MLPCCG-OCTGN installation and notes

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  1. To install the MLP CCG plugin into OCTGN (
  3. >1. Click Games Manager
  4. >2. Click Add Game Feed
  5. >3. Enter "MLPCCG" for Name
  6. >4. Enter "" for Feed URL
  7. >5. Click Add
  8. >6. Click "MLPCCG" in the left column. Wait several seconds.
  9. >7. Click "Install" next to the My Little Pony CCG entry in the middle column.
  11. Now that you have the game plugin, you can play games and use the deck editor. BUT WAIT! You still need the image packs if you want to see the card graphics. Download the image packs here:
  13. >
  14. >
  16. Just click on the "Add Image Packs" button and select the image pack file to install it.
  18. Notes:
  20. This is still a very early release, so expect bugs and missing features.
  22. There is no need to reinstall the game after each update. The game will automatically update itself using the game feed you added earlier. However, you may need to download and install the image pack again if the images are ever updated, or new cards are added.
  24. Most actions in the game are done by right-clicking on a game element such as a card, deck, or the table itself. This is how to send a card back to the bottom of the deck after a face-off, for example.
  26. Right-click the table and choose Create Reference Cards to get the Turn and Score cards.
  28. The first thing you should do after joining a game is load a deck (Game->Load Deck... / Ctrl-L). The game includes all four starter decks released so far. You may choose which of two Mane Characters to play with the TS/AJ and Ra/RD decks.
  30. Don't forget to shuffle your Draw Deck after loading your deck!
  32. To bring out your Starting Problem, right-click the Problems Deck and choose Look At->All Cards, then drag the problem you want out onto the table. Be sure to click "Close and Shuffle" afterward.
  34. To play a Troublemaker face-down, hold SHIFT while you drag it from your hand. (Requires game plugin v1.0.3. Oops.)
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