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Sarjana Sharma

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  2. Your name is SARJANA SHARMA, but everyone just calls you SARA. You are the TOKEN ETHNIC SIDEKICK of the PROFESSOR, an esteemed gentleman adventurer who has been your incredibly irresponsible LEGAL GUARDIAN ever since he rescued you from being sacrificed by some GHASTLY CULT six years ago and started dragging you into harms way PRETTY MUCH IMMEDIATELY henceforth. Although you do ADMIRE and RESPECT the man for all he has done for you, it doesn't mean that he often makes your life EXTREMELY DIFFICULT by virtue of living on the EDGE OF DANGER and taking you along for the VERY BUMPY RIDE. You are almost certain that he does work as a REAL PROFESSOR and teach people because you sometimes take the long trip into CIVILISATION and stay in nice houses for a week or two before the inevitable RETURN TO THE UNKNOWN.
  4. You are, by your own admission, PRETTY SMART, as well as possessing the INTUITION honed by years of unusual and dangerous situations, which has given you the vital skill of THINKING ON YOUR FEET (otherwise known as WINGING IT), and these skills will become incredibly useful when you are thrust into THE LAND OF STATIC AND PRARIE and forced to don the role of PRIEST OF FORGE in a game of SDRICT. Your life of NONSTOP DANGER has left you somewhat on edge, and you are EASILY STRESSED, resulting in a rather HARSH and IMPATIENT demanour much of the time. Despite all your fuss, you do still enjoy your role as a SIDEKICK: you PREFER TO FOLLOW THAN TO LEAD because there's less effort on your part, and you just have to FOLLOW ORDERS rather than THINK OF THEM. Despite your crankiness you are still a source of GOOD ADVICE and happy to help out with PLANS that your friends have come up with. After all, you are a good SECOND-IN-COMMAND. Being a SMALL FOREIGN GIRL in the era of EUROPEAN COLONIALISM you've gotten used to people assuming you're the PROFESSOR'S SERVANT or something, but it doesn't really bother you that much. It beats the life in a GODFORSAKEN VILLAGE living in constant fear of DISEASE, WAR or just ARBITRARY HUMAN SACRIFICE that you used to lead.
  6. In your adventures ALL OVER THE WORLD you have been attacked by lots of EXCITING PEOPLE and you have learned how to HANDLE YOURSELF in a fight, and by that you mean you at least know how to RUN AWAY and NOT GET CAPTURED every single time some GIANT CANNIBAL TRIBESMAN or EAST INDIA COMPANY THUG tries to grab you, placing you in a rank high above the HEADSTRONG DAMES that your guardian PICKS UP on these trips. You somewhat apprehensively play up your ETHNIC STEREOTYPE vibe by using a BOW instead of a gun, although it's really because you've been using them all your life to hunt animals anyway, so setting your STRIFE SPECIBI to BOWKIND and ARROWKIND wasn't really a tough decision to make. For all your BITCHING, you do enjoy the LIFE OF ADVENTURE that you lead, it is just very DEMANDING and you would perhaps like a little more downtime between each GLOBETROTTING JOURNEY. Your hectic lifestyle does not leave you time for many other interests, but you enjoy a bit of LIGHT READING, listening to music on your GRAMAPHONE or talking to your friends on BOTHERCHAP to unwind when you are not MILES UP THE CONGO or lost in the HEART OF DARKNESS. Your fetch modus is just a simple GRID, saving you the effort of completing ABSURD TASKS just to get some piece of crap out of your pocket. It is probably the most EXPENSIVE and CONVENIENT thing you own, because the entire fetch modus system is STUPID and obsessed with terrible GIMMICK MODI. Your CHAPHANDLE is [color=#86418C]theOperator[/COLOR] and you don't have any kind of typing quirk, [color=#86418C]but the way you communicate is usually succinct, if perhaps coming across as a little rude[/COLOR].
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