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Nov 1st, 2014
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  1. From okcupid (just to also shoot down my own insistence about how good it is!) I organized a date with a woman who seemed perfect for me - she was age appropriate (difficult when you're my age), educated, well read, a doctor who had recently returned to BsAs after living and working abroad for some years. I didn't ask to see a photo, I prefer to choose first-dates based on anything but the physical. We met for lunch. First surprise - she was beautiful (to my eyes at least), petite, piercingly green eyes and very simply but tastefully dressed. Conversation started off well, we had a lot in common regarding taste in such things as literature, movies and how we like to spend our free time. But then we started to talk about Argentina and BsAs and porteños. I know this is dangerous ground, but it's going to have to be broached some time, so why not on a first date? I mentioned that one thing I was finding it difficult to get used to here was the seemingly ingrained racism. The fact that eg. 'Paraguayan' is used pejoratively, like an insult, meaning 'stupid' or similarly 'Bolivian' to mean 'ugly'. She seemed genuinely shocked and immediately got defensive. Her response was "No, no, no.....those things are said with affection, it's not racist at all. How can they be racist if it's a fact that Paraguayans actually aren't usually very bright and Bolivians/Peruvians really aren't at all beautiful?" And this is from an educated, well traveled porteña! The conversation got even weirder after that and eventually I couldn't wait to get away.
  3. And this is NOT an isolated incident - I could tell 5 or 6 more stories about first dates with crazies here. I have had some lovely first dates that have led to second and more dates.....they were [U]ALL [/U]with non-Argentines.
  4. As I've already said, I'm sure this says as much about me as anyone else, but I've lived in 5 different countries on 3 different continents and have never had trouble adapting previously. To be honest, I found Saudi Arabia (where I spent 7 years) a nicer place to live than here.
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