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  1. <b><size=30>StinchinStein's SCP Server</size></b>
  2. Everything is currently vanilla, though we might host unique events from time to time.
  4. <color=#777>Rules:</color>
  5. 1) Don't ask for admin/mod.
  6. 2) Mic spam is allowed, but if you do it for a continuous amount of time, you will get kicked.
  7. 3) Don't be a jerk, have fun with others.
  9. <color=#777>Configuration:</color>
  10. Friendly Fire: Disabled
  11. Max Players: 15
  12. Intercom Cooldown: 20 seconds
  13. Intercom Max Speech: 40 seconds
  14. Warhead Start: 90 seconds
  16. StinchinStein#1739
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