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Sep 3rd, 2017
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  1. [11:17 AM] mol: i'm guessing that part of the reason you're asking is because jagex doesn't keep any records themselves?
  2. [11:17 AM] Shauny: We have records
  3. [11:17 AM] mol: how detailed
  4. [11:17 AM] Shauny: But when I'm a player
  5. [11:17 AM] Shauny: And I look at something like TF2 Wiki
  6. [11:17 AM] Shauny: I jus think they do a quality job
  7. [11:17 AM] mol: if you were able to share those records
  8. [11:17 AM] Shauny: Not sure how detailed but we can make it happen.
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