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Apr 21st, 2019
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  1. Updates:
  2. 1. Update to battle screen making it possible to return to the Tactical Phase from the Command Phase.
  3. 2. "Drag and Select" function added to certain screens within "Formation," "Enhancement," and "Shop".
  4. * This function will be available on the following screens:
  5.  - Craft Essence Enhancement
  6.  - Servant Enhancement
  7.  - Burning (Sell)
  8.  - Second Archive
  9. 3. Automatic Burning (conversion to Mana Prisms or QP) function added to Friend Point Summon.
  10. 4. Craft Essences selectable on the "Craft Essence Enhancement" and "Burn (Sell)" pages updated.
  11. 5. Links to Interludes and Rank Up Quests added to Servant Details.
  12. 6. "Copy Party" and "Clear All & Reset Party Name" functions added to Party Setup and Party Confirmation.
  13. 7. "Receive All" filter function added to the Present Box.
  14. 8. First Noble Phantasm use only normal speed option added.
  15. 9. Servant-specific Noble Phantasm speed options added.
  16. 10. New Servants and Craft Essences added.
  17. 11. [Limited Time] Commencement of "Fate/EXTRA CCC x Fate/Grand Order EX Special Event BB Strikes Back/Let's meet in the digital sea!".
  18. 12. [Saint Quartz Summon] [Limited Time] Commencement of "Fate/EXTRA CCC Special Event Pickup Summon".
  19. 13. [Saint Quartz Summon] [Limited Time] "Fate/EXTRA CCC Pre-Release Campaign Pickup Summon (Daily)" ends.
  20. 14. Improvement of translation.
  22. Bug Fixes:
  23. 1. Performing certain actions on the Party Setup screen may disrupt the display.
  24. 2. On certain screens, filters may not be applied correctly when choosing a filter with a Craft Essence already selected.
  25. * The affected screens are as follows:
  26.  - Craft Essence Enhancement
  27. 3. Support Servants' Command Cards and skill icons may not be displayed correctly on the Select Support and Friend screens.
  28. 4. Fixes for various other issues.
  30. Improvements to the Game:
  31. 1. New Saint Graph backgrounds for most ★1 (C) and ★2 (UC) Servants.
  32. 2. Icon display size function added to new screens.
  33. 3. Inventory display function added to Battle Results screen.
  34. 4. "Previous Quest" icon implemented.
  35. 5. Added a "CRITICAL MISS" icon to indicate when an enemy fails to incur a critical attack due to the Critical Rate Down condition.
  36. 6. Adjusted certain Servants' Noble Phantasm and battle sprite animations.
  37. * The affected Servant is:
  38.  - Ryougi Shiki (Assassin)
  39. 7. Added status icon graphics selection option to the Servant Details screen.
  40. 8. Adjusted Friend Point Summon such that Summon can be performed even if the number of Servants or Craft Essences held exceeds the inventory limit.
  41. 9. Added a Present Box button to Enhancement screens and the and Da Vinci Workshop.
  42. 10. Adjusted certain Servants' voiced line volume.
  43. * The affected Servant is:
  44.  - Emiya
  45. 11. Updated the Servant Enhancement and Craft Essence Enhancement screens such that the icons for the Enhancement materials you have chosen are displayed in the order that you chose them.
  46. 12. Updated the Craft Essence Enhancement screen such that you can view Craft Essence details by clicking on the icon displayed when you attempt to use a currently equipped Craft Essence as Enhancement material.
  47. 13. Adjusted certain Servants' Noble Phantasm voiced lines in High Speed mode.
  48. * The affected Servants are:
  49.  - Irisviel (Holy Grail)
  50.  - Nitocris (Caster)
  51.  - Diarmuid Ua Duibhne
  52. 14. Quick links to Interludes and Rank Up Quests added to the Servant Details panel viewable from various screens.
  53. * This function will be available on the following screens:
  54.  - Servant Enhancement
  55.  - Skill Enhancement
  56.  - Noble Phantasm Enhancement
  57.  - Support Formation
  58.  - Palingenesis
  59.  - Party Formation
  60.  - Ascension
  61.  - Burning (Sell)
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