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  1. A somewhat small village that have about 475 or so pop., that sits in the middle of a deep, heavy thick forest which is settled next to a deep, lovely, baby blue lake. The forest itself is old and big, the trees over a foot and a haft thick. The trees tops is over three stories tall from just looking at them. The trees’ branches have a 15 foot diameter, giving any living being a shady spot to stay under or an umbrella to stay under on a rainy day. The lake by the village runs deep, fishes can be seen jumping out of the lake of all sizes; from small fishes that can fit in a human man’s hand, to the size of a car, but they’re rarely seen.
  3. The village itself is home to many things one can need; a bank to house one’s things, that been built underground to stop anyone from getting in easily from the outside, it stay cool in the summer time, and warm in the winter. It has a stone housing that acts like an exit and entrance for the bank. The entrance has a few steps ensure the bank doesn’t get flooded when it rains. Bodyguards have been posted inside the entrance house and inside the bank itself. Inside the bank have stone walls, with a dirt floor. The dirt is soft as marshmallows that fresh out of its packets. A wall gray stone with silver steel bars are running from the top of the stone wall to the bottom, and bars crossing from one side of the room to the other along the divider. The divider runs from to the room to the other, though the middle of the bank where anyone can walk in and talk to the tellers on the other side the wall. Two back rooms can seen, one is used for a break room where the workers take some time off their feet and enjoy themselves with one another.
  5. An open air market sits in the middle of the village, its have many stands, fruits and vegetables in baskets.  The market use a near-by farm that grows plants like corn, berries of different kinds and animals like pigs, cows, goats and other farm beast.  A school house sits near the east side of the village, where a clearing is used for a playground for the kids. It been used for many years as it can be seen from the little grass on the ground can be seen, but always have new, deep green grass after winter. The School house itself is made of wood that have old and new wood in the walls. It been fixed up over the years, making sure it was still useable, even though the kids didn’t want to go back to school
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