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  2. I was born a girl with a VAGINA!
  5. I have a vagina. I am a woman.
  6. I don’t feel like I have a vagina. I put my hands between my legs and behold, there is a vagina.
  7. Every time I sit down to urinate I am faced with my vagina.
  8. I have to wipe it, I have to clean it, I have to care for it. And I get men to enter into my body.
  9. Into me,
  10. into my soul,
  11. into my self,
  12. into my life.
  13. I take a man’s penis into my vagina because I am a woman. I can choose to let him in or I can choose to keep him out.
  14. Some men wield their power and take it from me.
  15. Men have thrown me off my throne and cast me aside when I was too loud. Men have watched me get successful and then come up from beneath me and take my glory.
  16. Because I am a woman who has a vagina.
  17. The richest man that ever lived makes 65 Billion Dollars more than the richest woman that ever lived.
  18. Women have always stood in mans shadows and submitted themselves to men in order to gain power, reputation, fame and finances.
  19. And so now, in 2013 the world poses the question:
  20. “When is a girl a girl?”
  21. My answer,
  22. A girl is a girl when she has a vagina. A girl can procreate.
  23. Unfortunately the most feminine of transvestites cannot enter into that space, the space of a vagina, or procreation.
  24. But men now want that too. They want to be women.
  25. It’s a biological distinction that sadly must be pointed out, the topic discussed and the question asked.
  26. When is a girl a girl?
  27. When is a man a man?
  28. If he’s born with a dick, he was born a man. He cannot give birth to babies.
  29. No amount of drugs can change that.
  30. No amount of emotion can change that.
  31. No amount of psychological feeling will make him be able to procreate.
  32. He does not sit down to urinate with a vagina.
  33. You may argue a minority argument, people that have had sex changes do have vaginas, and you may spout while you snap your fingers in a Z Formation, “Honey you just don’t understand.”
  34. You may do whatever it takes to feel better about your sexuality.
  35. But boys were born with penises and girls, with vaginas.
  36. And as long as you were born with a dick you will be a man.
  37. Does that mean that I don’t like you as a human being?
  38. Does that mean you are not a person?
  39. Does that mean I don’t want you in my life to be friends with?
  40. Absolutely not!
  41. But there are times I only want to be around my own female kind, my species, and what makes my species my species is a god blessed, ever loved, ever sought after, most adored, worshiped organ in all the world….
  42. A VAGINA!
  43. Do not make me walk in the streets, take my clothes off and bear my vagina to the world so you have to eat it and suck it and see it and believe and accept that I am female and I have a vagina.
  44. My sister-in-law had her back tattooed with words that covered her entire back that said, White Pride. I was always offended by that until one day she said to me, if a black person can be proud of being black then why can’t I be proud of being white? I am not putting anyone else down by saying that I am proud of being white.
  45. And I am not putting anyone down by being proud of my Vagina.
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