Pokemon Shining Pearl any% FAQ

Nov 28th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. Pokemon Shining Pearl any% FAQ:
  3. Q: How busted is this game?
  4. A: Very!
  6. Q: Why is there no music?
  7. A: Turning the music to 0 in the options is faster, because it skips jingles from things like getting items.
  9. Q: How do you beat the game so fast?
  10. A: So there are a combination of a lot of different glitches used in this run:
  12. Menu storage (and double/triple menu storage), Script Storage to skip other scripts (aka Door Storage), Script Storage to go OoB (Catching Tute), Script Storage to do both of above (Sunyguard), Phase loading to deload trainers, Breaking script storage with Repels, Trainer skip with Poke Doll, Surf on Land via storage completion, Height readjustment, and Fast Cynthia Skip (save breaking + Repel).
  14. Q: How do this glitches work?
  15. A: Menu Storage - When on the Pokemon summary screen, if you press both A and a shoulder trigger (ZL or ZR, or both) back to back, both will register. This allows you to open multiple menus at once. By doing this, once you close a menu you will get access to movement again, but still have a menu open.
  17. Door Storage - This is basically any animation interrupt, but most commonly done on doors. If you have a menu open, and then go to open a door but close that menu during the animation, the animation interrupts and you gain control back. In this state, other scripts will not start, such as encounters, trainer battles, or cutscenes like getting the Pokedex
  19. Script Storage - This is when you interrupt the start of a scripted cutscene, such as where Dawn gives you the catching tutorial. By moving during this cutscene, you can position yourself next to a wall, and then have the part of the cutscene play where dawn pushes you a tile - and this ignores collision. This can therefore be used to push you Out of Bounds.
  21. Sunyguard Script Storage is used to store the first part of the cutscene to allows you to skip trainers, but then by stopping completely, the rest of the cutscene plays, allowing you to go OoB a lot later.
  23. Phase loading is using an OoB next to an area that is loaded semi-fully, going left from Veilstone has the map loaded but not the trainers, so having the guards push you out there allows you to skip them, and go past the Psyducks not being loaded too.
  25. Animation interrupt such as Door Storage of on Psyducks can be broken by having a Repel wear off, which is a faster way to get access to encounters/dooors being loaded than to S+Q.
  27. Trainer skip with Poke Doll works by having Menu Storage up when accessing a fight, navigating both menus so that you access the in-battle Bag AND select the Poke Doll at the same time, then cancel out of the in-battle bag and use the Poke Doll. It doesn't work on the Celestic Grunt for some reason, so that fight still needs to be beaten normally.
  29. Surf on land via storage completion works by performing Door Storage, and then choosing to Surf. The game then completes the animation of entering the door, but on Bibarel, so you warp inside the door on Bibarel, and can Surf on Land.
  31. Height re-adjustment works by reloading when partway inside collision. Is done with S+Q in this run, can also be done via Ball Capsules.
  33. Fast Cynthia Skip works by saving before entering Cynthia to interrupt the cutscene, and then having a Repel wear off shortly afterwards to reload the trigger for the elevator.
  35. Q: What is the hard part of this run?
  36. A: Not messing up, and catching something to beat the 1 required fight in the run. Catch rate in Gen 8 are fucked for catching something higher level than you so the rates to catch are roughly:
  37. Ponyta/Meditite: ~20%
  38. Graveler: ~14%
  40. Q: Why do you need Surf, can't you just go Out Of Bounds to the league?
  41. A: There is collision surrounding the Pokemon League that makes it impossible to just "enter" when running around in the void. Using Surf is the only way to avoid this, as Surfing has different properties that allow you to bypass the height/collision to end up at the top above the Waterfall.
  43. Entering the Hall of Fame without doing the League would need a different type of skip entirely, since indoor areas are all on their own maps.
  45. Q: Is this on current patch or not?
  46. A: This is on current patch at time of running, yes. 1.1.1 is used.
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