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12 Hour Challenge: Fifth Edition

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Jul 17th, 2017
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  1. 12 Hour Challenge #5
  2. August 4-6, 2017
  4. Hey there, it's Golden of again. I feel like we haven't talked in a while.
  5. How's your health been?
  6. How are the kids?
  7. What game have you been desiring to speedrun, yet for some reason you haven't yet started learning?
  9. Welcome to the summer installment of the 12 Hour Challenge. This is my 5th time issuing this challenge (whoa), and over the past few years it has been incredible seeing the QUANTITY of players taking part and the QUALITY of runs that trace their roots back to this event. Several runs featured in recent marathons were a result of 12 Hour Challenges. We've even seen world records transfer hands after learning a game for the challenge. Will this year follow these trends?
  11. On the weekend of August 4-6, I challenge you to learn a new speedrun. As usual, you have twelve hours to learn as much as possible and complete your first run of whatever game you choose. The restriction of twelve hours is in place to force you to learn the essentials of the run and worry less about the small details. That being said, the time limit isn't going to be enforced, so feel free to be as lenient as you want. Spread your time out across the whole weekend, or do it all in one sitting. By the end of the challenge, you'll have learned a new game, and you might even find a new run to enjoy well after the weekend is over. You'll know what to work on and hopefully have a new circle of friends in the community.
  13. The best part of this challenge is that anyone can do it! Speedrunning's established names take part, but so do first-time speedrunners. In a way, it's like a community reset button, as we see players picking up entirely new games in unexpected genres.
  15. As always, this challenge is what you make of it. I personally think it is one of the most exciting times of the speedrunning year. Now is the time to learn that game you've been promising for forever. Maybe it's time for you to explore a new genre of game entirely. Research strategies online with some of the many resources out there. Get a few friends to learn the same game, and make it a group project with a race at the end! The possibilities are limitless.
  17. --------
  18. Theme:
  19. --------
  20. The theme for challenge #5 is: "Tag Team" (Playing of the hit song "Whoomp There It Is" is optional during your stream, but highly encouraged)
  22. Learn a speedrun involving a cast of characters with unique playstyles. This might mean swapping characters throughout the run, or perhaps some stages have you playing as a different character than others.
  24. Note: The theme is an OPTIONAL piece of the challenge, designed to keep things interesting for returning participants. You are NOT required to use this theme. You are encouraged to consider it. If there's a game you are dying to learn and it doesn't fit the theme, don't let it stop you from learning it.
  26. --------
  27. The "Twelve Hour Challenge" Twitch Community will be your source for the streams
  28. --------
  29. When you're ready to stream your 12 Hour Challenge, simply set your Twitch community to "twelvehourchallenge", and your stream will automatically appear on the 12 Hour Challenge community page. Don't forget to disable this when you are done.
  31. Then, all weekend long, check out the 12 Hour Challenges in progress by going here!
  33. --------
  35. --------
  36. The speedrunning community is extremely welcoming and willing to help you learn! To faciliate this, the 12 Hour Challenge itself has an official Discord that participants can join:
  38. Join the Discord for tons of information about specific game communities, or to ask any other challenge questions you might have. It's a very supportive and engaging group of people, who are just as excited about the challenge as you are. We also have voice channels on the Discord that you are free to use during the 12 Hour Challenge itself.
  40. ---
  41. NEW FOR THIS CHALLENGE: Help us build the ULTIMATE resource for new players: the Discord List
  42. ---
  44. This year, to help facilitate the number of new players needing resources, I wanted to create a useful tool for all speedrunners, 12 Hour Challenge or not. I am attempting to compile a list of speedrunning Discords, whether they are game- or series-specific. I need your help to make that happen.
  46. To add a Discord to the list, go here:
  47. To view the list, go here:
  49. --------
  50. Ready to play?
  51. --------
  53. List of submissions so far:
  54. 12 Hour Challenge Discord:
  56. --------
  57. Rules
  58. --------
  59. There aren't any. Have fun!
  61. Good luck!
  62. -Golden
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