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  1. Doji Sachio
  2. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Sachio wanders the gardens, a deep blue haori on over his everyday kimono and his pack of supplies on his back as he mutters bits of verse to himself. He occasionally stops by an errant branch or stem and trims it with a small gardening knife, pausing in his muttering until the foliage is trimmed to his satisfaction, then moving on.
  4. Shinjo Kurosawa
  5. The garden was still a beautiful, well maintained and manicured place. A refuge of peace, perfect for meditation and clearing one's mind and soul. The air was still- actually it was not. The sound of footsteps running and crashing through some hedges could be heard nearby, with harsh, heavy breathing. Shortly thereafter, one could hear a strange, sound, like wooden sandals scrambling into a tree. Because that was exactly what it was. The huge, shady tree that was just ahead in Sachio's path, as a matter of fact. The rustling and scrambling sounds stopped for a moment before the sound of weeping could be heard, shaking the leaves of part of the tree.
  6. Doji Sachio
  7. He arched an eyebrow, then carefully approached.
  9. "Few more uncomfortable places to find peace, samurai-san, than high up in the boughs of a tree. Perhaps a sight of the rest of the gardens and their harmony can impart some of that peace to one who needs it?" he offered, tentatively, avoiding the unsavory topic of the open display of emotion.
  10. Shinjo Kurosawa
  11. The tree branches froze, the mysterious wind that had been shaking them dissipating into nothingness. A sniff was the Crane's only warning; with a whumpf sound, the Unicorn had leapt down from his tree branch and landed in front of him, knees bent to absorb the impact. As quick as he could, he straightened himself up and bowed as deep as he could. "Forgive me, Doji-sama." His voice was still thick from his feelings, but his On was steady, apart from his reddened eyes and cheeks. "One does not often have privacy in the castle, and the isolation and quiet from above soothes my spirits." He was dressed in an elegant, purple silk kimono with flowery designs, still untorn despite what the Unicorn had put it through. "Maybe the rest of the garden will bring me peace, faster today. I was not doing very well in my usual spot." He shifted uncomfortably and stared at the beautiful lawn that now had two deep sandal marks in it.
  12. Doji Sachio
  13. "Privacy has ever been a luxury, even at the best of times, Shinjo-san," he said with a small nod of understanding. "For all those other times, as difficult as it may be, one's on must suffice to hide one's inner thoughts. And please, we are kin. Sachio-san is more than acceptable."
  15. He looked down at the grass, then again to the Unicorn, and out on the grass. "Would you care to walk with me as I work on the gardens? Sometimes I find a stroll, a distraction, and company help settle my spirits."
  16. Shinjo Kurosawa
  17. A stroll, taking it slow instead of fast, sounded quite lovely indeed. He quietly cleared his throat before he spoke again, trying to make up for his past transgressions. "Maybe a walk will be just the thing I need today, Doji-san." A short nod, and his eyes finally pulled away from the poor grass. Arms folded across his back, and he tried to make himself look more stately in front of his peer. "I did not know you tended to the garden; are you friends with the beekeeper?" ANYTHING TO DISTRACT FROM WHAT HE'D BEEN DOING IN THE TREE.
  18. Doji Sachio
  19. As much to avoid embarrassment for the other samurai as to maintain his focus, Sachio kept his eyes on the flowers and topiary around them as they maintained a slow pace, stopping occasionally to do some more pruning.
  21. "I tend however much I can, though there is always more to do. Back at the Academy, gardening was one of those arts we were encouraged to pursue, but it is one of the most fickle ones, relying on the cooperation of other living things," he said matter-of-factly as he held up the stem of a slightly wilted flowed, though he couldn't keep the nostalgia out of his voice. He took his sake cup out of his obi and dipped it in a nearby pond, pouring it around the base of the plant to hopefully give it a bit of extra moisture.
  23. "I have not had occasion to meet this, ah, beekeeper, though I suppose those creatures must be rather more fickle than a plant," he added with a small chuckle.
  24. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  25. Yashiro walks on a distant wall
  26. Shinjo Kurosawa
  27. His eyes followed where the Crane's went, sweeping over every tiny flower and blossom. He himself had very little idea of what to do in regards to plants, so when the man managed to find a slightly wilted one out of it's many brothers, it was impressive to his untrained eyes. "There is always so much to do here. I try to help where I can." A smile twitched at the corner of his lips at the mention of the cooperation of other living things but he kept it down. "Living things can be the most stubborn things at times. But when one unlocks its secrets and knows how to make them work, the result is often beautiful." That was how animals were, at least. "The beekeeper is a Wasp; the antagonist has become the protectorate," he observed wryly.
  28. Doji Sachio
  29. "Ah, of course. The Tsuruchi taking care of their home; it is natural. I wonder what their opinion would be of the current state of the gardens..." he shook his head. "But I digress, Shinjo-san. We are full of thoughts, light and heavy, in such times, and certainly some weigh on you as well. I'm sure you don't wish to hear me prattle on about gardening techniques. How has time treated you, these past days?"
  30. Shinjo Kurosawa
  31. Gardening techniques would be much better conversation than what he was about to say. He hesitated for a moment, but a samurai was supposed to be sure when they spoke. "Time has been unkind, especially this passing week." Despite all his flaws he was an honest samurai. Mostly. Shit. "But I am grateful to be alive and able to endure life's burden, and experience each day as it comes." Did he want to talk about it? A little, but to unleash such a dam on such a fine morning would surely spoil the walk. A small bumblebee hummed softly around his head in a loop, before making it's exit stage left. "And what of the famed Doji of the Kakita academy? What have you been up to of late?"
  32. Doji Sachio
  33. (ah crap, sorry, sudden work call) "Ah, fame is out of reach, Shinjo-san, though you are kind to claim I possess it," he said with a self-deprecating chuckle. "The world we live in may not even have interest in the claims to fame I may present," he added wistfully. "It gives me... concern."
  35. Shinjo Kurosawa
  36. ((You're good, I know you're working from home my dude.))
  37. Such a humble man. Maybe one day Kurosawa would be as such. "The world may not," he agreed, "but there is a tournament here, at present." Time to sound wise. "An old saying; the best time to plant a tree is ten years ago. The next best time, is now." Surely a variant of that saying was floating around somewhere. And while there is a martial portion, there is also opportunity for more... cultured, competition." It was difficult trying to sound so eloquent, instead of falling back on his more casual speech. "A storytelling competition. A poetry contest. And a..." he looked away in shame, "an art portion, with the theme of 'Harmony.' I did not fare so well, unfortunately."
  38. Doji Sachio
  39. "Ah yes, a competition I am trying to prepare for as best I can, though I do not wish to overshadow the efforts of the Resistance's bushi." He stopped, looking thoughtful.
  41. "The world beyond the castle's walls, for those still loyal to the cause, is one of unremitting horror. Conflict already changes us, shapes our minds into harder, leaner versions of what they would be otherwise. Unfortunately, darker versions as well. One forgets the joy in life, gets closer and closer to a truly dark reflection of the self as they lose themselves in battle and death, battle and death. It is the act of creating that helps soothe the soul of one who destroys, Shinjo-san. Art is a refuge for the soul when the heart and the mind harden to react to everyday life. It helps keep us human. If there is one lesson you keep close, I hope it is that one."
  42. Shinjo Kurosawa
  43. "I look forward to your pieces." He strolled, footsteps sure and steady as he listened to the Crane's speech. The white haired man idly wondered if he had any joy; maybe some sparks of happiness, but the only thing that brought him sheer unadulterated joy nowadays was the rush of the wind in his hair when he charged on horseback at the enemies of the resistance. Maybe he was one such person the Crane referred to already... "A samurai has steel, but also has soul. Both require polish and care," An agreeing reminder from his father, from so long ago. Maybe this was why he was a torn up mess; he didn't have enough art in his life. "At times it seems my life is too busy for such works, Sachio-san. If I am not deployed on the field, then I am performing my duties here, or languishing in the infirmary" he said the last part wistfully. "It is hard, to create in these destructive times."
  44. Doji Sachio
  45. "Hard to create, yes, but it's in the attempt to create that we polish and care for our souls. And the attempt is what is critical."
  47. He stopped for another quick clipping and smiled. "You said you did not fare so well. Knowing what you believe fell short is also critical. It speaks to a spark within you that is yet alight." A small nod, and he continued apace.
  48. Shinjo Kurosawa
  49. The Unicorn was stunned. The attempt was important, not merely the success? As a prodigy and a samurai this seemed... Wrong, almost. Perfection in all things was desired, was it not? "It is not so much belief," he admitted, "as it was the scoring from the judges along with the error being so visible." His eyes were downcast. "At the end of the performance, I stumbled over the words of a song I hold dear to my heart." Did he really hold it dear to his heart if he messed it up? But his heart warmed slightly at the thought that, maybe he wasn't as bad as he thought he was. In the matters of one's soul, at least.
  50. Doji Sachio
  51. He chuckled. "And let me guess, the judges were trained artisans? Or, at least, had honed a specific skill over time? One cannot improve without failure, Shinjo-san. Yes, you feel the cold numbness of disappointment, or the burning heat of shame. Neither helped by a healthy tradition of sadane among those training in the arts. It is a vicious world in its own way, but consider the feeling after being bested in a sparring session at the dojo. Is that cause to give it all up, lay down the blade? Or does it motivate you to hone your body, your reflexes even further?"
  52. Shinjo Kurosawa
  53. He had spent too long in the desert, grown too comfortable as a prodigy. Every match he had won with ease, every punishing task he had flown over. And now here at Kyuden Ashinabagachi, he was forced to feel these defeats time and time again. A painful feeling he had not felt since his youth, it's alien and unfamiliar touch striking twice as hot  The Crane made much sense. His shoulders relaxed slightly. "I... You are right,"he admitted. "Without failure, one cannot improve. And one should not stop in place, but use each misstep as fuel for the future." A spark of his old, more confident and regular self began to tindee to the surface. "I cannot grow stagnant like a dead pond. I must use the river to feed my skills, and grow as a person and a samurai." He bowed his head to Sachio. "Thank you, for reminding me, Sachio-san. With how things have been, so far from home, I have languished for so long." Life still sucked, but now instead maybe he could work to change it.
  54. Doji Sachio
  55. He gave a small gracious bow. "It is no trouble. Destructive times don't just lead to a lack of interests in the higher arts, they lead to a lack of compassion for our peers. Another thing we must strive to maintain, lest we forget why we fight in the first place."
  56. Shinjo Kurosawa
  57. An eyebrow raise. "I would like to believe that the majority of samurai are compassionate, as these dark times contrast with the brightness we all bring. If we forget Shinjo Kami's tenet, then we would not be much better than the monsters who rule now, no?" He thought for a spell before he spoke again. "We fight, not just for honor or survival, but for humanity and all that encompasses. That is what I and my," his face grew sad for a moment before he remembered his place, "best friend, believed. It is why I answered the call to serve."
  58. Doji Sachio
  59. Sachio was certainly curious, but he didn't want to press. "It is most heartening that you agree in such a calling. I was certain others yet held close to the warrior's code, but after recent events... I cannot speak of such certainty with conviction."
  61. He shook his head. "No, I fear the brutality of this conflict is breeding further brutality in turn."
  62. Shinjo Kurosawa
  63. The man nodded in agreement; he had faced off against an uncompassionate samurai and lost, the Shark clan fashionista Jirozame Mako. And if that was how Mako treated his allies- wait, he did witness what he did to his enemies. Extremely efficient. "Hai. My grandfather was very traditional and honorable, and raised me as such. My father instilled into me religion even at a young age; even though they are gone, they will return someday." Or so he hoped. He was a backwater traditionalist thrust into a pragmatic and terrible future. "And Li, was destined to be a hero. She always spoke of coming here someday and defeating the Dark Kami herself. She had me vow that I would help her pull it off." He shook his head. "We were just children but I believed her until she... passed away." He tried to scoot past the subject; he shouldn't have brought up such personal things. "We cannot teach nor force compassion to those who's hearts have hardened. We can only hope to treat them in kind, and hope they soften, like wood soaking in water."
  64. Doji Sachio
  65. "Mmm, faith is a common refuge for those whose hope is shaken. Hope itself is a most fragile thing, I find," Sachio mused as he stopped to examine another flower. "Hope when one is surrounded by people and things that support them, strengthen them, seems boundless. Take away such supports, a foundation upon which one lives, and hope is shaky, ready to collapse." "But such is the lot of the samurai that we must be beacons of such hope, even when to others it seems lost. And whatever cracks in bushido may have appeared after our first devastating losses to the Great Adversary, it is still a standard people recognize, and draw strength from. To cast it off is to shed one's duty to bolster the dreams of others."
  67. Shinjo Kurosawa
  68. Become a beacon. A torch. His eyes lit up. Was Sachio in connection with Kuzen the ronin? "If one does not have hope, existing is futile and empty, Sachio-san. I can never afford to lose hope, or else..." He let the words hang; he'd never felt hopeless in this place. Broken, battered, defeated but not despair. "We can be the strength that people need, the torch in the darkness. With our light we can guide those who have lost their way and return them to the proper path." Kuzen would be so proud right now. "A ronin spoke to me if such things, during my time here. It was rather... surprising."
  69. Doji Sachio
  70. He arched an eyebrow. "That is... a surprise. A pleasant one, of course. I simply had not considered Kuzen-San to have such a, ah, sunny outlook on matters."
  71. "Clearly, a mistake on my part," he added quickly.
  72. Shinjo Kurosawa
  73. "Ah." Maybe he infused his own message too much into Kuzen's. "That was what I inferred from Kuzen-san's message. 'Find a torch to burn back the darkness and call the storm before the night finds nothing.'" Kuzen seemed like an honorable man but he wasn't sure exactly how compassionate he was.
  74. Doji Sachio
  75. He nodded. "An inference that will serve you well.  You've witnessed untold terrors in the last fifteen years. We all have. But for future generations, for our own selves, we must think of the world that will be, and what we want it to be. Hard decisions must be made now, but if they are made with a better world in mind, perhaps we have a chance to keep our souls intact."
  76. Shinjo Kurosawa
  77. For future generations. Naturally. "That is why I fight, Sachio-san. I hope that someday, any children I bring into this world will know peace instead of violence, and that their father was," whoa that was ominous, "an honorable man during the war. I will not have warcrimes of any sort to stain my history. I will not become a mere change of guard for a new, but just as evil, government. I would rather take my own life before I would let that happen." Serious words, for a serious matter. "Although I'd more likely stay to fight if a new breed of evil reigned. A soldiers war is never truly complete until they lay down for the last time, after all."
  78. Doji Sachio
  79. "Ah, well," Sachio said cautiously. "I do not believe what comes could reach such a level of evil as what is out there now. Not unless it dabbles in the same corrupt rites that the Adversary and his agents use. No, the concern is not allowing us to fall onto a different sort of dark path."
  81. He sighed. "The erosion of law, and the rise of might, of pure strength, as a source of authority to take its place. The casting aside of the weak, the poor, instead of their protection. With Heaven no longer answering our prayers, the forgetting of the Celestial Order in favor of something more... crude, more cruel. And the simple acceptance of such as the way of things. That is the more insidious darkness."
  82. Shinjo Kurosawa
  83. He pondered. When the war was over, things were just going to return to normal, and everything would be fine like it was in his childhood. "Toturi would never let that happen." A pause. "Right?" He was uneducated in his resistance politics and all the T names at the top was hard to track. "Things will return to normal, when we win." Although he said this more to assert to himself than to convince Sachio.
  84. Doji Sachio
  85. "Eventually, if Toturi-ue has honorable people at his side, it will be so. But the war will leave countless widows and orphans, and many... complicated issues to resolve. All samurai who serve the Adversary, will by nature of their duty, be traitors to the Celestial Order and will need to be judged... though there are some who may argue for clemency, especially among the Lion. The Mantis will leverage all of their aid to Toturi for more power, perhaps the status of a Great Clan, while those ronin who can trace their ancestry back to Bayushi-no-Kami will seek to have their clan reinstated - a tall order, as many believe their treachery caused all of what Rokugan suffers now. Those clans nearly wiped out by the enemy, such as the Phoenix and my own clan, will insist upon their ancestral lands being returned, though others will doubtless dispute this. There will yet be plenty of opportunities for conflict, which is why unity and honor must be upheld among the disparate members of the Resistance. Else, the generation after our ultimate victory may undo much of what we accomplished."
  87. He smiled a rueful smile. "The stakes are never low in such matters, Kurosawa-san. Another lesson to hold close."
  88. Shinjo Kurosawa
  89. Now things were getting a lot more complicated. The business of war was not nearly as simple as combat, as Sachio was now opening his eyes to. His whole life he did not think further beyond the battlefield; the Shinjo was unleashed as a weapon of war, to destroy, and then... others took care of the rest. And it had been working out for him so far. But this, was so complicated and granular. Did he want to get so deep into it? For the sake of the future, he had to. Now that he knew more, he couldn't continue to be ignorant. "Once we have overthrown the Dark Kami, the heavens will open, and we will have the guidance of the Kami once more. We shall not walk alone, and those who transgressed against them shall be punished; those who are innocent shall walk free." Lots of shalls, as if he was an expert on the Kami. But that is what he had always imagined would happen. Evil would be punished, good returned to its natural station and order returned to the land. The villains may have won for now, but the heroes always prevailed. But this was real life, not a fantastical story, and inside now he doubted his foolish thoughts, for he should not have voiced them.
  91. In the matters of land though, he was lost. A nomad, knowing of land? Other than the borders of his own clan he was unsure exactly how one would determine which bits of earth belonged to who. He fell silent, and a struggle of trying to solve a riddle that no one could solve was apparent on his face. Every fleeting idea that came too him was too foolish to speak aloud. But once more, Sachio veered to a topic that at he was knowledgeable in; Honor. A small relief; maybe he would ask Chiaki or Shion about what Sachio had spoke of. They were courtiers, and had more knowledge in those ways than a simple bushi like him.
  92. "But what can we do, to ensure unity and honor among us all," he mused. "We cannot have honorless dogs in charge, returning the land to conflict after we worked so hard to restore peace." He looked to Sachio; how was he going to pull all of this off? An enormous undertaking, even now he struggled to imagine it. "But what can be done about them?" The matters of court were much, much higher than he had anticipated, not just a distraction from the battlefield for sure.
  93. Doji Sachio
  94. Sachio chuckled. "What, indeed, Kurosawa-san? If I possessed the perfect answer, I'd be the equal of history's greatest leaders. Perhaps they did not either, or perhaps the answer is always a function of the times, impossible to replicate perfectly."
  96. Satisfied with his gardening work for the day, he put the strange small knife away in a wicker sheath, then placed the whole thing in his satchel. He studied the young half-Unicorn for a time.
  98. "You've studied combat in your dojo, no? But have you had opportunity to read treatises on command, on grand strategy? Sun Tao, Akodo, Bayushi Tangen?"
  99. Shinjo Kurosawa
  100. So Sachio didn't have an answer either, and maybe no one in the world did for some of humanity's hardest questions. Secretly, he had hoped Sachio did have the answer and then he would no longer be clouded by any doubt. But Sachio kicked up the mud in the pond in his mind, and now the water was not as clear as before. He missed the clear water days already. He stared back at the Crane, wondering where he was going with this. It was time to disappoint. "Some of Akodo's Leadership," he admitted. "Sensei was a skillful teacher in the art of combat, of stealth and horsemanship. We studied in guerilla tactics and strategical retreat, and the ways of an outrider in larger skirmishes. But the ways of command and strategy were for more advanced students. Survival of the individual was the foundation of his teachings before he taught further. 'What use is a soldier who does not know to stay alive or understand the limits of his men?'" Or something like that. Sensei was rather eccentric and extreme.
  102. Doji Sachio
  103. He listened intently, nodding along as the young Kurosawa spoke. "A good start, and worth studying further. But Kurosawa-san would do well to dive into more of the treatises on war. They will be of twofold benefit, as much of battlefield strategy can apply, in its own way, to the courts themselves. If Kurosawa-san has the privilege of reading Sun Tao, he can follow it up with Otomo Madoka's Subtlety of Court, an application of Sun Tao's lessons to a courtier's life. Valuable lessons can be found there, lessons needed if you wish to play in the dangerous game of politics."
  105. He shook his head and chuckled. "You must be wondering why I recommend books when you asked about what to do to chart a stable course for Rokugan's future, eh? Well, I've already hinted at it. Politics is just as much a war as actual war, and one must be shrewd and prepared to think strategically to outwit their foes in both theaters."
  106. Shinjo Kurosawa
  107. Kurosawa would commit the titles of these books to memory, and most likely start reading them in the next few days. Right after he talked to his special mirror a few times, yeah. "The library here is extensive, I believe I will find those easily." If not, Toghrul probably had a copy or two laying around, his brother loved that sort of thing now that he thought about it. "Although... what sorts of battlefield tactics work in court?" He tried so hard to not sound stupid, but the thought of sneaking around in a court was so absurd he couldn't help a small smile sneaking across his face.
  109. The smile went away, replaced with a steady On but his eyebrows raised. "Someone such as myself, in court?" His reasoning was sound, and it matched his sensei's teachings if one stretched them out. What use is a soldier, who does not know how to stay alive or understand the limits of his men? It certainly could extend to court. "I would be laughed out of there in minutes, Sachio-san. My tongue is not nearly as skilled as my sword." The idea certainly unnerved him, but he tried to not let that show.
  110. Doji Sachio
  111. "Ah, so you train, Kurosawa-san. And all the while, let others think your tongue and your mind are not honed to the affairs of court. At least that way, you can surprise your opponents with one good victory. That, that's just one type of lesson that is universal - misdirection of the foe."
  112. Shinjo Kurosawa
  113. Surprise, that was his second deadliest tool after his katana. His bow was his third deadliest obviously. He never thought of it that way before; to play dumb, be an insignificant target in court that no one paid you mind. Misdirection; the tactic the Scorpion Kami had defeated the Unicorn Kami with. He oddly liked that idea. Plus it only required talking small amount, it seemed. Perfect for his uncomfortable self. So long as no one requested he tell jokes, as Shion could most certainly tell everyone. "Then, I am convinced. I will... learn, at least, how to function in courtly endeavors. I trust your judgement, more than mine currently." A short nod, and a more serious and thoughtful expression played out across his face. Maybe court would distract him from his current agony. "I had nearly forgotten due to my... distracted state of being earlier, Sachio-san. I wished to ask a favor of you." Ah yeah time to make a deal with a Crane.
  114. Doji Sachio
  115. He arched an eyebrow. "A favor? I would hear it, and if it is something I can help with, I shall endeavor to do so."
  116. Shinjo Kurosawa
  117. It was time to cross something off of his list. "There is a Unicorn, Ide Mari, who will be having her baby soon. A Lion friend of mine is planning a celebration for the child's birth." He bowed deep. "I wish to gift her a pair of saddle blankets for her and her child, but I do not know how to make one. I would ask, if you could make one that I could gift to her? I could arrange to secure the materials for you, if you needed." He had no idea how artists worked and hoped he didn't toe some line and accidentally offend the Crane.
  118. Doji Sachio
  119. He considered this. "You wish to make something resplendent for this Ide and her child, yes? Is there a particular pattern or design you would wish to incorporate?"
  120. Shinjo Kurosawa
  121. "Resplendant, most definitely." Oh shit what kind of pattern; he was not so artistic. "Flowers, at each corner. Desert roses; they were my mother's favorite. Especially pink ones. And... a rich deep purple, for the background? My clan's colors." He hadn't expected this complication at all.
  122. Doji Sachio
  123. "Something I think we can incorporate," he said with a nod. "We'll make sure the gift is a fine one."
  124. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:02 AM
  125. Was getting goods this easy every time? Maybe Sachio had connections to an armor specialist somewhere as well. "Thank you, Sachio-san for providing me with this favor. In return, what may I do for you?"
  126. Doji Sachio  12:02 PM
  127. "I would not be so crass as to turn this into a matter of exchange, Kurosawa-san," Sachio responded politely, hoping the younger man caught his meaning. "If, sometime in the future, in a moment of my expressed need, Kurosawa-san could be of aid, that would be most appreciated, however."
  128. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:28 PM
  129. The Unicorn may or may not get his meaning, but wanting to avoid a social land mine he merely nodded. "Most certainly, Sachio-san." He was now curious what the Crane would need of a simple bushi as himself someday, but he would prepare and be ready. A bow. "I must take my leave now; I will have duties to attend to. I have greatly appreciated your wisdom and company today, and will keep your words close to my heart." It was going to be hard though, especially the court bits.
  130. Doji Sachio  12:36 PM
  131. "Of course, Kurosawa-san. Should you need further reading recommendations, you need but ask."
  132. He bowed politely to the Unicorn.
  133. Shinjo Kurosawa  12:50 PM
  134. The Unicorn returned the bow, noting the Crane's movements and mimicking them for maximum courtesy, before taking his leave, slowly for once, from the gardens.
  135. ((Good spot to end until next mishap y/n?))
  136. Doji Sachio  1:36 PM
  137. (Yeah! Thank youuuu)
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