Chapter 1 - Stage 3

Nov 20th, 2020 (edited)
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  1. Opening
  3. Constantia: This way, we need to follow this tunnel to reach the lighthouse.
  4. Griffon: Human will be surprised to see what under the lighthouse, right?
  5. Also if we could have come a little earlier, the base wouldnt have been attacked by the iron-bugs.
  6. Constantia: It was just completed the other day. It cant be helped.
  7. It is good that it was finished safely and we were able to escort our master without any trouble.
  8. Griffon: Hey human, can you see the lighthouse over there?
  9. If you go there, "that" is in the basement.
  11. What the hell is "that"?
  13. Griffon: I wont tell you~. At the lighthouse over there...
  14. What? The lighthouse is on?
  15. Constantia: Long lighting, short lighting... Morse code!
  16. Someone is sending a signal from the lighthouse. Griffon can you analyse it?
  17. Griffon: On it.
  18. What is this...
  19. Constantia: Whats wrong? Whats the context? The signals are not clear?
  20. Griffon: "I am a deep abyss, a person born in the darkness...
  21. Waiting for you while fighting the black loneliness in the ancient darkness"
  22. This is... isnt she?
  23. Constantia: Yeah... It must be that girl.
  25. Who is that girl?
  27. Constantia: Master, that girl is a bioloid called "LRL"
  28. Seems that she is waiting at the lighthouse now.
  29. That kid...
  30. Im sorry master, I dont want to explain it.
  31. It is a difficult thing to do... I think its better to meet her in person.
  32. Griffon, ...lets hurry a little more.
  33. I have to introduce LRL to my master.
  35. Ending
  37. LRL: "I am a deep abyss, a person born in the darkness...
  38. Waiting for you while fighting the black loneliness in the ancient darkness"
  39. Constantia: Its been a long time, LRL. How were you? Im glad to see you here.
  40. LRL: "LRL"? Ku ku! To lightly refer to me with that name.
  41. My true name is Cyclops Princess with golden eyes...
  42. Griffon: What are you talking about? You are just a lighthouse-assigned bioloid, right?
  43. Thats why you often escaped from the headquarters.
  44. LRL: Uh, you were in my previous life, before I woke up to my true name,
  45. Why is the villain the one that is suffering?
  46. Action such as running away. This noble surplus is...
  47. Griffon: All these words are giving me a headache.
  48. Im asking when you came here.
  49. LRL: Ku...
  50. Griffon: Quickly!
  51. LRL: Hmm... Labiatta is slow to walk, so I went ahead and hid.
  52. If you wait for a while, Constantia will help you she said...
  53. Constantia: Thats why you were hiding in the old lighthouse. Its safe and tall.
  54. It was a wise decision to send Morse code.
  55. Thought the content... it was a little...
  56. LRL: Fu fu fu.
  57. Can you fools understand the intellect that has lived for thousands of years?
  58. Its hard to interpret my Akasick signal.
  59. Griffon: Ha? Akasick? Wasnt that just Morse code?
  60. Are you still reading that weird old manga?
  61. LRL: What did you just say? Its not a strange book!
  62. It used to be a bestseller!
  63. You may not understand because you have a single neuron and those dont read books!
  64. Griffon: What the hell?! You little...!
  65. Constantia: Alright time to stop both of you.
  66. Isnt embarrassing arguing in front of master? You didnt even say hello.
  67. Master, this child is LRL, a bioloid that works at the lighthouse.
  68. LRL: Can you stop stop calling me by that name?
  69. Call me Cyclopes Princess.
  70. By the way, that is master? But if you look closely...
  71. Isnt a little different from us?
  72. Eh? No way... this must be a lie, Is this a "human"?
  74. <<2 options>>
  75. Im a human! Im glad to meet you!
  76. Ku ku ku... Can you see my true form? (X)
  78. LRL: As expected... You can feel the scent of the true ancestor
  79. Ordinary people wouldnt know...
  80. The princess who has lived for 200 million years knows more...
  81. Griffon: 200 million years? If you go back so much dinosaurs havent even appeared yet...
  82. You are lying!
  83. Hey human, what happened to you? Did you catch this childs illness?
  84. Say hello quickly.
  85. If not we will be here forever!
  87. Im a human! Im glad to meet you!
  89. LRL: Wow! This is the first time!
  90. Ku ku ku... Finally, we can get orders from a human.
  91. Constantia: Say hello properly.
  92. LRL: ...Nice to meet you. My name is Cyclopes Princess. Ku ku ku...
  93. ...Was that okay?
  94. Griffon: That was okay, but your name is LRL
  95. Can you not try to use that nickname?
  96. LRL: It isnt a nickname!
  97. Its my true name!
  98. Fu fu fu... If you think carefully...
  99. It doesnt make sense to give your true name to him?
  100. Griffon: Whatever, tell him what you want...
  101. Well, with this kid, we dont have to worry about the dark road ahead.
  102. Since she was a watchman around here, she probably knows the terrain.
  103. Hey did you managed to get the keys to go underground?
  104. "That" is still in the basement, right?
  105. LRL: Do you mean the "Leviathan" when you say "That"?
  106. Griffon: "Leviathan"? As usual the incomprehensible language... yeah that thing.
  107. LRL: It is its real name.
  108. I have the key, but... are you really going "there"?
  109. Will it work?
  110. Griffon: We will pass the time "there".
  111. LRL: If thats so then follow me. Ill open the elevator door in the basement.
  112. I didnt do it before not because I was alone and it was dark.
  113. I thought it would be more fun to go together.
  115. Enter the elevator and go down.
  117. Griffon: He he he, amazing, isnt it?
  118. This is exactly the residential submarine Orca 1.
  120. Is this submarine "That/there"?
  122. Griffon: Thats right. This is the place we are going to live from now on.
  123. Originally it was created by Labiatta
  124. Im glad we found you human! We get a such a big ship!
  125. Constantia: Testing is not over yet, but simulations are.
  126. I dont think there is any particular problem.
  127. It is good. If you are in this submarine, the iron bugs wont be able to follow you.
  129. <<2 options>>
  131. Why the iron bugs cant chase us?
  132. Is it like a military submarine? (x)
  134. Griffon: Humans have good eyes. Thats right.
  135. This is the Orcus-Class nuclear submarine used for military purposes.
  136. In addition, the housing facilities were expanded and remodelled.
  137. It has excellent deep sea diving ability and since it is basically a nuclear fusion system,
  138. it automatically decomposes seawater and moves.
  139. While we are in deep sea, we wont need to replenish air or electricity for several years.
  140. Even the most dangerous iron-bugs cant find it.
  141. Even if they do it they wont be able to come into sea.
  142. LRL: The deep sea... The abyss... Thats a stupid statement because you dont know the fear.
  143. Ku ku ku... No ordinary person can understand that cosmic and horrible feeling.
  144. Griffon: What? I dont know about cosmic horror, but I dont care about that.
  145. It seems fun to see the fish and the seabed.
  146. Constantia: Is it Griffon?
  147. Griffon: It is a new experience, is okay to experience it at least once.
  148. Thats it.
  149. And... because the iron-bugs arent chasing us there are various advantages...
  151. Why the iron bugs cant chase us?
  153. Griffon: You dont know that? They hate the sea.
  154. They hate seawater because their bodies are all metal.
  155. Metal is vulnerable to salt water, right?
  157. Metal? They look like the wont rust.
  159. Griffon: Or maybe they just hate the ocean... I dont know much.
  160. For the time being, it is important to find a place where we can rest peacefully, right?
  161. Im tired...
  162. Constantia: Yes, master. Please go inside for the time being.
  163. As Griffon said, we need a rest now.
  164. Lets go.
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