? Particularily since their forces will be focused on the kill-team and siegebreakers."
  41.         antoine The Cadian general replies, "I could detach a portion of 7th armoured to assist with that task. Standard Leman Russ Squadrons."
  42.         Navarre "Good, good. The more boots on the ground, the better." Navarre looks at the hololith. "Hmmm... do any of you have any suggestions? I've placed forth my suggestions and the floor is now open."
  43.         antoine "Only weakness I can see is from a lack of defense against air forces.." adds the Cadian general.
  44.         Navarre "Do we have any hydras?"
  45.         Omniel  nods, scanning over the transmitted plan. "The Legio's titans may prove helpful for our efforts, but these plans appear to have them deployed elsewhere. Would it be possible to allocate some elements to support our main thrust? A smaller Titan, even, would suffice."
  46.         Navarre "If we can get one of the Legio's warhounds, we should have sufficient super heavy defensive and assault capability. But as for the air defense, hydras or Long Arm autocannons in proper positions would due."
  47.         antoine "Hydras are currently held back to protect vital supply routes and artillery forward bases from interdiction." replies the Krieger general in a muffled voice, the rubber of his gas mask squishing and stretching as he talks.
  48.         antoine The Techpriest bluntly replies, "The Legio has determined our plan. We come here to inform you of it."
  49.         Anselm  "My serfs," the Knight-Brother addresses Joffery and Elona, resting his helm against the flooring. "This and more has made me ponder..."
  50.         Navarre "We need something to provide anti-air. Even just emplacements of the flak guns would work."
  51.         Anselm  rummages through one of his belt-webbing's pockets. "My Chapter never placed much value on mortal life. But ther have been examples of men who rose to great respect - Tyreon Dryd, a Guard Tactician, was one such man, just in the last century. But being with the Deathwatch, fighting this last year especially, has made me realize the true value of mortal humanity. You are the bravest
  52.         Anselm  warriors I've ever seen, you two - and you have been put through far more than many could possibly withstand."
  53.         Anselm  pulls out small, almost pebble-like devices from a pouch on his right. "When we are done here, I will take you home with me, to Prosson and to Silen, that you may serve as an example to the Knights that there is courage and valor in man. I have come to see the two of you as more than servants, and I greatly worry for you. In this outing, I have procured these refractor field
  54.         Anselm  generators for you. Take them," he says, nodding to the devices, "and be safe. You must live. "
  55.         antoine The Slouched hat wearing general states, "Sometimes we just have to make do with what we have on hand and hope what air force we have around will distract them."
  56.         Navarre "I suppose we will have too."
  57.         antoine With the strategy meeting over and the assault soon to begin you head to the Aquila landers ferrying the last few troops and commanders back to the front line. One is filled already by Sinbad, his brothers and the last of the Battle Sisters led by the Canoness. Another land sits ready to recieve you, the three Knights Teutonic already seated inside.
  58.         antoine The Aquila Landers fly over Imperial lines, Supply trucks move the constantly consumed ammunition and food to the front while artillery in entrenched positions stack their shells ready to begin the initial bombardment. The ground below is a mess of churned mud and dirt. Your military escort of two thunderbolts fly in a loose formation just above you.
  59.         Anselm  locks his helm over his head. ++This may very well be the final act of our war, Brothers.++
  60.         Navarre "Your confidence in our abilities is refreshing, brother."
  61.         antoine The Aquila landers bring you down just behind you part of the line, a Captain and his command squad with the same slouched hat as the general approach you as the Aquila landers lift off once more.
  62.         Anselm  pats his right pauldron, checking to make sure the rhoc pelt is still fastened properly.
  63.         antoine "G'day my Lord, I'm Captain Bruce, this is Corporal Bruce, Corpsman Bruce and my adjunct Private Bruce. You are?"
  64.         Anselm  stares, before worriedly looking to the others. ++This... this IS our destination, yes?++
  65.         Navarre "..." Navarre would raise an eyebrow under his helmet. "Quite the family?"
  66.         antoine "Family?" he asks quizzically
  67.         Anselm  ++'Bruce' isn't a surname, Brother.++
  68.         Anselm  steps forward. "What is the status of the line here, Captain?"
  69.         Navarre ++Aye. We will need a situation report.++
  70.         antoine "Fairly quiet but the poofters on the other side are sure to smell that something is up mate."
  71.         Anselm  ++I find the casual nature of these Guardsman... troubling.++
  72.         Navarre ++They are guardsman. What do you expect?++
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  76.         antoine "Yeah, so. You Bruces wanna have an inspection of the Diggers?"
  77.         antoine He looks up at you expectantly.
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  79.         Navarre ++I don't think Bruce is a name, either.++ He'll look at the captain. ++Aye. Let us take a look of your battlements.++
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  82.         Anselm  motions for his retinue to follow.
  83.         antoine The Captain leads you to the trenches where the men have dug in. "Well we have the boys down there and some of those silent Krieger types on either of our flanks." He points out down the line either way the two Krieg regiments sitting in their trenches on watch for the enemy. "We don't have many big guns, mainly rifles so we are happy to see your mob come help us out." Between you and the...
  84.         antoine ...enemy trench you see barbed wire spooled across the ground, half buried in some places, completely exposed in others. Tank traps poke up from the ground while a sniper in a nearby trench fires his rifle before shouting, "Got one Bruce, he was an ugly bugger. The Emperor sure did not like him."
  85.         Sinbad  walks behind Patriclus with his fellow chapter marines as his entourage
  86.         antoine The Captain looks at his Chrono, "Bombardment starts soon, Anything your lot needs before we throw those Emperor damned heretics six feet under?"
  87.         Anselm  ++They seem very much used to Space Marines.++
  88.         Anselm  "Only where the enemy line seems weakest."
  89.         Navarre ++Hmmm... nothing that I can think of, no."
  90.         antoine "Well, we were told our part of the line was the enemies weak spot. That's why we have only rifles."
  91.         antoine The men are cleaning and loading their bolt action rifles while officers give warning whistles for the bombardment to come.
  92.         Navarre ++I do not like the idea of charging to the enemies line through no man's land.++
  93.         Anselm  ++The Death Korps is very much familiar with these sorts of situations, Brother Navarre. The only way of breaking an entrenched defensive line is acute artillery-fire covering an infantry charge. It's peculiar that they left this section so weak - the enemy could be broken severely, and then conquered by division. How could there have been such an oversight?++
  94.         Anselm  ++Tactician Dryd would never have made such a mistake. There'd be a Baneblade running over that opposite trench with a dozen Leman Russes on each side of it, and a hundred-thousand Auxiliary running behind them.++ He points through the middleground.
  95.         Navarre ++I'm well aware on how to wage a siege, Brother Anselm."
  96.         Anselm  huffs. ++Yet here we stand.++
  97.         antoine Your internal chrono reads, 1 minutes until the scheduled bombardment. The internal counter clicking down as you hear distant crumps behind you. Krieger siege regiments sending shells high into the air all along the line.
  98.         antoine The Captain jumps down into the trench, "Here we go Bruces."
  99.         antoine The serfs get into cover as the shells begin to rain down. The rumble to your flanks soon becomes a roar as your enemy's position across the no-mans land erupts into the violence of exploding shells, throwing plumes of dirt into the air. The 'Bush Rifles' Officers, according to their insignia sound their whistles and the men climb up out of the trench to begin the charge.
  100.         Sinbad  scrambles to the doops with his brothers
  101.         Navarre is ready to go over the top...
  102.         antoine Patriclus shouts, "FORWARD, FOR THE EMPEROR CHARGE!"
  103.         Sinbad  ++Brother Leader, permission to join the holy war?++
  104.         Anselm  ++Joffery, Elona, stay close but stay behind. Do not risk more than you need to.++
  105.         Sinbad  heads the small doop herd going over the top
  106.         Navarre ++Permission granted! In the name of the Emperor! Let none SURVIVE!"
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  110.         Sinbad  brings up both of his guns and lets loose
  111.         Sinbad  opens fire on the enemy line as the sayyi-doop lumbers forwards, the handcrafted Dhakaa pattern singing sweetly
  112.         Anselm  leaps from behind the line, drawing both his personal sword and his power sword. He holds out the weapons and howls, letting the vocabulator of his armor amplify his voice.
  113.         Anselm  "Come for me, scum of the ruinous powers!"
  114.         antoine Joffery sprints with the Bush Rifles, moving from crater to crater as he tries to close with the enemy. His dark and heavy armour marking him out of the masses.
  115.         Omniel  strides up out of the trench after Anselm, sweeping the super-heated rays from his multi-melta across the enemy lines to thin them out before the inevitable melee.
  116.         antoine The Bush Rifles advance while some occasionally take a knee to fire, taking a few isolated enemy down. The Officer shouts at the top of his lungs, "I don' want to get any messages saying 'I am holding my position.' We are not holding a goddamned thing. Let the Kriegers do that. We are advancing constantly, and we are not interested in holding on to anything but the enemy's balls. Keep on...
  117.         antoine ...advancing regardless of whether we have to go over, under, or through the enemy. We are going to take that damned mountain!”
  118.         antoine Elona joins Joffery, sprinting forward to gain as much ground as possible.
  119.         antoine The Storm Crusaders advance with Sinbad atop their Doops, four frag missiles leave white smokey trails behind them as they smash in and around the trench to butcher the enemy while Faisal struggles with his launcher, jammed on the first use.
  120.         antoine The Knights form up along side Anselm, going into combat stances beside him.
  121.         Sinbad  "AL-MALIK ACKBA--dammit. That was only four."
  122.         antoine The burp and clatter of the enemies guns start while the heretics climb out of the half destroyed trench to counter charge
  123.         antoine The horde of heretics have iron helmets covering their heads, obscuring their faces.
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  125.         antoine The ground behind the enemy trench erupts, the front of a tank covered with whirring drills emerges from the ground at and angle. The 'roof' of it opens and a Deathwatch Dreadnaught emerges, stomping out and pulling itself free from the disposable tunneler.
  126.         antoine at an*
  127.         Anselm  ++What in the name of...++
  128.         Navarre ++We have a Battle-ELDER joining us, Anselm!"
  129.         Sinbad  ++This day gets better and better. Praise Al-Malik!++
  130.         Atlas   "VILE HERETICS, ATLAS HAS COME TO BREAK YOU!" The Engine of War shouts as he unleashes his Auto-Cannon on the heretics.
  131.         Sinbad  watches in awe as the ancient warmachine/man explodes into the fray
  132.         antoine The Auto-Cannon fires into the back of the enemy flooding across the no-mans lands, the heavy rounds cutting down several men each as the press of bodies in one section of the charge become a pile of limbs and meat.
  133.         antoine Patriclus fires his bolter into the enemy ranks while the sisters move and fire to add more weight of fire.
  134.         Navarre charges into combat, holding up his bolter, metal-storm rounds firing towards the mass of traitors!
  135.         antoine Either side of your push you see the Kriegers moving forward implacably, rolling heavy weapons out on muddy wheels to lay down covering fire for their fellows.
  136.         antoine The metal storm rounds are brutally effective in the tight press, slaughtering the heretical mortals as the last of the bombardment falls amongst the enemy, throwing their ranks into disarray and blowing huge chunks of their force into mush.
  137.         Sinbad  opens fire again with his bolters on a moving doop charge, casings flying after their whirring burst
  138.         Anselm  ++Brothers! They are buckling! Now is the time to pierce them and land the killing blow!++ The Knight-Brother Champion fires his jump pack, leaping forwards into the air, howling with fury as he lands upon the mass of heretics.
  139.         antoine Joffery fires his storm bolter from the hip as he covers his Master's jump into the fray.
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  141.         Omniel  lowers his weapon, unable to get a clear shot into the main group, and activates his bionic locomotion, storming up the field after Anselm to get into melee.
  142.         antoine The Bush Rifles' return fire is ineffective, the dirt thrown up by the shelling causing jams and mis-fires in their crude weapons. Elona has no such troubles with her holy bolter, pitching three more enemies to the ground with accurate fire.
  143.         antoine Faisal manages to unjam his weapon while his brothers send another wave of frag missiles that collapse the enemies right flank, a mound of bodies piling up being used by the kriegers on that side as a position to mount a heavy stubber to gain a height advantage, the grim warriors headless of the smell.
  144.         antoine The Knights advance, running after their brother. As they do so a gut wrentching sound of metal twisting and the roar of unnatural beasts is heard coming from the trenches before five clanking red armoured animals with dark red skinned daemons mounted upon them emerge.
  145.         antoine two of them charge the Dreadnaught while the other three leap up from the trench and run towards you.
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  148.         antoine The Juggernaughts leaps up and tears at the autocannons on the dreadnaughts side, ruining their loaders and stopping the action from working.
  149.         antoine The daemons shake their heads and howl in amusement at the desecration.
  150.         Atlas   "I WILL SHOW YOU WHY THEY CALL ME THE BREAKER!" Atlas shouts as he swings the massive blade on his arm at the Daemons.
  151.         antoine Anselm is hounded by the heretics but the marine is too quick for the mere mortals.
  152.         antoine Patriclus screams "SMITE THE DAEMONS, DESTROY THEM ALL!" while firing his bolter at the new threats.
  153.         antoine Pat's shots go wide, his exuberance throwing off his aim.
  154.         Navarre With the daemons having shown up, Navarre would switch to vengence rounds, and bring his bolter around, hand on the stock. +DIE!++ And he'd fire off a round to the three attacking the dreadnought!
  155.         antoine The Dreadnaught sweeps the blade over the heads of the juggernaughts, one daemon gets out of the way but the other daemon holds up its sword which snaps as the dreadnaught close combat weapon cleaves through it and then the daemons neck a moment later, sending the creature back into the warp.
  156.         Sinbad  pulls forth the mighty relic falchion of his chapter at his Chosen One's orders, and charges to protect the ancient elder brother of the Templars
  158.         antoine Sinbad manages to make a solid blow against the daemon bull. A he pulls out the weapon a rumble is heard and soon your Helios Land Raider appears on your left flank a Space Wolf standing in the cupola shouting an insult upon the motherhood of the enemy.
  159.         Sinbad  waves
  160.         Sinbad  "Hello!"
  161.         Balmung ++Did you miss me?++
  162.         Anselm  ++Brother! Not a moment too soon!++
  163.         Navarre ++You certainly know how to make an entrance!++
  164.         Balmung ++Ah well there are only so many heretics you can kill before you get bored.++
  165.         antoine The landraider comes to a halt, Space Wolves, Decimus and a Krieger emerging from the interior.
  166.         Balmung charges out of the landraider and goes to assist Anselm
  167.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, Joffery, Omniel, Void Lupines, Bush Rifles, Elona, Storm, Knight, ?, Atlas, Bads, Pat, Sisters,Navarre.”
  168.         =-=     antoine has changed the topic to “Sinbad, Balmung, Anselm, Joffery, Omniel, Void Lupines, Bush Rifles, Elona, Storm, Knight, Extra Bads, Atlas, Bads, Pat, Sisters,Navarre.”
  169.         Anselm  twirls on his foot, cutting at the foes surrounding him before stabbing into one of the riding-beasts.
  170.         Anselm  ++As in days of yore, Brother!++
  171.         antoine The beast dissolves into nothing ad Joffery's storm bolter fire goes wide.
  172.         Omniel  continues to advance, slowing as he prepares to enter the fray, and announcing his presence with a gout of flame directed at the unruly swarm ahead.
  173.         antoine The tongue of flame envelopes the enemy, they scream and run in circles while some pull at their helmets as they melt onto their heads.
  174.         antoine The Bush rifles manage to clear their weapons and down a few more of the heretics.
  175.         antoine Elona tries to charge into the help against the daemons but she is thwarted by their quick movements. The Storm Crusaders join the Space Wolves in a charge to help the Dreadnaught.
  176.         antoine The Storm Crusaders manage to down the Juggernaut Sinbad engaged, Achem Al-Dorn thrusting a power sword down through its neck to vanquish it. The Knights also damage one of the daemon engines.
  177.         Atlas   wildly swings the blade at the Juggernaut.
  178.         Anselm  twists his sword arm, catching a pair of attacks from a Bloodletter and its rider, spinning to immediately follow up on the strikes with his own response. With an downward motion he kills the rider, and cuts into the beast.
  179.         Balmung brings his shield up against the bloodletter's blows
  180.         antoine The warp beast dodges the blow Atlas swung before moving in to strike the Ancient. Atlas swings a foot around that land in and pins the daemon before plunging the weapon to the hilt into the body of the warp beast which soon after evaporates into the warp once more, leaving the Elder Hero victorious once more.
  181.         Balmung ++Who's our new friend?++
  182.         Anselm  ++He calls himself Atlas.++
  183.         antoine Two of the daemonic beasts return to the warp, one of them taking a rider with them.
  184.         Balmung grunts in acknowledgement
  185.         Anselm  eases up, suddenly much less overwhelmed. ++I know not where he is from. I suspect he came from the second Kill-team.++
  186.         Atlas   "Was there ever any doubt? The Emperor's chosen shall always prevail!" Atlas laughs to himself reveling in the thrill of combat.
  187.         Navarre fires at the horde, his shots going wide.
  188.         antoine The Canoness charges in at the daemon under the cover fire her sisters who manage elicit some sparks as their bolters tear through the daemon armour.
  189.         Sinbad  turns around the doop, and redoubles his fury with his Crozius in his other hand and charges into the heretic mob
  190.         Navarre fires a fusilade at the horde, metal storm rounds!
  192.         Sinbad  points at Patriclus with a finger from his off-hand
  193.         Sinbad  "Yes. This handsome man here."
  194.         Sinbad  "He is my brother."
  195.         Balmung swings his axe into the horde of heretics slaying them in droves
  196.         Anselm  cuts into the dwindled group of heretics, pulverizing the last of them with savage swings.
  197.         Anselm  ++Dominatus Imperialis! Well-done, Brothers!++
  198.         Balmung ++Aye++
  199.         Balmung starts to shake like a wet dog and chunks of dirt and dried mud fall off of his armor
  200.         antoine The Bush Rifles have finally made it to the trenches a officer calls back "One of you Bruces have a flamer, we need to cleanse this... Evil."
  201.         antoine flamer?*
  202.         Balmung "Kant has one."
  203.         antoine The gas masked warriors jogs forward with his flamer, igniting the pilot light and washing the part of the collapsed trench where the chaos ritual took place. Those on the far side of the trench would see the flames reflecting in the gas mask's plastic eyes, the Krieger would mumble to himself, muffled to all others as he burned the evil away.
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