WarpedRealm release 1.13

Aug 27th, 2022
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  1. Release 1.13 Changes:
  2. - Updated the server to 1.18.2, and because of that fixed a bunch of errors that came up (including old ones that existed before)
  3. - Fixed a few errors with the Auction House not unlocking sell slots properly
  4. - Fixed an error with quests sometimes not being given out properly when too many got successfully completed
  5. - Fixed an error with the "place blocks" quest not working at all
  6. - Fixed an error with the forge not opening when shift rightclicking a crafting table
  7. - Fixed sorting not working
  8. - Fixed an issue with nametags of NPCs not rendering properly
  9. - Crates work properly again
  10. - Fixed mentioning in the chat not pinging / leaving weird fragments in the chat
  11. - Fixed the Mythical Hunter job not paying out
  12. - Fixed the Orc Mobs not having a skin and having no proper name
  13. - Fixed /repair not properly accounting for Rarity tax
  14. - Fixed regions at spawn not registering properly and allowing random mobs to spawn in hollow places
  15. - Fixed a few false anticheat flags
  16. - Fixed Hologram-Placeholders not registering, especially the ones with the store-stats at spawn
  17. - Fixed the TCP Protection being half broken and letting through random shit
  19. This update now also introduces the new Tutorial that everyone can go through, but isnt mandatory for players that aren't new to the server (but if you want a neat lil staff you can just go to /warp tutorial).
  20. It might me fairly texty, but it describes everything 10 times better than the hologram cloud thing before.
  21. To go there just /warp tutorial and start off.
  22. The old tutorial also got removed, while something new will be built there in the future, but for now the way is blocked off.
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