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Silver Star by Anon [Royal Guard Mare Thread]

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  1. >Be Anon
  2. >Living in Equestria like a normie, no guards
  3. >Right up until some yakyakistani tried to blow you up
  4. >Then came Twilight's guards
  5. >You were holed up in Canterlot, kept away from the general public
  6. >You got out of bed, no windows, no entry aside from the door
  7. >You opened up the door to your chambers and were greeted by a handful of royal guards
  8. >Apparently being the only living human made you a prime target for pony isis
  9. >"Mister Anonymous. The princess Twilight has requested your audience." the guard to your right says to you
  10. "'Kay. Lead the way." he walks down the hall towards the throneroom
  11. >You follow after and get blinded by the light of the room
  12. >It was just sunlight, but you mainly lived in the shadows
  13. >"Good morning, Anonymous!" Twilight chimed
  14. >You stood there in the throneroom, wearing that one pair of boxers that sometimes let your cock slip out
  15. >You look down, little Anon was peeking out a little
  16. >You adjust your crotch and look back to Twilight
  17. >Celestia and Luna are out doing politics shit right now
  18. "Sup, Twiggles."
  19. >Twilight scrunched her nose at you
  20. >"I'm Twilight, not Twiggles. Anyways, I have a surprise for you."
  21. "Wait... Is it art supplies?! I need to make pictures of frog-"
  22. >"It's a bodyguard! You'll be able to go out safely with Silver Star if you want." Twilight introduced a heavily-armored mare around Luna's size
  23. >The green mare sported silver armor that looked vaguely mongoloid
  24. >Fucking weeaboo
  25. >She looked at you curiously
  26. >"Are you the human?"
  27. "No I'm a changeling."
  28. >"What?"
  29. >"Anon stop playing around and introduce yourself."
  30. >You extended a hand to Silver and she gingerly put her hoof in it
  31. >"Nice to meet you."
  32. "G'day."
  33. >"Anon maybe you should put some clothes on?" Twilight says
  34. "Maybe YOU should put some clothes on, you nude temptress."
  35. >"I-I mean your..."
  36. >Silver is looking at your crotch in shock
  37. >Yep, your weird-looking cock is hanging out
  38. >You stuff it back in and head back to your room
  39. "Later Twiggle." you wave
  40. >Silver follows
  41. >You head back to your room to get some clothes
  42. >Silver follows you into your room
  43. >She looks around at how at-home you've made yourself
  44. >"So this is your room?"
  45. "Yep." you throw on a loose-fitting shirt and some cargo shorts
  46. >You promptly walk over to, and lay in your bed
  47. >There wasn't tv or internet or anything, so you were left with books
  48. >And you hated reading, thanks to the public school system
  49. >Silver Star stood awkwardly by the door
  50. >"Do you want to leave the castle?"
  51. "Eh, not really."
  52. >She sat down
  53. >Silver Star was a cute unicorn, despite being taller than most guards
  54. >You can imagine she either didn't get a lot of action or snu snu'd a lot of poor stallions
  55. >You stare at the ceiling
  56. "After that attack, I don't feel safe outside the castle anymore."
  57. >"Don't worry, I'm here to protect you." Silver approaches you
  58. >You sigh, you really didn't want to be killed by pony muslims
  59. "Where would you go?"
  60. >Silver cocks her head
  61. >"What do you mean?"
  62. "I don't know anything about Canterlot, or where anything is."
  63. >"I could take you to this painting place I know of. You said you liked painting."
  64. "I'll go. But you need to hold my hand so I don't get lost."
  65. >Silver looked at your hand, her face slowly reddening
  66. >It was necessary so she wouldn't lose you in the crowded streets, but it was also super lewd
  67. >Silver held out her hoof for you and you grabbed it, she was shaking like a leaf
  68. >After a moment she pulled away
  69. >"J-just stay near me."
  70. >Silver lead you out of your room, down the hall, across the throneroom, down another hall, and out through the lobby
  71. >The streets were bustling with snobby businessponies going about their rich lives
  72. >Unsurprisingly, a space was instantly cleared for you
  73. >Ponies didn't like you all that much, even Twilight seemed to only tolerate you
  74. >Maybe it was because you were a giant green yeti
  75. >Maybe it was because, in a land of friendship and kindness, you were disgruntled loner who pushed everything away
  76. >You wanted to think it was the latter
  77. >Silver held the door for you as you enterred the studio
  78. >A pastel blue mare looked shocked to see you, but relieved when she saw Silver
  79. >"How can I help you, miss?" she spoke to Silver
  80. >"We're just here to do some painting."
  81. >"Oh. Right this way." she turned tail and showed you to a table in the back
  82. >You bought two pieces of pottery using the funds alloted to you by Twilight that you never seemed to spend
  83. >It was just two cups
  84. >Something to spend time on
  85. >You looked at Silver, she was painting an autumn scene on her cup
  86. >You looked at the blank cup, waiting for inspiration
  87. >You take the gray and green paints and start doing some minimalist stripes
  88. >This didn't look like enough
  89. >But you liked it, vertical stripes
  90. >You were not good at painting, Silver had done very well
  91. >Her cup floats over to you
  92. >"It's autumn. I love all the leaves."
  93. "That's really good, how often do you paint?"
  94. >"Not too often, I paint when I have the time."
  95. >She looks at your cup
  96. >"Stripes?"
  97. >You move the cup closer to you
  98. "What's wrong with stripes?"
  99. >"Nothing, it's just really cute."
  100. >You don't reply
  101. >Silver pets your head with a hoof
  102. >"It's okay to not be good at painting."
  103. >She checks the time, it was getting late in the afternoon
  104. >She checks the pottery in so it can be fired over night
  105. >Silver turned to you, passing off your cup to the employee mare
  106. >"We still have time, do you want to go do anything else?"
  107. >You look around, honestly you had no idea what was nearby
  108. "Uh..."
  109. >"Maybe we could go to eat, you must be getting hungry."
  110. "Not really, is there a park?"
  111. >Silver Star puts her hoof to her chin, "There is a garden by the lake, but I don't know if it's open today."
  112. >Silver and you walk out into the rapidly-emptying street and start heading further from Celestia's castle
  113. >Eventually the cobblestone street leads out to a lake, across it you can see a large area of vegetation punctuating the skyline of buildings
  114. >There is some gathering of the snootiest ponies going on
  115. >Silver notices that from afar and doesn't seem too enthused about going to the garden
  116. >"Maybe we could go another time, Anon."
  117. "Yeah. I don't really like gardens, too peaceful for me."
  118. >Silver holds your hand and walks you back to the castle
  119. >It's been a while since Silver Star was assigned to you
  120. >With her, you were able to go out and see the town
  121. >And she treated you normally, she was a really good friend
  122. >You liked her a lot more than you'd admit
  123. >She was your only friend in a way
  124. >Celestia didn't really have time for you, Luna kept out of your dreams ever since she saw that nightmare where you were hiding from alien
  125. >You'd never met Cadance, and Twilight was only cordial with you
  126. >Tonight was supposed to be some celebration, there was going to be fireworks
  127. >You were talking to Celestia in the library, Silver was keeping watch outside
  128. >"So what was it that you wanted to talk to me about, Anon?" the sun princess sat across from you at a simple library table
  129. >She was browsing through a newspaper
  130. "Well, I was interested in the... courting? Courting habits of ponies."
  131. >Celestia raises an eyebrow
  132. >"Don't tell me you've fallen for my charming looks." she smirks
  133. "A different pony. I-I really like her."
  134. >"My sister?"
  135. "N-no."
  136. >"Who? I must know what mare has stolen your heart." Celestia seemed interested in your love affair
  137. "I can't tell you yet. I need to know some things first."
  138. >"Of course."
  139. "Am I attractive?"
  140. >Celestia shuffles her hooves nervously
  141. >"By pony standards? Absolutely not."
  142. "How so?"
  143. >"Well... You don't look anything like a pony. A mare would be looking for defined haunches and a good coat, neither of which you have. I'm sure you're an attractive human."
  144. "Ouch." you look into the rightward distance
  145. >"I'm only being truthful with you."
  146. "I understand."
  147. >"Would you kindly tell me who it is?"
  148. >You look at the entrance to make sure no one is spying and lean in slightly
  149. "My bodyguard, Silver Star."
  150. >Celestia looks confused, and then sad
  151. >"Oh, Anon..."
  152. "There just something about her th-"
  153. >"Anon, dear, look at me."
  154. >You stop and look at the sun princess
  155. >"You know this is her job? To protect you?"
  156. "Yeah b-"
  157. >"I-I hate to be the one to tell you this but she doesn't feel that way about you."
  158. >You stand up
  159. >"Anon, I'm sorry." Celestia says
  160. "I just... After all this time I thought she was different."
  161. >"She only did her job."
  162. >You nod and step out of the library
  163. >Silver Star is waiting to greet you
  164. >"What did you two talk about?" she smiles
  165. >It was so convincing too, to think she was just acting this whole time
  166. >What if Celestia was wrong about her?
  167. >Worse yet, what if she was right?
  168. >Just... Just don't think about it, Anon
  169. >You spend an afternoon with Silver, painting, hanging out at the garden, visiting the museum
  170. >You were there in body, but it was so surreal
  171. >It felt unreal, like you were just going through the motions
  172. >The celebration of the winter solstice was tonight
  173. >As the sun set, the town came alive for the festivities
  174. >You and Silver found a spot on the shore of the lake to watch the fireworks show among the other ponies
  175. >The first one shot up, a lone rocket spiralling into the night sky before exploding in a ring of green fire
  176. >You watched for a few minutes next to Silver
  177. >You kept looking at her, you had to know
  178. >Something that would either make or break everything
  179. >If she really felt the way you did, you'd know for sure
  180. >The moment was perfect
  181. >You tap Silver's side and she turns to look at you
  182. >Without a word, you reach and undo the strap on her helmet, gently pulling it off
  183. >Her mane falls loose from under the helmet, it goes down past her haunches
  184. >Silver looks at you anxiously
  185. >You brush her mane away from her face
  186. >You'd never done this before, you didn't even know how
  187. >Lean in just a little bit
  188. >Your lips meet with Silver's in a short, awkward kiss
  189. >You pull out of it before anything can happen
  190. >"A-Anon..." Silver stares at you under moonlight
  191. >She moves closer to you and comes in to kiss you
  192. >Silver's lips press to yours for a moment
  193. >"Anon I... I didn't think you knew."
  194. >Knew what?
  195. >Oh shit, is she talking about this? Play it alpha, Anon, don't fuck this up
  196. >"Anon?" a voice calls
  197. "Huh?"
  198. >"Anon wake up!"
  199. >The scene around you melts away and you sit up in bed
  200. >Silver was standing at the side of it to your left
  201. >"Morning, Anon."
  202. >You look around
  203. >None of it happened
  204. >You never told her anything
  205. >You get out of bed and stretch
  206. >Silver Star waits by your door, keeping a watchful eye for danger
  207. >With an empty chest, you got dressed
  208. >Nothing on the schedule today, just you and Silver
  209. >"What do you want to do today?" she asks
  210. "What about you? What do you want to do today?"
  211. >Silver hummed quietly
  212. >"There's this play I've been wanting to see."
  213. >She thought a little more
  214. >"We could always travel out of the city."
  215. "How about that play?"
  216. >"Really? I didn't take you for that type."
  217. >Silver grins giddily
  218. >You dress up in jeans and a sweater
  219. "I've gone to a play or two back home."
  220. >"You never did tell us where you're from."
  221. >You turn to Silver
  222. "It's not worth talking about."
  223. >"It must be awfully lonely for you."
  224. >You grab a handful of bits and pocket them
  225. "You don't know the half of it."
  226. >"Celestia told m-"
  227. "Nope. I don't care what she says."
  228. >"Okay. You don't have to be like this, you know?"
  229. >Silver closes the gap between you two
  230. "Like what?"
  231. >"As soon as you get close to somepony, you push them away. What are you afraid of?"
  232. "What am I afraid of?"
  233. >"Yeah. You wouldn't push ponies away unless you were scared of something?"
  234. >You stop and sit silently
  235. "I'm just not super social, there's no underlying fear or anything."
  236. >"I know when you're lying, Anon. You can tell me."
  237. >You couldn't tell her
  238. >In truth, Silver was such a good friend, your only real friend, that you couldn't risk losing her
  239. >And if she knew you wanted more than just friendship, things wouldn't be the same after
  240. "I can't tell you."
  241. >"Why not?"
  242. "Just... Just give me a day to myself, I need to think."
  243. >You could feel her gaze over your shoulder
  244. >As much as you wanted to turn and meet it, it would only make things harder
  245. >If you allowed yourself to become enraptured by those lovely crystalline blue eyes you'd want to pour your stupid heart out even more than you already do
  246. >"Alright, Anon. I'll be with Twilight if you need me. See you tomorrow." you hear the clop of her hooves as she walks out and shut the door behind her
  247. >Fuck
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