BFDIA 5b WR 9/18/18 Address

Sep 18th, 2018
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  1. When I am writing this, today is September 18th, 2018. Five years ago in 2013 I was just a kid in Malaysia thinking of how to solve all the puzzles in the game. Now I’m the world record holder in one of my favorite games. Solarlake’s world record time from 537 days ago has finally been shattered.
  3. When I saw my time at the end, I shook. I was at a loss for words. This game has been so important to me, I even launched project on the BFDI wiki to give every level a page. All my time watching speedruns, watching videos about speedruns, trying speedrunning myself, finding how to optimally play a game, and analyzing 5b harder than I ever had before finally payed off. The minutes afterwards while screenshotting my time, I was still shaking. It feels like a won a gold trophy, like I just achieved a life accomplishment.
  5. This is in no way going to be my best run, not even close. Not just because with enough tries almost any record can be broken, but because there’s a lot of room for improvement. As they say, mistakes were made.
  7. So now about how I did it. Over the last week I hunted the internet for every single possible skip, glitch, and technique I could use to lower my time. I’m sure you are all curious about my methods, but I’m thinking if releasing a document I’ve been writing with all my notes. I might even make a video about it.
  9. You see, for the last few weeks I have had no computer since I recently moved to college. This means any schoolwork or desktop time had to be done in a computer lab that’s a fifteen minute walk from where I live. When I was away, I couldn’t stop thinking about 5b. It never left my mind, it kept bugging me how much potential the game had and how much I needed to discover. I grinded these past five days, with today playing for about four hours before breaking the world record.
  11. Happy 1-day-late birthday to Dunkel Blau, whose full-game TAS was my biggest inspiration to speedrun this game. Although that TAS was 102% and I did Any%, this is the first case of completing Level 52 with 21 minutes in the in-game time.
  13. Well, I will likely be back at this game. Hopefully with my new computer I can record myself gaming or even stream it. See you guys later.
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