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  1. Application
  3. 1.
  5. Username: Deterno
  7. Discord username (must have a discord): I believe that's Deterno as well.
  9. Age: 14
  11. Timezone: GMT 10:00+ (Australia, Sydney)
  13. How much time can you give to Minehut per week? Each week, I'd moderate for at the minimum of 24 hours (all days collected), if not, I'll aim for 43 hours minimum and 46 hours at maximum! ;) Minehut is my favourite server, and I really don't understand why I wouldn't do my best to make it a better place. ;-)
  15. "I can perform my duties at minimum, 4 times a week for 4 hours each day, and over the weekends, I'd go with 8 hours full of duties. If I take one week off, I hope you guys allow me and take me into consideration for doing that because my studies and work is really important to me. ;-)"
  16. Over all on warzone, if my maximum per week is 46 hours, I'd spend around 30 hours maximum on warzone, and minimum of 23. I love your warzone gamemode, and I'm working with a few friends to make a similar gamemode in player servers called 'Control Points' where you're on a team and go have to capture all the wool to win! Hopefully it'll turn out good and we get plenty of players to join! :->
  18. Are you bilingual? Yes, I can speak English and Italian fluently.
  20. Do you have a microphone? Yes, I do.
  22. How long have you been playing Minecraft? Around late 2010.
  24. Do you have experience moderating servers or communities? Yes, I really do have a good experience. One mainly being on minehut player servers, and another server I moderate and play a lot. TotalFreedom, It's a free op server and I've been with it for three years. I've learnt a lot of things from it, and I still am. TotalFreedom is an all OP server or a 'Do-What-Ever' server where you can do what ever you want, but there are some blocked commands hardcoded in the mod/plugin that makes it so only staff can ban etc. We also have custom commands and so on to make our server amazing. Although we get 30 people on an average scale a day, we have a number of admins who administrate the server and prevent griefs/unfair play. And I am one of them. What my job is to have the console and admin in-game and to watch out for the griefers who are some-how doing untraceable griefs and ban them asap. ** Why do you want to become staff?** I would really like the opportunity to be staff on minehut because I love the whole concept and the nice community, I can offer minehut a very valuable staff member to the community, due to the fact that I'm a very humble, kind and mature person in my own opinion, and if my application does get accepted, I'd really like myself to be a Jr.Moderator, nothing higher, just a low staff, Jr.Mod. If not, please consider me next time you pick a staff member, because I'll always be a choice on your list ;3
  26. I've been playing minehut for over a year; (last year before Luuke had to shutdown the server for whatever reason, I think it was for either school work or college), and I use to have so much fun those days until the server shut down and later I forgot it existed. But then I was searching 'Good server hosts' until I found minehut, better than before. Then I came on, I was nicely welcomed, and I enjoyed my stay back on minehut, and I'm going to continue to have all the fun I was having before it shut down! :D
  28. I will also be active on your chats provided, Slack, possibly Skype, and Teamspeak. I do love having online conversations with people and helping people online, but sometimes there must be a limit since technically, I'm not allowed to talk to strangers, and I need to watch out for myself just incase someone has the power to Dox me or expose private information about me; which has happened before.
  30. I can be a little joker, but most of all an amazing, fun, and cool player on your server. I actively play warzone, especially when there aren't any staff on during my timezone, and before when we had 1.9 (before 1.9.4), we had plenty of hackers, and soon there will be 1.9.4 hacks and they'll be across our servers, not to mention the amount of rule breakers aside of that. If I were to be staff on your server, I'd act kindly and justly on warzone, be active there and make sure it's a fun place for everyone, and that everyone plays fairly with each other. Whenever I see someone hack, I turn on my recording system and record their hacks, then publish it to my youtube channel on unlisted. I then ban the player and make sure I have evidence. I need the evidence just incase they go to appeal and start saying 'Oh. Your staff are horrible, I got banned for hacks when I didn't hack. Your staff abuse!' and when they do that, I have evidence to come back at them and remind them of their hacks they were using. Even if I don't get staff, I'll still be recording hackers and making hacker reports! If someone is breaking the rules by Spamming, Cussing, Bypassing filters, I'd just take a screenshot and punish them by muting them or removing them from the server with a /tempban or a simple /kick. I don't stand for people namecalling others and teasing them or so on. Same goes with hackusating, if you hackusate, make sure you actually have evidence prior for the person hacking to get banned. Another thing I've noticed, is donators joining the 'better' teams. Which I find very unfair because I was in a situation that was a 2v7 and it was very unfair. No staff joined that whole round! I really do not stand up for unfair teams, and when I see it, I'd warn a donator to go to the other team, and if they refuse, I'd first kick them, then move on to a second warning, then tempban.
  32. I have made a lot of friends on the way through minehut, and I've brought some of my own. My friends would say that I am loyal, trustworthy, fair and a great friend to be friends with. I know all the rules on minehut, and just normal rules in general, and how to enforce them on the server correctly whether it'd be in the lobby, warzone ranked or on player servers. Of course, I'll also be following them whether I get picked for staff or not. I think the minehut staff team could use someone like me because I really do know how to punish someone, and what to punish them for. I also fit in very fast! My goal on minehut is to reach a staff rank and fulfil and enforce the minehut rules over the community, and just normal rules in general. I also want to keep the server fresh and clean from the people who flood chat advertising for people to join their server, grief other servers, or break any rules whether it'd be in the lobby or in warzone/ranked. I wouldn't be punishing players in player servers because I don't have the right since I'm not a staff ranked player there and I'm not moderating on there, so I just stick to what minehut offers to their players. I also don't like the people who try to mini-mod to get staff example: Non-staff players saying 'Warning 1/3 - Don't advertise'. They only do that for attention, and to be staff or act like staff/get staff. Which I totally do not agree in. The closest thing I am to mini-modding is telling people to stop what they're doing, and I'll report them to get a staff member to deal with them. And the people that say I'm mini-modding, I'd like to say that I don't try to mini-mod. I'm just trying to enforce the rules on the server and attempt to make it fun and enjoyable for others.
  34. How could you positively impact our community? I'm sure I've already answered that in the question above, but why not add more to it?
  36. I can help and assist players in the Minehut Community by telling them all about Minehut, and what Minehut is about and how to use it, as well as answering any of their questions and fixing their problems. As I moderate on your player servers, I always try to enforce the rules within the community that I'm staff on, because it makes me feel like a better person and I'm acting justly to make sure the community is a more fun, more enjoyable and safer place. I can also understand when a problem is happening, and I always like to listen to both sides of the story, and I like handling out problems and issues with players fighting. I'm also on the hub a lot just waiting for people to talk to if I don't find anyone nice, and if I don't start conversations, I probably leave and join warzone or find a player server. If not, I always like to talk to and play around with staff members on the hub. I've also had a massive amount of experience with being a staff member, whether it's going to be offline Minehut, on my own server or just Minehuts provided Player Servers which I find very enjoyable. You can find some of my experience on staff on other servers in the first few statements!
  38. Why should we pick you over anyone else?
  40. Honestly, it's your choice who you pick for staff, I'm not going to brag at being a better staff member then the other people applying, even if someone else gets accepted and I don't, I'm still going to try my hardest to get accepted anyways, and I'll keep persisting to get it. That's what I mostly do on the servers I like that I'd like to be staff on. You can expect those nice qualities from me when I become a staff member.
  42. Anything else about you we should know? My name is Nicholas. I'm 14 years old (born in 2002), and I'm located in Australia with the timezone of GMT 1000+ (Australian Eastern Standard Time). I, myself think I am a very mature person, and I'd rate myself 7.5/10. I do like joking around and trying to be funny, but when the time comes to act professionally because I'm a staff member and I need to take stuff seriously, I can get very serious when the matter requires me to be serious.
  43. I love playing on your server and your community, minehut, even though it is harsh at sometimes, and maybe I act harsh as an effect of that, but I still enjoy helping out the server and overall having fun. I like helping servers and building larger player-server communities for my own enjoyment and for others. I wouldn't rage if I don't get my way and grief the whole server, but if I'm having a mental illness where I get mad, I'd just get off my PC all together and have a slim break.
  44. I like to play Tennis, as I have a great future a head in that, because ever since I was little I always wanted to ascend my strength and hit the ball with real power to demolish my opponent, until I met soccer, I still play both sports, but playing soccer was a life changer for me, being able to play soccer and show off my skills was amazing for me and my friends. I'm still doing multiple sports, and soon I'll go with rugby and see how far and tremendous I could go with that. Right now, I'm in an A-Team in Soccer, D team in Rugby, and a High standard Tennis Player.
  45. As I've grown up through school, I've been receiving outstanding reports, some A's, majority B's and a chance of C. I've been through a lot of social experiments and groups in my school, one called 'Gifted and Talented', where we had to create a speech on how we address the internet to our school, and have a safe and overwhelming community. I was then in an Anti-CyberBullying group where we had permission to spy on people's chats in our grades and made sure they were doing the right things, we didn't have permission to major things, just permission to be invisible and for us to just watch the chats, and make sure that our community wouldn't have a horrid or anarchy in the chat. In other words, I was a 'chat mod' ;-) I was also born in Italy until I moved over to Australia, and learnt English as well as my home language, Italian, and I'm able to translate Italian or Spanish speech to English to help the community!
  46. I'm also a very good builder, In my spare time, I go onto a single player world and build anything I have in my brain. It's usually a good design, but I'm sure a lot of people could probably build something better with more detail. I can also code, I've coded many plugins before, and am still coding plugins, Minehut, if you need help, I could help you ;3 I also like to go on good and famous pvp servers like Badlion or MCSG (recently went down) and practice my pvp skills there. When I pvp, I like to shoot someone with a bow (to lower their health and do knockback damage to them so I can get a good combo on them) or just rod them so they take knockback and I can get sweet hits. I'm not the best pvper on those servers I just mentioned, but I think I'm a great pvper here because not many people here are good like I am.
  47. Along the way as I've played minehut, I've made extremely good friends that later ended up being staff; Pixils, Zann, Pixelific. They probably don't remember me, but I really do respect them and look up to them.
  49. ===
  51. Recently, I've been a bit upset because a family member recently died. If you've seen me have a little attitude, I'm sorry about that, I've gotten over the sadness because of the family member, RIP, and won't have an attitude. This is mainly to Senpia.
  53. Thankyou for reading my application, since I really care about helping the community, I put as much effort as I can, and spent hours on the application.
  55. Regards, Deterno
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