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  1. {
  2. "name": "Mythology",
  3. "sides": [
  4. { "side": "mafia1", "translation": "Underworld"
  5. },
  6. { "side": "mafia2", "translation": "Gorgons"
  7. },
  8. { "side": "village", "translation": "Olympians"
  9. },
  10. { "side": "basilisk", "translation": "Basilisk"
  11. },
  12. { "side": "kronos", "translation": "Kronos"
  13. }
  14. ],
  15. "roles": [{
  16. "role": "villager",
  17. "translation": "Demigod",
  18. "side": "village",
  19. "help": "You dont have any special commands during the night! Vote to remove people in the day!",
  20. "actions": { "hax": {"kill": { "revealTeam": 0.07, "revealPlayer": 0.05} } }
  21. }, {
  22. "role": "inspector",
  23. "translation": "Athena",
  24. "side": "village",
  25. "help": "Goddess of Wisdom.  Use your powers to find out someones role.  Type /Inspect [name] to find his/her identity!",
  26. "actions": { "night": {"inspect": {"target": "AnyButSelf", "common": "Self", "priority": 30} } }
  27. }, {
  28. "role": "bodyguard",
  29. "translation": "Ares",
  30. "side": "village",
  31. "help": "God of War.  Use your powers to prevent someone's death. You may protect one person per night, make it count! Type /Protect [name] to protect someone! YOU MAY ALSO PROTECT ONE PERSON DURING THE DAY, DO IT QUICKLY BEFORE HADES KILLS THEM!",
  32. "actions": {"night": {"protect":{"target": "AnyButSelf", "common": "Self", "priority": 3} },
  33. "standby": {"protect":{"target": "Any", "common": "Self"} },
  34. "startup": "role-reveal"}
  35. }, {
  36. "role": "mafia1",
  37. "translation": "Cerberus",
  38. "side": "mafia1",
  39. "help": "Three-headed dog of the Underworld, and servant of Hades. You have a small chance to discover the Pretty Lady.  Type /Kill [name] to kill someone!",
  40. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButTeam", "common": "Team", "priority": 11, "broadcast": "team"} },
  41. "hax": {"distract": {"revealPlayer": 0.1} },
  42. "startup": "team-reveal"}
  43. }, {
  44. "role": "werewolf",
  45. "translation": "Basilisk",
  46. "side": "werewolf",
  47. "help": "Feared creature of the night. You can paralyze and consume one person per night.  Type /Kill [name] to kill someone!",
  48. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButSelf", "common": "Self", "priority": 10} },
  49. "distract": {"mode": "ChangeTarget", "hookermsg": "You tried to distract the Werewolf (what an idea, srsly), you were ravishly devoured, yum !", "msg": "The ~Distracter~ came to you last night! You devoured her instead !"},
  50. "avoidHax": ["kill"] }
  51. }, {
  52. "role": "hooker",
  53. "translation": "Aphrodite",
  54. "side": "village",
  55. "help": "Goddess of Love. Use your powers to pacify someone for a single night. Type /Distract [name] to distract someone! Vote to remove people in the day!",
  56. "actions": { "night": {"distract": {"target": "AnyButSelf", "common": "Self", "priority": 1} } }
  57. }, {
  58. "role": "mayor",
  59. "translation": "Zeus",
  60. "side": "village",
  61. "help": "God of the Gods.  You rule the Olympians, and thus your vote counts as 3. You dont have any special commands during the night! Vote to remove people in the day!",
  62. "actions": { "vote": 3 }
  63. }, {
  64. "role": "kronos",
  65. "translation": "Kronos",
  66. "side": "kronos",
  67. "help": "Leader of the Titans, you are all alone after your tyranny.  However, you control immense power, and a single vote by you will vote someone out.God of the Gods. You dont have any special commands during the night! Vote to remove people in the day!",
  68. "actions": { "vote": 100 }
  69. }, {
  70. "role": "spy",
  71. "translation": "Hermes",
  72. "side": "village",
  73. "help": "God of Spies and Thievery.  Use your powers at night to find out who the evil people are. You can find out who is going to get killed next!(no command for this ability) Vote to remove people in the day!",
  74. "actions": { "hax": {"kill": { "revealTeam": 0.4, "revealPlayer": 0.13} } }
  75. }, {
  76. "role": "vigilante",
  77. "translation": "Themis",
  78. "side": "village",
  79. "help": "Titan of Law and Order. The Olympians have requested your help to keep the peace. Type /Kill [name] to kill someone!(dont kill the good people!)",
  80. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButSelf", "common": "Self", "priority": 19} } }
  81. }, {
  82. "role": "mafia2",
  83. "translation": "Gorgon",
  84. "side": "mafia2",
  85. "help": "Your head is writhing with snakes that terrify even the most hardened God. You have a small chance to discover the Bodyguard! Type /Kill [name] to kill someone!",
  86. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButTeam", "common": "Team", "priority": 11, "broadcast": "team"} },
  87. "hax": {"protect": {"revealPlayer": 0.1} }
  88. "startup": "team-reveal"}
  89. }, {
  90. "role": "mafiaboss1",
  91. "translation": "Medusa",
  92. "side": "mafia1",
  93. "help": "Most powerful of the Gorgons.  You have the power to appear as a normal Demigod at will, and so the Inspector will see you as a villager. Anyone who tries to distract you will die. Type /Kill [name] to kill someone! You can't be distracted!",
  94. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButTeam", "common": "Team", "priority": 12, "broadcast": "team"} },
  95. "distract": {"mode": "ignore"},
  96. "startup": "team-reveal"}
  97. }, {
  98. "role": "mafiaboss2",
  99. "translation": "Hades",
  100. "side": "mafia2",
  101. "help": "Lord of the Underworld. Your veil of Darkness protects you from the feeble spying attempts of Hermes and the Demigods. (Perhaps it would be wise for your minions to allow you to make the killing decisions?) You may also kill one person during the day, while your aura of Night keeps you hidden.  Type /Kill [name] to kill someone, during either phase!",
  102. "actions": { "night": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButTeam", "common": "Team", "priority": 11, "broadcast": "team"} },
  103. "startup": "team-reveal"
  104. "standby": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButTeam", "msg": "It's daytime, but you are cloaked in Darkness. Type /Kill to get rid of your nemesis.", "killmsg": "A dark shadow appears behind ~Target~ and grows into a menacing form.  A black aura surrounds them, and both Hades and ~Target~ are taken to the Underworld."} }
  105. }, {
  106. "role": "samurai",
  107. "translation": "Achilles",
  108. "side": "village",
  109. "help": "While mortal, the Olympians have deemed you strong enough to survive their cause. However, you are not beyond disposable, and so you kill in the daylight where your name will be revealed.  Type /Kill [name] during the day phase to kill someone! You will be revealed when you kill, so make wise choices! You are allied with the Good people.",
  110. "actions": { "standby": {"kill": {"target": "AnyButSelf", "msg": "You can kill now using /kill [name] :",
  111. "killmsg": "~Self~ pulls out a sword and strikes it through ~Target~'s chest!"} } }
  112. }, {
  113. "role": "miller",
  114. "translation": "Chronos",
  115. "side": "village",
  116. "help": "God of Time, you are allied with the Olympians.  However, you are too often confused with Kronos, and thus the Inspector sees you as him.  You dont have any special commands during the night! Vote to remove people in the day!",
  117. "actions": { "inspect": {"revealAs": "kronos"} }
  118. }],
  120. "roles1": ["bodyguard", "mafia1", "inspector", "werewolf", "hooker", "villager", "mafia1",
  121. "villager", "villager", "villager", "mayor"],
  122. "roles2": ["bodyguard", "mafia1", "mafia1", "inspector", "hooker", "villager", "mafia2",
  123. "mafia2", "villager", "spy", "villager", "mayor", "samurai", "kronos", "mafiaboss1",
  124. "miller", "mafiaboss2", "villager", "villager", "vigilante", "villager", "samurai",
  125. "villager", "werewolf", "villager", "villager", "werewolf", "mafia1",
  126. "mafia2", "bodyguard"],
  127. "villageCantLoseRoles": ["mayor", "vigilante", "samurai"]
  128. }
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