#OpSyria Release. 10/23/2013

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  1. Syrian Government Leaked:
  2. - Higher Commission for Scientific Research.
  3. Targeted by: AnonOps, #OpSyria
  4. Reason: Fighting the Syrian Regime.
  6. Contains: System information, database structure and information, usernames and hashed passes of government officials, 5MB of emails in text data up to 2012 (no later were stored), network map with multiple open ports, system pictures.
  9. ========================================================================
  13. Greetings again from Anonymous.
  15. For months, AnonOps has watched in eager hesitance to make rash actions against the Syrian Government.
  16. Now, however, we decided to set down our wine glasses and momentarily push aside the cute pictures of
  17. fluffy cats -- only temporarily, we promise!
  19. We took a gander over to the High Commission for Scientific Research of the Syrian Regime. (
  20. for a little bit of proverbial face raping. Laughing as we waltzed through their security whistling and
  21. twirling a cane, we quickly gained access to the site's index via a cracked manager password we stole
  22. from an SQL injection user dump (contained in this release).
  24. Inside the index, we were able to silently download the entirety of the website's system information and shift the
  25. shiny booty onto our "SS Intrusion". With Top Lel in tow, it became clear that we had quite a nice little
  26. release for the masses to enjoy. In addition to that, we took screenshots of the apache server running
  27. the system with important information and began looking into more ways to have a bit of fun with this
  28. target.
  30. With this level of digging around, we have the capability to lurk inside the FTP servers waiting for
  31. files to occupy the now-empty space. Sneaky like ninjas, we shall continue to spy on the Syrian government
  32. via the email addresses.
  34. In conclusion, Assad, we hope we've made ourselves clear. We REFUSE to tolerate your actions of gassing
  35. your own innocent people in a despotic and run-down capital where one cannot walk across the street without
  36. taking gunfire. If the Western World won't take action to show you where you went wrong, we certainly will.
  37. This isn't the first time -- and it won't be the last -- that we have cracked into a Syrian Government
  38. system. If the people of Syria did this, they would be kidnapped and murdered. Clearly we must show that
  39. we have their backs by forever fighting with them.
  41. We work for the people of Syria. We believe we proved that today.
  43. Anonymous: 3
  44. Al-Assad : 0
  46. Join us on IRC:
  49. #AntiSec
  52. We are Anonymous
  53. We are Legion
  54. We do not forgive
  55. We do not forget
  56. Expect us -- always.
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