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  1. options:
  2.     prefix : &7
  3.     defaultperm : clan.use
  4.     noperm : You don't have permission to do this.
  5.     cmds : Commands
  8. on chat:
  9.     if {clan.%player%} is set:
  10.         set chat format to "%player's displayname% &6[%{clan.%player%}%] &8| &7%message%"
  13. command /clan [<text>] [<text>] [<text>]:
  14.     trigger:
  15.         player has permission "{@defaultperm}":
  16.             arg-1 isn't set:
  17.                 execute player command "/clan help"
  18.             arg-1 is "help":
  19.                 send "{@prefix} {@cmds}:"
  20.                 send "{@prefix} /clan create <NAME> <TAG>"
  21.                 send "{@prefix} /clan promote <PLAYER>"
  22.                 send "{@prefix} /clan demote <PLAYER>"
  23.                 send "{@prefix} /clan invite <PLAYER>"
  24.                 send "{@prefix} /clan msg <MESSAGE>"
  25.                 send "{@prefix} /clan accept <NAME>"
  26.                 send "{@prefix} /clan deny <NAME>"
  27.                 send "{@prefix} /clan kick <PLAYER>"
  28.                 send "{@prefix} /clan disband [<CONFIRM>]"
  29.                 send "{@prefix} /clan list"
  30.                 send "{@prefix} /clan leave"
  31.                 send "{@prefix} /clan sethome"
  32.                 send "{@prefix} /clan /home"
  33.             arg-1 is "create":
  34.                 arg-3 is set:
  35.                     {clan.%player%} is set:
  36.                         send "{@prefix} You're already in a clan. Use /clan leave."
  37.                         stop
  38.                     loop {tags::*}:
  39.                         loop-value is "%arg-3%":
  40.                             send "{@prefix} The tag is already in use."
  41.                             stop
  42.                     loop {clans::*}:
  43.                         loop-value is "%arg-2%":
  44.                             send "{@prefix} The clan name is already in use."
  45.                             stop
  46.                     set {clan.%player%} to "%arg-2%"
  47.                     set {clantag.%player%} to "%arg-3%"
  48.                     add "%arg-2%" to {clans::*}
  49.                     add "%arg-3%" to {tags::*}
  50.                     set {tag.%arg-2%} to arg-3
  51.                     add player to {players.%arg-2%::*}
  52.                     set {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} to player
  53.                     send "{@prefix} The clan %arg-2% [%arg-3%] has been created by %player%."
  54.             arg-1 is "promote":
  55.                 arg-2 is set:
  56.                     {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} is player:
  57.                         player is arg-2:
  58.                             send "{@prefix} You're the leader of the clan."
  59.                             stop
  60.                         loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  61.                             loop-value-1 is "%arg-2%":
  62.                                 loop {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  63.                                     loop-value-2 is "%arg-2%":
  64.                                         send "{@prefix} %arg-2% is already a moderator."
  65.                                         stop
  66.                                 add arg-2 to {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*}
  67.                                 send "{@prefix} You set %arg-2% as a moderator of the clan."
  68.                                 stop
  69.                     else:
  70.                         send "{@prefix} You aren't the leader of the clan."
  71.             arg-1 is "demote":
  72.                 arg-2 is set:
  73.                     {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} is player:
  74.                         player is arg-2:
  75.                             send "{@prefix} You're the leader of the clan."
  76.                             stop
  77.                         loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  78.                             loop-value-1 is "%arg-2%":
  79.                                 loop {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  80.                                     loop-value-2 is "%arg-2%":
  81.                                         send "{@prefix} %arg-2% has been demoted to member."
  82.                                         remove arg-2 from {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*}
  83.                                         stop
  84.                                 send "{@prefix} %arg-2% isn't a moderator."
  85.                                 stop
  86.                     else:
  87.                         send "{@prefix} You aren't the leader of the clan."
  88.             arg-1 is "invite":
  89.                 arg-2 is set:
  90.                     set {arg-2} to "%arg-2%" parsed as offlineplayer
  91.                     "%{arg-2}%" is not "%player%"  
  92.                     {clan.%arg-2%} isn't set:
  93.                         {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} is player:
  94.                             loop {requests.%arg-2%::*}:
  95.                                 loop-value is {clan.%player%}:
  96.                                     send "{@prefix} You've already sent a request to that player!"
  97.                                     stop
  98.                             add {clan.%player%} to {requests.%arg-2%::*}
  99.                             send "{@prefix} You've sent a request to %arg-2%."
  100.                             send "{@prefix} You've received a request from %player% to his clan %{clan.%player%}%." to {arg-2}
  101.                             send "{@prefix} Use /clan accept %{clan.%player%}% to accept." to {arg-2}
  102.                             stop
  103.             arg-1 is "chat":
  104.                 arg-2 is set:
  105.                     {clan.%player%} is set:
  106.                         loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  107.                             send "{@prefix} &8[%{clan.%player%}%] &7%arg-2%" to loop-value
  108.             arg-1 is "accept":
  109.                 arg-2 is set:
  110.                     loop {requests.%player%::*}:
  111.                         loop-value is arg-2:
  112.                             remove arg-2 from {requests.%player%::*}
  113.                             add player to {players.%arg-2%::*}
  114.                             set {clan.%player%} to arg-2
  115.                             send "{@prefix} You've joined the clan %{clan.%player%}%."
  116.                             loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  117.                                 send "{@prefix} %player% joined your clan." to loop-value-2
  118.             arg-1 is "deny":
  119.                 arg-2 is set:
  120.                     loop {requests.%player%::*}:
  121.                         loop-value is arg-2:
  122.                             remove arg-2 from {requests.%player%::*}
  123.                             send "{@prefix} You've denied the request."
  124.                             send "{@prefix} Your request to %player% has been denied" to {clan.leader.%loop-value%}
  125.             arg-1 is "kick":
  126.                 arg-2 is set:
  127.                     set {arg-2} to "%arg-2%" parsed as offlineplayer
  128.                     {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} is player:
  129.                         loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  130.                             loop-value is arg-2:
  131.                                 remove arg-2 from {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}
  132.                                 delete {clan.%arg-2%}
  133.                                 send "{@prefix} You were kicked from the clan %{clan.%arg-2%}%." to {arg-2}
  134.                                 stop
  135.                         send "{@prefix} This player isn't in your clan."
  136.                     else:
  137.                         send "{@prefix} You aren't the leader of the clan."
  138.             arg-1 is "disband":
  139.                 {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%} is player:
  140.                     arg-2 is "confirm":
  141.                         loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  142.                             remove loop-value from {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}
  143.                             remove {tag.%{clan.%player%}%} from {tags::*}
  144.                             remove {clan.%player%} from {clans::*}
  145.                             send "{@prefix} The clan has been deleted." to loop-value
  146.                             delete {clan.%loop-value%}
  147.             arg-1 is "list":
  148.                 {clan.%player%} is set:
  149.                     send "{@prefix} &bClan-Members:"
  150.                     arg-2 is set:
  151.                         send "{@prefix} You can't see the list of players of other clans!"
  152.                     send ""
  153.                     loop {players.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  154.                         set {already.%loop-value-1%} to false
  155.                         loop {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*}:
  156.                             loop-value-2 is loop-value-1:
  157.                                 send "{@prefix} &b- %loop-value-1%"
  158.                                 set {already.%loop-value-1%} to true
  159.                         {already.%loop-value-1%} is false:
  160.                             loop-value-1 is {clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%}:
  161.                                 send "{@prefix} &4- %loop-value-1%"
  162.                             else:
  163.                                 send "{@prefix} &7- %loop-value-1%"
  164.                     send ""
  165.             arg-1 is "info":
  166.                 {clan.%player%} is set:
  167.                     arg-2 is set:
  168.                         send "{@prefix} &bClan-Info:"
  169.                         send "{@prefix} Name: %arg-2%"
  170.                         send "{@prefix} Tag: %{tag.%arg-2%}%"
  171.                         send "{@prefix} Leader: %{clan.leader.%arg-2%}%"
  172.                     else:
  173.                         send "{@prefix} &bClan-Info:"
  174.                         send "{@prefix} Name: %{clan.%player%}%"
  175.                         send "{@prefix} Tag: %{tag.%{clan.%player%}%}%"
  176.                         send "{@prefix} Leader: %{clan.leader.%{clan.%player%}%}%"
  177.             arg-1 is "sethome":
  178.                 if {clan.%player%} is set:
  179.                     if {mods.%{clan.%player%}%::*} contains "%player%":
  180.                         set {clan.home.%{clan.%player%}%} to location of player
  181.                         send "{@prefix} &7Successfully created clan home! &7&o( %{clan.home.%{clan.%player%}%}% )"
  182.                     else:
  183.                         send "{@prefix} You need to be mod and above to set home!"
  184.                 else:
  185.                     send "{@prefix} &7You are not on a clan!"
  186.             arg-1 is "home":
  187.                 if {clan.%player%} is set:
  188.                     if {clan.home.%{clan.%player%}%} is set:
  189.                         teleport player to {clan.home.%{clan.%player%}%}
  190.                         send "{@prefix} &7Successfully teleported you to your Clan's home"
  191.                     else:
  192.                         send "{@prefix} &7You do not have a home set yet! /clan sethome"
  193.                 else:
  194.                     send "{@prefix} &7You are not on a clan!"
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