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  1. When V.I. Lenin was born, no one knew that he would be the leader of the Communists, whom we remember today. He was a great man. Lenin went to school, sometimes guys pester him. It ended with a showdown in the schoolyard. Lenin did not like to fight, but he had to defend himself or defend his friends.
  3. In addition to school, Vladimir Ilyich went to work, because in those days money was needed to at least somehow feed himself. The shelves in the store were almost empty, bread products were given on cards, and Vladimir Ilyich lived NI as a rich citizen, and like all the people who surround him. He ran and handed out leaflets, walked the streets with a huge bundle of books, ran to the cars and sold them cigarettes. I don’t know how Vladimir Ilyich became a leader; probably he somehow showed himself to people. When he ascended the "throne", he began to lead all people into the future of the Communists. V.I. Lenin tried to make sure that there was more food on the shelves and so that there was less unemployment. He certainly succeeded, but not for long. Crops in villages did not always produce good crops, sometimes the crop simply died. Lenin loved children very much. At the parades, he took the child and carried it in his arms. People did not mind that their child was led by a leader. When the October Revolution began, panic began in the country. Vladimir Ilyich could not restrain people, he had to reassure them by force. All guys over 16 years old were sent to war. Some people were afraid and hiding. After a while, they were found and sentenced to death. Because of the revolution in the country, a hunger strike began. Almost no bread was brought, there was no water anywhere. If they brought it, they gave us a piece of bread, and half a mug of water. Some could not even get to the car with food, as those seized by hunger lay on the floor and died. It was hard for V.I. Lenin to look at everything that was happening. He could not give people more food, just because the Germans came closer and closer to the Kremlin. They burned crops, took food from old people and women by force, then the Germans shot people in the village and burned it. Lenin understood that the Germans were approaching Moscow. He sent more and more people to the war, and he himself sat in a guarded place and waited for news.
  5. The people in the country rebelled and began to smash the city. Lenin ordered the soldiers to reassure people. The soldiers didn’t count either women or children, and when everything calmed down a little, Vladimir Ilyich wanted to learn about the news in Moscow and Moscow region. He drove out in his car with the guards. But he did not go for long, revolutionaries ambushed him. Lenin was caught and put in jail. Behind the bars, Lenin read books by the candle; on the margins of the book he wrote a milk appeal. But the revolutionaries learned about his plans and selected books. After several days, Soviet troops reached the place where Vladimir Ilyich Lenin was. They surrounded the revolutionaries and captured them. Lenin was free. The last time Lenin sent all his troops to the German army. In this battle, the Soviet army finally defeated the enemy army. After this victory, perestroika began in the country. Now Lenin was not an enemy of the people, but a friend. They began to bring food, opened new factories and new buildings began to appear. One evening, as he usually does, Lenin wanted to get into his car, and then go home. Only Vladimir Ilyich opened the car door, when a shot rang out.
  7. The bullet overtook Vladimir Ilyich Lenin and entered the carotid artery. Lenin is dead. At the scene of the shot was only an old woman who did not see anything. She was caught and shot. After the death of Lenin, monuments dedicated to him were erected. V.I. Lenin himself was buried in Red Square in the mausoleum, where he is now. Lenin is carefully guarded, allowed into the mausoleum only to look at him. Now Lenin consists almost entirely of a prosthesis. When light falls on it, it seems that it glows from the inside. I hope that in the future he will be buried as a person. Like a mannequin there and everyone is looking at him, he is also a man, like us. Let him be buried as it should, and not as a mannequin.
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