Breakfast - One warm voice

Jul 30th, 2014
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  1. [FM: Shimmer Light / Hexferry / Actias ] [MM: Pepper Dust] [SFW]
  3. >You are Shimmer Light.
  4. >... You're currently... just sitting.
  5. >Hexferry thought it would be a brilliant idea to introduce you to at least one of the stallions of the moth village.
  6. >After crossing off most of them as "absolutely not!", she chose Pepper Dust.
  7. >As you sit in his completely-silent house, you don't know why she thought that was wise.
  8. >He's sneezed more often than he's spoken.
  9. >Hexferry has said way more than he has.
  10. >... Basic conversation-starter comments like "What do you two have in common?", "Uh, what things do you like?" and "So... Anything interesting at all...?"
  11. >Things along those lines.
  12. >Most of them were met with either silence or a quick, one-line answer.
  13. >You've been here a while.
  14. >Pepper Dust seems nervous, but he also seems... incredibly calm.
  15. >It's an odd mixture.
  16. >He's jittery yet he can just sigh away nerves.
  17. >He isn't doing anything about the stagnation of the visit, but he's making sure he feels as little of the tension as he can.
  18. >... His home is odd.
  19. >There are plants growing out of... everything.
  20. >Hexferry asked about them, but Pepper Dust just said something about it being his job.
  21. >...
  22. >Hexferry rises to her hooves.
  23. >She... looks quite annoyed.
  24. >Rightfully so, everything seems to be falling apart.
  25. >"Fine, if you won't talk, maybe I'll get someone who can get you to talk, like Acteus, or Virgo, or maybe Caramel!"
  26. >"No!"
  27. >Pepper Dust looks... almost angry.
  28. >"Bringing in Virgo or Caramel would do more bad than good. They can hardly even control themselves."
  29. >... A good description of them, from what you've heard.
  30. >Still, you give him a quizzical look.
  31. >He turns his attention back toward you and sighs.
  32. >"They live off their own enjoyment while hardly caring about who they're a jerk to along the way."
  33. >He scoffs and turns away.
  34. >Hexferry moves closer to him.
  35. >"Virgo might be like that but Caramel is nice! She can be a little difficult to handle at times, but she isn't that mean!"
  37. >"Are you kidding me? You, of everyone, should know I'm right! She lives off embarrassing you and everyone else!"
  38. >"Well, Virgo just asks everyone he can for a lay!"
  39. >"So does Caramel!"
  40. >... Hexferry backs down.
  41. >Pepper Dust stands his ground.
  42. >"The only difference between them is Virgo is male and Caramel is female!"
  43. >With that, Pepper Dust seems to have won the stand-off.
  44. >You feel a little sorry for Hexferry, but her point was too flawed to hold.
  45. >... You agree with Pepper Dust.
  46. >He's more cynical about the moths around him than you thought he was.
  47. >Maybe you do have something in common.
  48. >Hexferry's views of the moths in the village seem to be based more on opinion, where Pepper Dust's are made of facts and logic.
  49. >... You wonder what differences you can hear from the two of them.
  50. "What..."
  51. >Both turn to you as though they'd forgotten you were there.
  52. >... Maybe they did.
  53. "What do you think of Meisa?"
  54. >Pepper Dust blinks and sneezes before stammering out an answer.
  55. >"Sh-she's very kind. She's probably the nicest moth in this whole village. Meisa genuinely cares about everyone."
  56. >... Maybe you were wrong.
  57. >That's about the same answer Hexferry gave you.
  58. >You'll just have to try a different moth.
  59. "And Acteus?"
  60. >His face gains a tint of red.
  61. >"A-A-A-Actia..."
  62. >He keels forward with a powerful sneeze.
  63. >"Sh-she's really n-nice."
  64. >She?
  65. >"And her voice is beautiful..."
  66. >... Right. Acteus and Actias are siblings.
  67. >Siblings whose names are pronounced exactly the same.
  68. >Absolute genius on their parents' part.
  69. >"... Beautiful..."
  70. >Well, he certainly let out more than he meant to.
  71. >He recoils back and covers his mouth.
  72. >Hexferry must not have been paying full-attention to him, because she looks somewhat confused.
  73. >He's incredibly lucky you aren't the type to speak about others.
  74. >The rest of the visit is a great learning experience of the moths you coexist with.
  75. >... It wasn't that bad.
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