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  1. Start of Leviathan log for leviathan version:
  2. Writing to file "ThriveLog.txt"
  3. ------------------------TIME: 17:33:05 Thursday 27.12.2018 (Eastern Standard Time)------------------------
  4. [ERROR] FileSystem: LoadDataDump: Failed to read file: ./ThriveGame.conf
  5. [INFO] Engine: Command line:
  6. [WARNING] ConsoleInput: Stdin read failed, stopping input thread
  7. [INFO] NetworkHandler: Fetching new master server list...
  8. [INFO] NetworkHandler: no stored list of master servers, waiting for the update to finish
  9. [INFO] NetworkHandler: running listening socket on port 65036
  10. [ERROR] FileSystem: LoadDataDump: Failed to read file: ThrivePersist.txt
  11. [INFO] FileSystem: found 478 files in Data folder with 25 different types of extensions
  12. [INFO] FileSystem: vectors sorted and indexes created, took 0 micro seconds
  13. [INFO] GameModuleLoader: detected following module files:
  14. [INFO]  ./Data/Scripts/microbe_stage/microbe_editor/microbe_editor.levgm which contains module "microbe_editor"
  15. [INFO]  ./Data/Scripts/microbe_stage/microbe_stage.levgm which contains module "microbe_stage"
  16. [INFO] Detected audio devices:
  17. [INFO] > OpenAL Soft on Speakers (Logitech USB Headset)
  18. [INFO] > OpenAL Soft on Speakers / Headphones (Realtek High Definition Audio)
  19. [INFO] End of devices
  20. [INFO] SoundDevice: Initializing sound with device: OpenAL Soft on Speakers (Logitech USB Headset)
  21. [ERROR] Graphics: Init: no selected render system, invalid variable RenderSystemName, not found/wrong type
  22. [INFO] Graphics: preferred rendering system: "OpenGL.*"
  23. [INFO] SDL: display count: 1
  24. [INFO] Display(0, Dell IN1910N(Analog)): top left: (0, 0) size: 1366x768
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