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The history of CD Projekt's success

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Jun 1st, 2019
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  1. They started with almost small trade, and became a global game company that is spoken all over the world. We invite you to the broadcast of the meeting with Adam Kiciński, the president of CD Projekt during the Wall Street 23 conference in Karpacz.
  3. An interview with the president of CD Projekt was one of the main points of the program of this year's conference. Although the crowd present in the room did not know the date of the release of "Cyberpunk 2077" (knowing the company's information policy, only the biggest optimists counted on it), but the president of one of the hottest companies on the Warsaw Stock Exchange faced many interesting issues related to past and expected successes of the company .
  5. Success with your own strength
  6. - We want to grow. We are insatiable when it comes to success - said the president of CD Projekt Adam Kiciński during the WallStreet23 conference in Karpacz.
  8. The president of CD Projekt was enthusiastic about the possibility of acquiring or publishing games from other producers. In his opinion, nothing can be ruled out, although the variant of independent action is definitely very likely.
  10. - Of course you can imagine a situation in which CD Projekt will invest in someone for many years. We do not have such plans now. If there is such a different project, it will be another company. As for our productions, we must implement them ourselves. It may happen as with our Wrocław branch, which we bought as part of something between acquisition and employment, he said.
  12. - Taking over other companies is not dogmatic, but it seems unlikely. The company that we would like to take over would have to become us, become part of the CD Projekt. It would have to be a company with a similar culture as it was with Wrocław - he added.
  14. Adam Kiciński also raised the issue of innovation, which is the basis for the success and further development of the CD Projekt.
  16. - We want to be innovative, because if you do not come up with anything better, the chances of success are small. We look at what is missing from the market, we look for undeveloped places. That's how the GOG was created, which functioned as Good Old Games - there was no service where you could buy older games to operate on modern systems. Now we have to look forward because the game production process is a long-term process. Doing something today, we have to think for 4-5 years ahead, and it's really good to have a vision of what's next, "he said.
  18. More games, but just as good
  19. The president of CD Projekt stressed that he sees the possibility of spending more games. However, this goal will not be achieved by reducing the quality of production.
  21. - There are producers who release games from a given series every year. We are doing something else. The most important thing is that the game is innovative and outstanding in some areas. The games we do sell for a very long time. We value the quality higher than the frequency. Yes, we would like to spend more of them and this is the plan, but we have to come to such a stage of development when we play parallel games at full speed. We would like to have two teams the size of one who works on "Cyberpunk" - he said.
  23. As he recalled, according to the strategy announced years ago, a new high-end RPG will appear until 2021. Additionally, in the future, the gaps between the games will be shortened through content related to the online game.
  25. - When it comes to long-term goals, we want to grow. We are insatiable when it comes to success. Every day, we are rather less than more satisfied. We would like to develop all the time at the current pace. We want to do more games, but just as good. We also want our brands - "The Witcher" and "Cyberpunk" - to become eternal. This is a huge ambition. We want these to be brands such as the American ones that have been functioning for generations, do not grow old and fall permanently into pop culture. From a business perspective, it is a solid foundation for the future - he commented.
  27. The CEO of CD Projekt repeated that the company still wants to specialize in RPG productions, but did not rule out drawing from other genres or even starting new fields.
  28. - In the previous strategy, we wanted to be "the best" when it comes to creating RPG games. I have the impression that we are already in this area. Now we strive to be at the forefront of creators, taking into account all categories of games. We want to compete with other producers - he said.
  30. "Cyberpunk" measures higher
  31. Turning to comment on expectations regarding the release of the next game, Adam Kiciński did not hide his ambitions.
  33. - We measure much higher than in the case of "The Witcher 3". We want it to be another big step for us. This is not a continuation of the previous game, so it's a challenge. However, all luck players know who made this game. The Witcher fans know that our next title is "Cyberpunk". We announced it just before the announcement of "The Witcher 3", still in 2012. Throughout the entire "The Witcher 3" campaign, the title "Cyberpunk" somewhere resonated. To put it roughly, a bit on the back of "The Witcher 3" we built the beginning of the "Cyberpunk" reputation. This is shown by the campaign from last year. The interest was enormous, it was fantastic - he stressed.
  35. - You have to go to the other game genres with your head. We can do it on the condition that we will still be the best. "Cyberpunk" is a game that comes out in many elements beyond the genre. "Gwint" has only RPG elements, it's a card game. So we are going beyond our species, but we will always focus on RPG - he said.
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