Anon and the 3 ponys

Jun 3rd, 2019
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  1. > be anon
  2. > you have been anon for most of your life
  3. > you are stuck in a land of magical ponys who have the mental state of a 6 year old
  4. > after spending almost 4 months with them you found that a few of the main six have a crush on you
  5. > fluttershy sends you small gifts with love letters attached
  6. > most are drawings of her and her animals along with you on a picnic or hugging with most notes saying
  7. Hay anon, i would like to, maybe, someday, do something together. If you dont want to thats fine.
  8. > the cute part was she would hide and wait for you to pick up her gift then she would run away
  9. > maybe one day she will be bold and ask you out or something.
  10. > next is rainbow dash
  11. > shes more open about how she feels about you but isn't in a way
  12. > she will say that you look nice or smell nice but in really odd situations
  13. > like when you are on a jog , she will swoop over and land on your back and hug you
  14. > then give you a sniff and say you smell nice then fly off back to whatever she was doing before spotting you
  15. > the hugs are nice and the complements are a little strange but she is cute
  16. > lastly is twilight
  17. > out of the main six she is the most mature
  18. > like a 8 year old mentally but in a body of a sexy school principal/ librarian
  19. > she had been the only one out of the three to ask you on a date
  20. > a date that never happened due to some big meanie who she and her friends had to give a time out to
  21. > the time out just happened to be a forever one set in stone
  22. > she tried again but on the day you went to pick her up she had other plans that came out out of nowhere
  24. > so begun a new day in equestria as anon, loved buy 3 cute ponys
  25. > you look over at the wall next to your bed that has a few of fluttershys drawings that are the best out of the rest
  26. > as you get out of bed and start to get dressed you see her from your window wrapping up a box and spilling glitter all over the floor as the box opens up with a pop to show a sweater inside
  27. > pretending you didnt see that you make your way to the restroom
  28. > after a quick shit shower and a shave you walk over to the door and greet fluttershy
  29. "Good morning fluttershy, what brings you over so early?"
  30. > she stops mid paper fold and glances up at you, then back to the box that is not put together that well but is just holding
  31. > "Im d-doing fine." She says trying to hide the box and the paper in a hushed tone
  32. > she has courage to talk today, she must have something planed
  33. "Im going to make breakfest soon and wanted to know if you wanted to join me."
  34. > her face is bright red and her as she hugs the box , and for a moment you think you broke her
  35. "Look i love the gifts you make me and i wanted to give you something in return."
  36. >" you .. Love my gifts?"
  37. > All you see is her blue eyes looking over at you and the rest of her cute face
  38. "Of course most of them i have up on my wall or in my special cabinet."
  39. > " really?"
  40. "I have more in my basement in a bin marked Flutterys Art, any other gift is worn as pajamas or as decoration."
  41. > she turns around still trying to hide the gift behind her while sitting on the floor, glitter and some glue in front of her
  42. > "you mean it?"
  43. > you smile a little and get down onto one knee so she can be eye level with you
  44. "I would love to go out with you fluttershy, but first i think we should eat breakfest. Ill make whatever you like."
  45. > her eyes light up and her wings flap a few times before she floated over to you and gave you a big hug
  46. > "thank you." She whispers into your neck as you hug her in return
  47. > you look over at the gift behind her as it pops open again and the sweater inside of it flops to the floor
  48. > it says will you bee mine in a hreat
  49. > normally fluttershy just comes buy every other week and leaves "anonymous" notes
  50. > today must be special
  51. "Whats todays special gift?"
  52. > "its harts and hooves day anon." She says hugging you slightly tighter "and i just got my special somepony to say that he likes me."
  53. > picking up the note and the sweater along with fluttershy in arm you make your way inside to make her whatever she wants
  55. > you are rainbow dash, the fastest flying pony in equestria
  56. > its hearts and hooves day and you have convinced yourself that it was time to ask out anon
  57. > after all those hints he should have asked you out buy now
  58. > must be intimidated buy your coolness
  59. >"yup thats it." You say to yourself while gliding over to anons
  60. > "im are going to knock on his door and -"
  61. > before you can finish that sentence during your landing
  62. > fluttershy is in his house eating food that he made
  63. > "okay calm down rainbow, its not like he's her spe-."
  64. > anon enters the room with a crudely made sweater with fluttershys arts n crafts hoof work written all over it
  65. > from the window you look in and try to read what it has on it
  66. > "wi-will yooou be m-mean? No it says bean."
  67. > why would she want anon to be a bean? Rainbow thaught to herself as she sat under the window pondering what bean stood for
  68. > sadly she couldn't read unless the books had pitures, and maybe anon helping out with some words now and then
  69. > but that doesn't help rainbow dash from trying to figure out what it means
  70. > "ill ask twilight if she knows what beaing a bean means, shes reads books with no pictures in them!"
  71. > and like that the fastest pony in equestria went off in search of knowledge
  73. Meanwhile inside anons house
  74. "Hay did you see something outside?"
  75. > fluttershy looks over at the window then back to anon trying to finish chewing her food
  76. > "it mugh been a bhig burb."
  77. "Strange i ran out of the bird seeds you gave me a few days ago."
  78. > she just shugs and smiles finally finishing her first hay waffle
  79. > some specks of food are on her face so you reach over with a napkin to wipe it off
  80. > her eyes widen a little as you start to reach over, but as you make contact her face scrunches up and she squeaks softly
  81. " you are too cute."
  82. > she giggles a little at that and gently pushes your hand away from her face
  83. > "a-anon stoop." She begins to blush again and trys to hide it buy covering her face with her hair
  85. Over at twilights office with rainbow rudely not reading the note on the door
  86. You are also twilight
  87. >"hay TWILIGHT!" Rainbow yells as she pokes her head into the office after not knocking
  88. >across the room sat a sad twilight at her desk
  89. >"why the long face twi? What is bothering ya." Rainbow then lets herself in and trots over to book smarts desk
  90. "Oh its nothing..."
  91. >"okay cool so i -."
  92. "Its this Stallion you see, i get the courage to ask him out but everytime i plan out a date. SOMETHING ALWAYS HAS TO POP UP!."
  93. >rainbow looks over at spike for help
  94. >hes just reading a comic and just glances up at her, shugs and continues to read his comic
  95. "Rainbow please pay attention, i need your help."
  96. >"isn't this what starlight is for?"
  97. You flop face first on to your desk "shes off with trixy on a mission of friendship remember?"
  98. >rainbow looks off to the window and makes a o with her mouth
  99. >"do you think you can help me figure out a word?"
  100. > you look up at her, didnt she Lisin to what you said.. Ill take her smile as a no
  101. "Okay show me the page you are on so i can help..."
  102. >"oh its not in a book its on anon! Well a sweater he has on."
  103. "Tell me what you think it says then the sentence its with."
  104. >"okay, it says will you be bean or was it mean.. "
  105. Realization hits "wait, who gave him this sweater?"
  106. >"fluttershy duh, she runs our weekly arts n crafts event that you put her in charge of."
  107. >she made it for him, how could she take away your anon.
  108. >you teleport you and rainbow to your room to continue this chat in private
  109. "are you shure that it was fluttershy and not anyother pony?"
  110. >rainbow somewhat dizzy responds with "yea i looked in from his window and saw them hugging echother."
  111. >oh no she made it to second bace with him already... Next they will be hoof holding and then kids
  112. "Why were you looking at them at his window?"
  113. >"you shure have alot of questions twi." She begins to take a step back from you "you still didnt help me with bean."
  114. >why cant you read rainbow..
  116. "It said, will you be mine rainbow."
  117. >her eyes widen and she begins to look around the room as if trying to find something that was not there
  118. >"are.. Are you shure thats what it said? Couldn't have been bean?"
  119. "No it said will you be mine, he has it on, so that means that they are together now."
  120. > she sits down and her wings fold around her acting like arms trying to embrace her "no.."
  121. "What do you mean.. No"
  122. >holding back tears and sniffling she looks over to you "i was going to ask him out." And the tears start to flow
  123. >"i thaught that being cool and complements would make him li-like me.." Sniff
  124. "Did you ever say you liked him at all?"
  125. >she shakes her head really trying to hold back now
  126. >i hope she doesn't start getting hiccups..
  127. >"anon would *hic* help me read. *sniff* and stuff *hic* but i didnt know *hic* that he would just *hic* go with fluttershy."
  128. >she holds herself more and looks over at you for help
  129. "Well she did ask him first.."
  130. >all of rainbows will to hold back her tears breaks and the flood gates open up letting out all the water works
  131. >"she stole him from *hic* me!"
  132. "Why dont you try and get him back?"
  133. >her crying stops, again with that look she has when she gets an idea
  134. >"twilight, that could work! *sniff* thank you." She rushes in for a hug and you return the favor. Then she flys off
  135. "To bad that wont work for me.."
  136. >you look back at your desk thats across the hall and see the paperwork that looms over your seat
  137. "I have work to do.. "
  138. >maybe another time you think to yourself
  139. "Yea maybe another time."
  141. we are with anon and fluttershy who are currently going for a walk to the park to sit and play with the animals as anon carrys fluttershy in his arms
  142. >"you dont have to carry me, i-i can walk."
  143. >other ponys look at the two of you as you pass buy them, some with jealousy and others wonder what it would be like to be carried
  144. "Yea i know shy, but you are too cuddly to let go."
  145. >"aww anon stop it." She giggles and nuzzles into your chest
  146. >if cuteness could kill, you would have been dead long ago
  147. >finally you both make it to the park, and as you find a place to sit you let fluttershy go on and talk with the animals leaving you on a bench
  148. >as she carrys on a conversation with some squirrels about something you rest your head back in the comfort of a nice sweater
  149. >you look up at the sky and start to cloudwatch
  150. >you see a button, a frog like one
  151. "Pepe." You say to yourself and have a sensible chuckle
  152. >now you see one that looks like rainbow dash .. No wait thats really her
  153. >why is she going down right at you
  154. "AwshittytittysRainbowno!"
  155. >before you could move she just barely taps at your nose with a feather and she swoops in and lands sitting next to you in a elegant fashion
  156. >"hay man, hows it goin?" She says looking over at you like she almost didnt knock your head off kinda smile
  157. "Just reeling back from an almost decapitation attempt."
  158. >"i dont know what that means, but i bet it means cool." She raises a eyebrow and smiles smugly at you
  159. > she notices that you don't really seem to be enjoying her coolness and she relaxes a little bit
  160. >"so whats with the sweater its like, a nice day today?"
  161. >Looking down at it you feel a warmth grow within your chest
  162. "Fluttershy made it for me, it might not be on the same scale as Raritys work but it was made with heart. And i like that."
  163. >she looks at it then back to you "you like that type of mushy love stuff?"
  164. "Cant say that i dislike it, its nice to know when you are loved or to know that someone-"
  165. >Before you can finish that thaught rainbow leans over and hugs you
  166. >she holds the hug for some time makeing it awkward for you
  167. >you hug her back and notice that she hasnt been looking at you since she started the hug
  168. >a faint sniffle is comeing from her as well
  169. >oh no something bad has happened, well to them it could be that one of her figures broke and she cant fix it or she lost something she holds dear
  170. "Is everything alright rainbow?"
  171. >she holds you slightly tighter and she covers you with her wings
  172. >"just dont leave me okay."
  173. "Dont worry, thats what are friends for."
  174. >she tenses up at the word friend
  175. >"anon, i would like to ... Be more then that." She looks at you still embracing you in a hug
  176. >shes never been good at showing how she feels, its normally her playing cool or acting like things dont bother her at all or just a quick awkward complement
  177. >but now as you look into her magenta eyes
  178. >you see her pain
  179. >her breath on your neck
  180. >before you can do anything she quickly lets go and pushes off of you takeing off into town
  181. >"hay anon look a brought over some of the animals to meet you." Fluttershy look up at you with some ducks a squirrel two birds and a fox
  182. >"was that rainbow dash?"
  183. "Yea." You say in a sad tone
  185. >you are rainbow dash
  186. >fastest pony in town
  187. >well at flying
  188. >and you are currently going to your happy place
  189. >its a small gathering of clouds close to home that you hide in when you feel overwhelmed or scared
  190. "What am i doing."
  191. >you say to yourself huging a plush of a turtle who you have called tank.
  192. >you bounce tank up and down a bit in your fore hooves hearing a small bell ring inside of him
  193. "I know, but it felt strange. Being so close to him."
  194. >again with tank but ending with a little nub of a leg on the plush pointing back to anon
  195. "Yea your right."
  196. >and with that you give tank a smooch on its little plush head
  197. >and start to take off
  198. >but return a few seconds later to put tank back in the cloud
  199. >laughing to yourself a little you think. Good thing no-one was around to see that
  200. >then you are off again
  201. >back to spend time with anon and fluttershy
  202. > little did any of the three know that a small pink pony was following them around
  203. > and was getting curious as to what was going on between them and strange anon man
  205. >"this one is named lucy goosey and this rabbits name is thump and he lives in a tree, What a fancy place to live! Oh anon did you know that i wanted to be a tree one day? Hmm? What is it little moose?"
  206. >you are anon, and you are only half paying attention to what fluttershy is saying
  207. >you cant get rainbow out of your head
  208. >along with a few other questions as well
  209. >"chirpy birdington wants to rest in your hands is that okay anon?"
  210. "Uhh yea shure?"
  211. > A small green and blue bird lands in your hand and snugles up in between your thumb and finger
  212. >another one decides that your shoulder looked comfy as well
  213. >" Jacques its not nice to land on someone without there permission!" Fluttershy yells this but it sounds like a whisper yell.
  214. >the bird tweets back and shy seems to be offended buy what the bird said
  215. >"i shouldn't have taken you to see that robo ponice movie, its made you a meany head."
  216. >what a strange bird. You swear you can see the eyes glowa faint red
  217. >it takes off looking like it was done talking to shy and so do the rabbits and the ducks
  218. > the fox and bird in your hand are all that remain
  219. >"oh poo, that Jacques and his potty mouth always ruining our meet ups."
  220. "I think you shouldn't invite him anymore if hes going to be like that."
  221. > "but hes chirpys brother and they dont like being appart from echother for too long."
  222. >wait what happened with rainbow?
  223. "Hay fluttershy, whats up with rainbowdash?"
  224. >"what do you mean?" She asked looking up at you while rubbing the back and head of the fox infront of her.
  225. "She swooped in huged me looked me right in the eyes and took off."
  226. >"she gave you a hug? Like a quick friend hug or a special hug."
  227. "What in the world is a special hug?"
  228. >"well its a hug that a daddy and a mommy do when they want a baby, the stork will notice and give them instructions for something. Then a baby arives."
  229. "Okay then, is there anything in between the two hugs?"
  230. >"ive seen cuddles and snuggles but never a in the middle hug."
  231. "well i did see something like little hearts in her eyes when she was that close to me."
  232. >"Anon thats a special type of hug!"
  233. >the fox scurrys away from shy actually yelling and so to with the bird in your hand
  234. >"oops, sorry."
  235. "Its fine, but i still feel weird after that. Like i should have held her longer."
  236. >"but you have on the sweater i made for you, it- it should have." She looks away from you and curls up into a ball
  237. >you want to pick her up and hold her but it seams that the glue she used has finally hardend
  238. >you are stuck, well fuck, you think to yourself and try to slowly move forward
  239. >but a small ripping sound stops you before you can even move an inch
  240. "Dang, hay fluttershy i think i might be stuck to-
  241. >she is sound asleep
  242. >only thing left to do is to try and slip out and figure out how to take it off the seat with a better hands on approach
  243. >you try to slip out whith your shirt on but that also seems to be glued
  244. >time to go shirtless then
  245. >with a bit of a struggle and a few rips in the sweater you make it out
  246. >freedom but now its a little nippy
  247. >so you start to work on yor shirt
  248. >before you can carefully remove the first part your shirt someone lands in your arms
  249. >"heh heh hi anon. Was that a better landing?"
  250. >rainbow is back and looks nervous about something, maybe scarred
  251. "Are you alright rainbow?"
  252. >"yup yup never better hah hah what me nervous nah im rainbowdash yup thats me." She looks over at your shirt thats in what remains of a sweater now with most of the back missing
  253. >she leans over onto your chest and places a hoove on your shoulder
  254. >"wow, you feel smooth."
  255. >again with the eyes, her fur feels soft on your skin like some type of cloud
  256. "Hay whats going on with you, your not acting like yourself."
  257. >"well of course Im myself Im rainbow dash."
  258. >she continues to feel your body, running swimming and helping out around the town carrying ponys who forgot about nap time everyday is paying off.
  260. >be fluttershy
  261. >you just had a horrable time with the animals but a good time with anon and had gotten so peeved when rainbow did a almost special hug that you fell asleep out of frustration
  262. >but now you are slowly wakeing up
  263. >with a few lip smacks you are awake
  264. "Anon?"
  265. >you look around and see his shirt torn up a bit and your sweater as well
  266. >oh no he must be hurt
  267. >i must call for help
  268. >no wait hes right next to the seat
  269. "Anon why are you on the floor?"
  270. >rainbow has her head on his cest as he is gently rubbing her mane
  271. >Daww how cute
  272. >maybe i should join
  274. >meanwhile as rainbow dash
  275. >that was one heck of a cuddle
  276. >i still feel strange
  277. >he feels so nice and his hands
  278. >those have magic fingers
  279. >oh fluttershy is joining us
  280. "Oh hay shy."
  281. >"mind if i cuddle as well?"
  282. >"Come on in." Says anon opening up his other arm
  283. >no hes mine, hes rainbowdash property!
  284. >when she gets somewhat close to you slap your wing at her face and she scrunches up and lands on her butt
  285. >"what was that for."
  286. "I uhh saw a bug."
  287. >"oh okay."
  288. >now you are both cuddling with anon
  289. >who is now on the floor and is zoned out
  290. >makes you wonder what is going on in his head
  292. >your back is on the grass
  293. >pones on your chest
  294. >hwo are you?
  295. >you are anon
  296. >why are they so soft and warm
  297. >you look down and see both of them sleeping on you
  298. >shy is in your right arm with part of her head on your shoulder while rainbow has taken claim to the rest of you
  299. >at the same time you started to look over at rainbow she had been looking at you
  300. >you make eye contact with her
  301. >she looks away just as quickly as she flys
  302. "Dash why arnt you sleeping?"
  303. >she tenses up a little and looks back at you but looks away again
  304. >"I cant sleep."
  305. "Is something wrong, you want me to take you home?"
  306. >"NO!" she lifts her head to face you but looks at fluttershy then back down at you. "I mean, no. I - i want to stay here and lay with you."
  307. "Please just tell me what is wrong i promise not to be mad if you did something wrong, you can trust me."
  308. >she puts her head down to your chest and scoots up closer to your face
  309. >"ive been feeling odd, i dont know how to - uhh."
  310. "Explain it?"
  311. >"yea. Its a odd feeling that if im not with you i might lose you."
  312. >"it grows and gets warm when im with you, like it feels nice to be with you."
  313. >she then nuzzles your neck and takes a small lick
  314. >softly cooing and closeing her eyes resting her head next to yours
  315. >she has feelings for you
  316. >that you dont feel the same in return
  317. >"shes in love with you silly."
  318. >after almost haveing a heart attack you look over at Pinkie Pie who is standing over you.
  319. "How long have you been-"
  320. >"since the first post on 4chan about a week ago."
  321. "What?"
  322. >"nothing, alright big shot you have 3 ponys who love you and all three dont have the courage to tell you for them selfs."
  323. "Alright."
  324. >"no im not one of them."
  325. >its like she can read your
  326. >"thaughts yes and i also know that you would never try to hurt my friends."
  327. >she smiles and nozzles some stuff onto your head
  328. >"all seriousness aside nony, dashi is deeply in love with you shyshy has a schoolfillycrush on you and twiggle wants to cuddle deeply with you but has too much school stuff."
  329. "What is with the cables."
  330. >"nothing you should worry about."
  331. >she smiles and starts to type out something on a typewriter as a light starts to glow on your head.
  332. >"oki doki your all good and in the clear."
  333. "Again what is this for?"
  334. >"make me a promise to love them as you did her before you got here."
  335. "wait who?"
  336. >"Just take care of them and love them dearly, promise me that you will?"
  337. " of course I will why would i ever try to hurt any of them."
  338. >she gets so close that her nose is pressing against your forehead
  339. >"okay doki but still, pinky pie swear to me that you will, i need to have that certainty."
  340. "Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my -"
  341. >pinkie pie then pulls out a cupcake from her mane and places it in your mouth
  342. >"thanks nonny."
  343. >she then removes the wires away from your head and some of the other machines that lowered into the ground from the secret trap door she used to get here without you noticing.
  344. >she then slowly shuts the door while waving goodbye.
  345. >so you lay there with a cupcake in your mouth and 2 pones on your chest
  346. >one loves you and the other has a crush on you but both are to scared to tell you upfront.
  347. >also you made a promise to love them and take care of them
  348. >but you cant love all three of them at the same time cant you?
  350. >You are sleeping at a desk
  351. >in a school
  352. >you are twilight sparkle and just got woken up buy a knocking on your chamber door
  353. "Never more." You respond half awake and half glued to a students work
  354. >"hay twi we are back from that friendship problem!"
  355. >starlight glimmer walks in with trixy in toe
  356. >"I The Great And Powerful Trixy Have Helped Out Too!
  357. >glimmer pats trixy on the shoulder and gives her a smile.
  358. >"you did good today, why dont you go home and practice your magics?"
  359. >"The Great And Powerful Trixy Will Do So! See You Later Shim Glim!"
  360. >and with a puff of smoke trixy still stood there for a moment before running down the hall
  361. >you and glimmer act as if she disappeared
  362. "How did it go if you dont mind me asking."
  363. >glim trots over to your other seat and sighs contently
  364. >"trixy got into some truble but it wasn't anything to bad thankfully."
  365. >its nice that she has trixy help out the other "special" ponys who need aid just like her
  366. "Was she able to do any basic magic yet?"
  367. >"not yet but even if shes our age she should be able to do it someday."
  368. "Im glad, now that you are back."
  369. >you point to the huge amount of papers on your desk
  370. >"need help again?"
  371. >you rest your head on the table back onto the pillow that was the students written exam on Edgar withers ponice pome of the mocking raven
  372. "Yea i might have to give this studen an easy A+ thanks to me falling alseep again."
  373. >she leans forward and can see the trail of spit that ruins the paper
  374. >"again? And its the same student as well."
  375. >alarmed you look over the paper to try and find the name
  376. >"relax im just jokeing, the last one was ron jermane."
  377. >you fall back into your chair and let out a grone
  378. >"at least he got into the film industry like he always wanted."
  379. "Not helping."
  380. >"why dont i take over and you go out with your big green special somepony for the rest of the day."
  381. >you get back up and just stare into her eyes
  382. >she has a point
  383. >yiu should go
  384. "I should go, thanks."
  385. >and with a wink and a wave goodbye. You are off to find anon
  387. >you lean up holding onto two ponys who have fallen alseep in your arms
  388. >if you didnt get up you would have fallen asleep as well
  389. >both look simply adorable in your arms as you look down at them
  390. >"oh my goodness darling why are you nakey?"
  391. >you look over to the left of you and there is rarity
  392. "Oh hay there marshmallow im so glad to see you."
  393. >"not another word" she then reaches into her saddle bag and pulls out another shirt of yours that will go well if you ever had a suit
  394. >"i was on my way over and just saw your back bare and had to give this to you before you got sick."
  395. >she has yet to notice flutter and rainbow in your arms since she is averting her gase
  396. "Ge thanks rarity, i wish i could put it on but my hands are filled right now."
  397. >she gives you a side glance and quickly looks away with a blush on her face
  398. >"yes i see that, i didnt know you were into public showing of effection like that anon." She smirks then continued "I will start planning the 3 of your marriage dresses and the rest of your suit when i get back."
  399. "Its not like."
  400. >she puts a hoof over your mouth
  401. >"its okay to be passionate when you are in love but remember that this is a public park."
  402. >she starts to trot away with a little bit of a pep in her step
  403. "Par coreing her way to a conclusion as usual."
  404. >you gently let fluttershy down along with rainbow on to your old messed up shirt and horribly messed up sweater and wrap them up
  405. >then put on your new shirt
  406. "No longer nipply."
  408. >after looking around the major dateing spots and not finding anon you see rarity with a look that says "i just finished the best romance book yet"
  409. "Rarity hay!"
  410. >she looks over at you and giggles with a huge blush on her face
  411. >"hay twi i just so happen to see something simply scandalous and i must tell you about it!"
  412. "Alright ill lend you an ear, but have you seen anon around?"
  413. >her smile grows bigger and her blush deepens
  414. >"you see, thats what im talking about!"
  415. >wha?
  416. "Wha?"
  417. >"oh yes, i was on my way to his house when i saw him nakey in the park getting it on with our friends fluttershy and rainbow dash! I bet in no time at all the stork will make its way over to them."
  418. >the rest of what she said is being droned out buy the ever growing darkness from within your mind
  419. >this is what happens when you dont act
  420. >when you dont have time
  421. >when you keep pushing away the one you love
  422. >you must see it for yourself
  423. >"hay i wasnt done speeking." rarity shouts back as you run off in the detection of anons last appearance
  424. >"ill just tell you later at the wedding dress fittings!"
  425. >she wont get to you
  426. >you wont let her
  427. >anon will love you
  428. >and you will win him back
  429. "What ever it takes."
  431. >you open your eyes and look up to the sky and see
  432. >anon is just holding you cuddled up with somepony
  433. >who will not let you go
  434. "Can you pleade let me go?"
  435. >"no i will not let you go."
  436. "Anon she wont let me go."
  437. >he has been watching all this carry on while on his way back home.
  438. "rainbow let me goooo."
  439. >"nooooo."
  440. >anon then looked up "oh look thunderbolt and lightning."
  441. >you are very very frightened
  442. >"anon!"
  443. "Who is it, is it a monster!"
  444. >you scream gently as you hold rainbowdash for dear life
  445. >"ive been looking for you all day! *huff* paper work is not good for cardio."
  446. >You peak over the shirt blanket with your ears to the sides then smile as you see your friend
  447. "Hi twilight."
  449. >"hi twilight."
  450. "No way your done with all that work."
  451. >you yell from the comfort of the shirt castle that smells like anon
  452. >there talking carrys on but you fall back asleep
  453. >in the dream you are in a sailor like outfit like back in hay school witch turned out to not be about hay
  454. "This is strange..."
  455. >you are sitting on a bench alone like back then
  456. >"hay hows it going speedy."
  457. >from behind you walked anon the coolest kid in school
  458. >not only did he have 2 cookies in his lunch but he had the best imagination ever!
  459. >and he is talking to you
  460. "Uhh you know fast."
  461. >he smiles and looks around "is the seat next to taken?"
  462. >ohmygoshohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh
  463. "Eh hem, nes its empty."
  464. >what was that
  465. >he just continues to smile as he walls over and sits next to you
  466. >"i see why you are sitting here."
  467. "You do?"
  468. >how? I just sit here Because i dont have friends just fans
  469. >"the sky looks amazing and the fountain adds to it as well."
  470. >well yea you are the sports team captain, they even gave you a neat hat. You know whats cool and whats not cool and what you are doing right now is way beyond cool
  471. "Heh yea i always rest and just look at things."
  472. >nice
  473. >"im glad, hay i have a question ive been meaning to ask you."
  474. >i bet its about getting a signature on a poster, just another fan.. You nod
  475. >"the fall formal is comeing up and i wanted to know."
  476. >fall formal?
  477. >"would you like to go with me?" He then presents to you a horse shoe pendent
  478. "Sweet kiks signature your welcome you look great."
  479. >what the heck was that
  480. "I mean yea, but why me?"
  481. >"its because you are the fastest and coolest in this school."
  482. >yea i am
  484. >rainbow shiffs slightly in your arms
  485. >"i am the coolest right anon?"
  486. "Yea you are."
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