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Aug 25th, 2019
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  1. Darkness called to him. It was strange. He’d felt so free since he put down the sword, not a single whisper in his mind. He didn’t know what changed, but now the sword did not appear. He was free from it, so why did he feel like something was missing?
  2. He wanted it. He longed for it, in fact. He did not want to embrace the darkness, and he did not want to see what it had for him. But deep down, he knew it had corrupted him. He wanted it, like nothing he’d ever wanted before. It was not a good feeling.
  3. In fact, when he found himself going to the place he’d abandoned the sword he began to wonder if he’d ever been free.
  4. Dark Choco stepped forward, afraid to touch it. It was cursed and brought him more harm than anything else. Why did he want it back? Why had he come here?
  5. It was calling to him, begging him to take it. Dark Choco reached out, but hesitated. He shouldn’t. He knew he shouldn’t. He should just go on with his life now that he’d gotten away from it. He could leave now that he knew it wouldn’t followed.
  6. He wanted to grab it so badly. Yet, at the same time, he was terrified of what it might mean.
  7. He was not going to do this, not to himself.
  8. For the second time, he turned away from the cursed sword and left. It could not possess him again, not if he resisted the urge.
  9. It worked.
  10. For a little while. After a week the urge to go back grew stronger, until the sword occupied nearly all of his thoughts.
  11. He came back for it, and he didn’t hesitate when he grabbed the sword. His mind cleared, but the whispers returned.
  12. “You can never escape me.”
  13. He knew that it was right.
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