hyprviper1 Interview

May 22nd, 2018
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  1. Curt - Yesterday at 20:27
  2. Can the sabotage be attributed to Goonswarm's Black Hand?
  3. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:28
  4. yes
  5. im one of the senion bh handlers
  6. Curt - Yesterday at 20:28
  7. Okay. What is the full scope of the damage dealt/assets stolen or destroyed?
  8. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:29
  9. Well this is the second time i had someone steal from the same location so things were a bit depleated
  10. so not a ton of stuff this time around
  11. maybe 5bil in stuff stolen
  12. but they now have to spend hours onlining everything back up again
  13. its a reoccuring theme that MOA has problems dealing with their membership
  14. The person that recently did the damage was pissed off that one of the corps thretened his family on coms supposably
  15. Curt - Yesterday at 20:32
  16. So, 5 billion in isk stolen and the jump bridge network offlined in Pure Blind? Is there anything else?
  17. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:33
  18. i think that is roughly about it
  19. the fact that they keep on bleeding defectors that are burning things on their way is a pretty big reflection on MOA leadership.
  20. Curt - Yesterday at 20:37
  21. So, you think there'll still continue to be defectors after this?
  22. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:37
  23. Of course.
  24. Curt - Yesterday at 20:38
  25. Will there be a reddit thread for this theft?
  26. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:39
  27. no
  28. Curt - Yesterday at 20:39
  29. hm
  30. Are you able to give much insight into how the defection process works?
  31. Or is that opsec?
  32. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:42
  33. its nothing crazy. either i approach people or they approach me and i listen to them what they want and what their grivences are and go from there
  34. see if there is something we can come to that is ammicable to both sides and go from there. Everything is always confidential when they talk to me and i am bound by any agreements i agree to.
  35. Curt - Yesterday at 20:46
  36. Once a defector agrees to work with you, where does he go from there? What sort of priority does you put ISK, structures, and infrastructure in, as far as sabotage goes?
  37. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:49
  38. it depends on what the person who wants to defect would like to do. If they want to get out right away we work with the roles and position the person has. If the person wants to do more damage and has the time we have them work up the ranks to make the damage even more severe.
  39. Curt - Yesterday at 20:50
  40. So, right now, there could be defectors waiting to sabotage GOTG?
  41. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 20:52
  42. all i will say to that is that the black hand is everywhere yet nowhere :smiley:
  43. Curt - Yesterday at 21:14
  44. Okay. Is there anything else you would like to add?
  45. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 21:14
  46. nope that is it from me
  47. unless you had some other quesitons
  48. Curt - Yesterday at 22:54
  49. No, I think we're good
  50. hyprviper1 - Yesterday at 22:55
  51. ok :smiley: have a good day then!
  52. Curt - Yesterday at 22:55
  53. :thumbsup: Thanks man
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