Crescents of Dawn

Apr 24th, 2015
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  1. The Crescents of Dawn (AKA Balancers of Fate) are a Title worn by the Mechanicus Presence around Settra, on the moons Khalida, Neferata, and Nekaph
  3. During the Great Crusade the Planet Settra was found under siege by Orks, Warboss Apawfist had used two massive warhulks to collide two of the Moons into eachother, creating a big explosion, the plan was to loot the planet for stuff for his Meks, The Mekboys and Mad Doks favoring the creation of cybernetic troops from gretchin. The Mechanicus were a Legio Cybernetica Force working in Tandem with the Thousand Sons to liberate the enslaved planet and repair it's ailing bio-sphere. Creating Space stations on the largest parts of the remains of Neferata and Nekaph, and for Symmetry, hollowing out Kalida, Making the Thee Moons into a Three part Forge world. For their Role in the Planet's repair, the Natives refer to them as the Balancers of Fate, or the Crescents of Dawn, names that have over time taken to refer themselves as.
  5. After the Orks had been wiped out/removed, the Mechanicus stayed to manage the Planet's recourses while the Thousand Sons moved on in the Crusade.
  7. In its Heyday Settra was a gleaming futuristic world, vast beautiful art deco cities hovering above a pristine and unspoiled garden world, After the Orks, what was left of these metropolises were being looted by greenskins or becoming one with the rusty deserts. Not Trusting the now Technically lacking natives with these remains, The Mechanicus took as many of the structures they could salvage and integrated them into their Forge Moons, the Combination of Cross cultural pollination due to constant proximity with the Feudal world has led to a blend of the world's original Art Deco sensibilities with the new Thousand Sons Inspired design themes.
  9. Unbeknownest to the AdMech or the Thousand Sons, the Planet had been Visited by the Triarch, who had averted the planet's total destruction from orbital decay to preserve the tomb world beneath, before the Orks moved in to invade they Impressed some of their cultural sensibilities into them which unwittingly was reinforced by the Thousand sons after them, leading to the same Necron love of pyramids as the Egyptians (who they may have also inspired)
  11. After the Necron Revelation (see Settra) a band of Hereteks formed within the Ad Mech focused on learning of Necron technology and working in tandem with the necrons even, to the point of joining them on their operations vie the tomb world's stargate. Unwilling to cause a civil war with an already tenuous state of reconstruction and risk liability for the Existence of the Hereteks, They tolerated this and set in motion the Secret treaty, No Hereteks can be allowed to be traced back to Settra or it's moons in the events they are supporting the Necrons in a fight against imperial forces. Officially the Crescents of Dawn Condemn them as vile lunatics to be exterminated, Unofficially, they are brash fools playing with fire at worst, and useful eccentrics at best, given that their research has led to some genuine improvements which again must be kept close to the vest for fear of gaining imperial suspicion.
  13. Ultimately their leadership understands that they are all Hereteks now and only their secrecy will keep them alive
  16. Named characters to come
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