Living Under The Moon Chapter 2 (GT)(24-36)

Mar 7th, 2013
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  1. >You equip your gear and fly out.
  2. >The flight was slower due to your wings aching.
  3. >Somewhere in your head you realise you've gone over ten hours, pulled a chariot full of moon ass, broke through and back in to atmosphere, THEN had a full morning work out. And you aren't completely exhaustef.
  4. >You made a mention about sleeping to Luna, curious about how you'd keep a sleeping schedule between the morning work outs and lifting and lowering the moon.
  5. >"Between lifting and lowering , we have 6 hours, You'll get used to it trust me."
  6. >That doesn't do much...but it'll do you guess.
  7. >The small country town comes in to view, soon you start passing various pegasi.
  8. >You attract many stares.
  9. >The both of you soon land, Luna lead you to a small alley behind a building.
  10. "Why he-"
  11. >"Shh!" She holds a hoof looking in all directions. She investigates trashcans and all the hidden hiding spots in the area.
  12. >You have never been more confused...ok you have..but this is the most you've been since.
  14. >Luna walks back up to you and exhales a relieved sigh "We are safe.."
  15. >Suddenly your helmet lifts off your head "Safe from what!?" The hyperactive voice explodes from nowhere "Hi Luna, what are you doing here today? And during the day! I thought you were supposed to be asleep during the day. Are you breaking curfew, young lady?"
  16. >You are now aware of Pinkie sitting on your head.
  17. >Your legs shake as you topple to the ground. Pinkie still standing on top of you.
  18. >Then the gasp.
  19. >And then she was gone.
  20. "Ow..."
  21. >"Well that has left us with some time" Luna sighs. "which means we have to go to sugar cube corner last so you can get a party..."
  22. >You manage to get up and put on your helmet again.
  23. "Party...okay." You mumble feeling dazed
  24. >"Apple Acres first." Luna states leading you off "We have special cider to retrieve."
  25. >Oh yay alcohol!
  26. >You both begin the walk to the apple farm, ponies everywhere watching you walk behind Luna.
  27. >You're eye's catch some familiar faces.
  28. >Lyra.
  29. >Derpy
  30. >Colgate.
  31. >Damn.
  33. >And every last one of them are staring like it's Nightmare Moon all over again.
  34. >That parties going to be awkward.
  35. >You feel all the stares. Luckily your helmet hides the fact your blushing.
  36. >Or you assume you're blushing because your face feels on fire.
  37. >It was different in canterlot since you hate rich people half the time. But this...
  38. >You're being judged by those you care about.
  39. >The walk goes slow, soon the smell of apples and hay fills the air as you reach the farm.
  40. >"They should be here somewhere" Luna says as you both round a corner
  41. >"Look out bellow!"
  42. >You suddenly turn the way jumping to grab a runaway barrel
  44. >You jump before thinking, your wings spreading foreword as you lean against the brunt of the weight.
  45. >The barrel...turned out to have friends.
  46. >You knew pewdie was right about barrels.
  47. >Your wings hold the first barrel as the following ones smack into it, each one making a ringing shock wave in your helmet.
  48. >God Damn it Donkey Kong!
  49. >Twelve Barrels you count out before they slowly lift up in the air surrounded by a light purple aura
  50. >"Ahm sorry bout dat" The southern twanged voice of Applejack apologises as she rolls up with a cart "The ropes snapped an' we couldn't stop em' quick e'nuff"
  51. "It's fine" You say with a slight grunt, feeling joints in your wings pop as Luna stands beside you.
  52. >"Hi Princess Luna." Twilight saysafter resetting the barrels on the cart. "Didn't you'd be in town today."
  53. > "Well Howdy Miss Luna, ah'da almost hit had your friend not stopped the barrels."
  54. >Apple Kong.
  56. >>4901492
  57. >"Yes well, my schedule will be changing drastically to accommodate my new assistants training"
  58. >"New assistant?" Twilight asks curiously
  59. "Hi." You raise your hoof
  60. >"'Well Ah shoulda known."
  61. >"What's your name?" Twilight
  62. "Anon" You say trying to hold in your spaghetti.
  64. >Ah god!
  65. >"Anyway."Luna interrupts "I believe you had something for me Applejack"
  66. >"Ah, yes ah do" She says cheerfully "Come oh with me an' ah'll show your barrel."
  67. >You watch the two of them walk away to the barn. "So Anon, You liking working for The Princess?"
  68. >"Of course" You say.
  69. >"So how long have you been in the guard?"
  70. "Well...less than a day honestly."
  71. >She's surprised "Really?"
  72. you nod "It's...complicated.."
  73. >"How complicated?"
  74. "Very complicated"
  75. >"Like family complicated?"
  76. "More like specially complicated"
  77. >"Your family racist?"
  78. You laugh "My family probably thinks I"m dead"
  79. >She gasps "I'm so sorry"
  80. "It's fine still complicated beyond that too"
  81. >"Wow Anon"
  82. >"I might share though when I have to"
  83. >"I can't imagine how awful that could be" Twilight says sympathetically.
  84. "Well could be worse."
  85. >"How's that?" She asks.
  86. "Well, you could have to run around town chainsawing zombies with your boyfriends severed head tied to your waste"
  87. >"....I don't get it."
  88. >You chuckle
  89. "That's alright, most ponies don't"
  90. >She laughs a bit at that. It sounds better than it did on tv.
  91. >Later on you'll need a moment to realise your technically IN the show!
  92. >It's world anyway.
  93. >Huh....
  94. >A few moments pass in an easy silence as you both stand.
  95. "So I heard you work at the library"
  96. >"I most certainly do" She answered smiling.
  97. "Well I might try and talk The Princess into visiting." You say "I need a good read"
  98. >"Well I could definitely make a recommendation" She smiles
  99. >"That might have to wait" Luna interrupts from nowhere.
  100. >The both of you jump in surprise having been looking away from the barn. "We still have quite a few errands to run. " She states rolling up with a cart. "And you, have a cart to pull."
  101. >>4922081
  102. >Soon you're hooked up to a cart by your armor's chest back section.
  103. >"See you Anon!" Twilight cheerfully waves.
  104. >"Y'all take care a yerselves" AJ says waving as well as the both of you walk off.
  105. >"So Anon, did I find does it go...flirting? With Ms. Sparkle back there?" Luna asks. You can hear the joking smile in her voice as she says it.
  106. "Making small talk" You say quickly, looking forward to not give away the embarrassed look on your face, of course you /weren't/ but you've always sucked at denying accusations.
  107. >"So I didn't see you staring at her like you'd fallen for the first time"
  108. "Of course not just small talk I just met her" you state defensively
  109. >"But if I recall properly" she pauses. "As a human you were rather enamored with her image were you not"
  110. >Oh fuck spaghetti tremoring!
  111. "I...of course not she was a fictional character"
  112. >"That you met tweenty minutes ago" She teases you further "And I also do recall that video game box had very....intimate images of myself" She pauses.
  113. >You're face is a million degrees hotter than it should be.
  114. "I...uh, buh..."
  115. >"Perhaps you're also enamored with my image as well~" Her voice holds a touch of flirtation.
  116. "uh, do you know this?" You manage to say
  117. >"About you're old life?" She circles around you as she smiles teasingly "I was told to research you for a whole month before we brought you here, you were the eighth of twelve candidates"
  118. You stop a second mulling that over "Really?"
  119. >"You were the seemingly least mentally exhausting"
  120. "And am I proving well?"
  121. >"For your first day, on no sleep for about sixteen hours, you've performed dequately"
  122. "Only adequate?" You cringe
  123. >"Well it is only the first day"She chuckles "You have a whole life time to prove yourself" she takes her spot ahead "and if it helps..I'm flatterd you'd find attraction to someone of my age"
  124. >You're definitely blushing.
  125. >"Now lets keep onward, we have to arrive at a small shop that sells a special type of incense before it closes."
  126. >>4944442
  127. >About 32 or so minutes go by before you get back to town.
  128. >You do get the inscence in time.
  129. >It....stardust scented...
  130. >World of technicolor ponies.
  131. >Nobodies gotta explain shit.
  132. >You travel to at least three different shops.
  133. >Bon Bon's candy shop.
  134. >A food market.
  135. >And then the beauty salon.
  136. >At this point the cart was filled with various goods that you were gonna have to fly home.
  137. >You hope Luna helps.
  138. >You keep wondering about the visit to the library, and the incoming party at sugar cube corner.
  139. >Every so often you'd notice a blur of pink.
  140. >She's watching...
  141. >If you knew it wasn't a good thing you'd honestly be creeped out.
  142. >"So you ready to go to Sugar Cube Corner" Luna asks
  143. "Yep" You nod before you both start in the direction of the cake shop
  144. >You both tie up the cart as you stand next to her feeling mixed up inside.
  145. >"Are you alright, Anon?" Luna asks looking concerned
  146. "Yeah..Just tired.." You reply, not entirely honest, you've still been getting judging looks the whole time you've been in town. "....not really." You admit.
  147. >"What's wrong?" she asks further.
  148. "Just...I'm feeling bad because people are looking at me like I'm a freak" You mutter feeling your spirit sink.
  149. >She tilts her head smiling "Oh come now." She says lifting your helmet up with her magic. "You know it's not true, we just have to prove it so." She smoothes your hair with her hoof "You'll be fine."
  150. You smile a bit feeling a little better knowing she cares "Thanks."
  151. >"So how about we go in there for some cake."
  152. >You nod, as you open the door for her to walk through.
  153. >"See? You're a perfect gentlemen" she sayS before walking in past you.
  154. ==
  155. >"Surprise" Everyone yells as you are greeted by the sounds of streamers and party favors. (And maybe a Vuvuzela?)
  156. >You were expecting this.
  157. >You still jumped.
  158. >The room is packed full of ponies as you marvel at how many showed up!
  159. >"Hi I'm Pinkie Pie and I threw this party JUST FOR YOU!" The crazy Pink pony jumps all over and around you. "I totally saw you land in town with Princess Luna! And you're new! Which obviously means you're her new assistant of assistant or something!" she keeps jumping her face pressed up against yours.
  160. >Jesus. Tits.
  161. "Uh...Thank you" You say eves crossed from her eyes looking straight into yours.
  162. >"I knew you'd just LOVE IT!" she hops up and down more "So what'syour name?"
  163. "Uh..Anon"
  164. >"Weird name, but I like it!" She says bouncing away.
  165. >Well that was interesting.
  166. >You wander forward into the crowded area. Luna having disappeared as the door looses visibility.
  167. >"Anon?!" a voice manages to grab your attention through the crowd.
  168. >Oh, hey, it's Twilight.
  169. "Hey" You smile, happy to see some sort of familiar face.
  170. >"Pinkie said you were getting a party" She says. "So I figured I'd find you here"
  171. "Well you found me" You smile shifting your stance to be facing her better "How'd everything at Sweet Apple Acres go?" you ask curiously
  172. >"It went great," She states cheerfully "We moved all the cider barrels to the new cooling cellar, it's gonna come in really handy for the off season."
  173. "Sounds awesome" You say seeing a book in her opened saddle bag. "Whatcha got there?"
  174. >Her eyes widen in surprise "Oh! Ialmost forgot" The book rises in the air "I brought this for you, kind of a gift.
  175. >You take the floating book.
  176. "The Mysterious Mare Do Well: The Muffin Mayhem Merry Weather" You arch an eyebrow all alarms going of in your head
  177. "It's something I've wrote in my free time, it's a pen name" she explains. "I figured your new and this is a sort of a bound final draft...You might once over it a few times..."
  178. "I can do that" You say.
  179. >>4992162
  180. >You picture yourself in your head holding the book high to the sky.
  181. >'By the names of all ye god like ponies in the equestrian heaves!' You say in your mind. "I demand that this book! Be absolutely NOT SHIT!'
  182. >And then the power in the builing went out.
  183. >The shrieks and mixed yelling make you wince as everyone floods out the door. you barely making it out with the book. as every one stand in a crowd.
  184. >It suddenly seems that the whole town blacked out, the sky is covered in dark clouds. "Rainbow Dash was there supposed to be a storm today?" Twilight asks aloud.
  185. >"Nothing I'd been told about" The blue pegasus land beside both of you.
  186. >"What is going on?!" Luna griped her way through the crowd.
  187. >"PONYVILLE!" a loud booming male voice echoed, using 3 seemingly different tones, through out the town
  188. >Every looked immediately to city hall where a small group of ponies in bright red hood and black masks stood.
  189. >"EXPECT US"
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