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  1. So, I got this problem. My friends always tell me I'm a hipster. At first I was like 'lol u guys funny', but now it's going on for quite some time (read: months) and it's starting to annoy me. Real friends shouldn't say mean things to each other, right? Is it time for me to break off some friendships or should I stick to that old saying, keep your friends close and enemies even closer? I normally wouldn't care about these "trolls", but I recently lost a lot of weight and even though I got a confidence boost, I still don't feel comfortable ([url=]comparison pic[/url]).
  3. What's worse, people that pass me by on the street sometimes give me that disgusted look so now I'm starting to feel insecure. Maybe it really is my clothes and looks? Anyway, I will provide some pictures so you can form a good opinion and tell me what you really think.
  5. Here's what I think. I like to dress nice, I like to take care of my looks, does that really make me a hipster? Do people that mock me deserve to be called my friends? Should I give them another chance and pass off their trolling for what it is or break off all contact?
  7. As promised, below are some pics so you can make a good comment.
  9. [url=]A good winter 2015![/url]
  10. [url=]How I usually dress[/url]
  11. [url=]Art style I like to do and share on my social networks[/url]
  13. <img src=""/> - <small> feeling emotional</small>
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